FORE GD & PI 2014 Experiences

Hello Friends For all those who are done with their GDΠ, hope you had a good time and hope you guys make it… For all those yet to appear for the same, wish you all the very best. Just be yourself and you’ll make it through. Re…

Hello Friends

For all those who are done with their GDΠ, hope you had a good time and hope you guys make it....
For all those yet to appear for the same, wish you all the very best.
Just be yourself and you'll make it through.

Request all of you to share your GDΠ experiences in the following format

CAT Score:
Acad Background:
Work Experience:
Slot: Morning or Afternoon
GD Experience:
Interview Experience:
Overall Experience:
Any other comments:

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6th March 2014, FORE, Delhi

My credentials:-

CAT:- 93.01


XIIth- 90.20

BTech (Comp Sc)- 89.22

Work Ex- 26 months in IT

Basic Info..

1)WAT Topic:- ISRO's Mars and Moon's missions are misplaced national priorities.

7 minutes to write (100 words)

then GD on the same topic for the next 10 minutes, and then have to tell a summary of GD in 25-30 sec (every candidate)

2) Please do carry photocopies also of your 10th, 12th, graduation/PG marksheets/degree/certificates.

3) They have our "Information Sheet" which we filled online sometime back.

4) Average package(this year) - 8+

5) Speak as much as u can in ur PI ..

My experience:-

1) WAT and GD:-

After 7 minutes of writing, my ears were bleeding, my mouth was wide open and only one thing was going in my mind... "Why on this earth they are shouting on the top of their lungs? " Trust me that was excruciatingly painful!! Nevertheless I tried my best to chip in with some points in between, and in the middle I also suggested everyone to please calm down and allow each and every one to speak....

Then after summary session we were asked to wait in Pragya Hall where docs verification was to happen.

2) PI:-

3 panelists (2 male- M1, M2 , 1 female-F1)

F1:- Hi Ashish please sit. So whats ur take on today's GD..

Me:- Mam, dont know why I had a feeling -"Too may cooks spoil the broth".. And they all started laughing like anything...

M1:- ok ., tell us something about yourself.. something which could sooth our ears..

Me:- hain I started with my writing reviews of movies on Facebook..... They seemed a bit happy and asked some random stuff on that....

M2:- Ur college ? University ?? While checking marksheets ,- Oh u got very nice acads...

Me:- They are just stats... Some figures starting with 8's and 9's ..

They all again started laughing!!

Then some questions:-

Tell us something about Facebook-Whatsapp deal?

Your opinion on AAP?

What is a Microprocessor? What do u know about the concept of bus in the processors?

Comment on the statement.. "Arvind Kejriwal is an anarchist.."

Tell us something about the Election Commission in India?

Do u have any idea about Satyam Scam?

Your views on Women's Day? When it is celebrated?

Do u think modern clothes have anything to do with the liberal thinking of society?

Explain in detail about the recent infamous case of Sahara Chief -Subarata Roy?

Where do u see yourself growing?

Overall very nice panel.. They were quite patient.. I answered all to my satisfaction...

Lets see what future holds for me now!!

All the best to all!!

CAT Score: 93.78

Acad Background: B.Tech E.C.E

Work Experience: 30 Months , I.T

Date: 6th March Slot: Morning

GD-Topic: Indicator of Good governance for a developing country : Social Welfare or Economic Development ?

GD Experience: WAT for first 7 mins on the same topic .

Topic was a bore , everyone had the same issues to point out , One can not exist without the other . I gave 3 points . Everyone was asked to conclude - given 30 secs ..

Interview Experience: 2 Males , 1Female .

M1 : Introduce yourself

M2 : Your outlook on india's political situation and upcoming Polls .
I provided him my sense of understanding and my inclination , but he did not want that . He again asked the q , i again started with the same understanding .

M1 interjected and told you are not understanding the que . anyhow tell me on what basis shall you decide which MLA/MP to vote for ? I told on the basis of Manifesto .

M2 :Please discuss about India's reflation with China in-terms of Economics and Politics .

Explained .

F1 : Give 5 I.T co's with their owners and ceo's and which all stock exchanges they are listed on including NYSE .
I told .

F1 : You know V. Kurien ?
I answered .

F1 : Name the seven Sister states .

I could name 6 , forgot Nagaland .

F1 : Capital of T.N

M2 : Name 5 Latin American Countries .


M1 : Why do you want to do an MBA ?
Explained .

F1 : Your CAT score ?
Told .

End of Interview .

Overall Experience:Nice , Entire interview revolved around my strength area of G.A . Apart from the first ques , i believe I answered all the ques to their satisfaction .
Any other comments: I was in Panel 4 . Any one else from that panel tell me about your experiences .

The student Coordinators were cordial and interacted a lot with aspirants .

Hoping for a convert Call . ATB to everyone .

Post your experiences folks...

Results are out. Please check them with your CAT ID.

Congratulations to everyone who made through 😃

plz help me decide what to choose between fore-ib and interest is in marketing...just xplain in detail on the basis of opportunities and placements...thnx in advnce!