FORE results

call up at 26866216/26569996. to know ur result… iam not shortlisted for gd/pi (% is 86) ATB

call up at 26866216/26569996. to know ur result...
iam not shortlisted for gd/pi (% is 86)

not called at 86 %ile !!! wasn`t the cut-off at somewhere around 82-84 last time? seems FORE is also on for a big surprise.

when will the results be online???

these institutes have gon mad lbs cutoff raised this year frm 80 to 85 & now fore has followed the suit cat ended for me 84.18% no use

Got a call from fore
interview on 9th
cAt 92.13 percentile
15 mnths workex

man this is indeed some surprise
i had converted fore with 88 last year
there were guys with 80 percentile
was expecting some rise because of increased no of cat takers this year
anyways i have a sp jain this time round
so best of luck to all u guys
and cheer up guys u ll make it to a good college

m not in 😞 😞
had a call from IMI but none from fore.....thats these people see sectionals????

do these guys take out another list or somethin of that sort i am really out of clue as to wats goin on its quiet surprisin that even at 87 people dint get a call

can anyone throw some light at the list part of it pls

weird...........fore no call at 97pcle......????????

hey u guys sure the telephone no is right
i am not sure
but somebody just might be playing fools
check if the source is right
a guy with 97
not got a call seems fishy
anyways check up

iam very sure they go for sectional cut-offs...atleast 50-60 in each section...i have qa-97,di-88,va-40.....overall 86.I knew i wont get a call.

heelloo yes sumthinmg sure is fishy..becz i got a call letter thru mail and i hve not fared agood in cat but i have a 10 months of work ex as an executive....give it sum more days till the cuyrtain raises and may be even u mite be getting calls from the institute

hey guys ... the number is all right the ones on the site
but there is something definitely fishy as no online results....nobody i know has got any calls despite the getting percentiles in 90's
have sent a mail to the registrar admissions....
will get back when they respond
till then ....keep your fingers and legs crossed....

Admission Office
Phone:26569996(Direct), 26866216, 26863396,26523780 (Extn.115)
E-mail:[email protected]

i guess if i have got a call letter u guyz mite also be getting in a day or two


hey guyz fore certainly does look at the sectional cut ofss i have scored 75% in all the sections..that mite be the case that i have acll letter..
plz check have all of u fared in all the sectuions or not and if yess then just wait for the curtains to raise


seems they have taken the result link off from their website

The link is there on the Fore site...but it is showing results for 2004-06!!!
Entered my no. but nothing came up...only ' page cannot be displayed' came up. Desperate to get a call...86.73 overall pe kya hoga...Dhirubhai ne toh kahaa thaa "karlo duniya muthhi mein" lekin looking at the above cutoffs "meri toh ho gayi susu undy mein!"

Hello Junta!
I called up Fore and came to know that i was not break up is as follows
overall 86.73 VA-89.54 DI-44.7 QA-87.7
IMI,FORE...all have shown me the door... only hope left now is IMT Nagpur 😁
Wonder y FORE has such high a commerce fellow...who will give me a job without a professional degree?? Institutes thodi toh dayaa karo!!This is the gigantic problem faced by students in a country having more than one billion!
ATB to all having calls and also to those not having any

i got confirmation on the phone
now i received call letter by courier
interview 9 feb 9:30 am