FOR ASSAM clerk candidates............

discussion for clerk ,po and other bank exams....

pls post ur clerk mains attempts???

  • 90-100
  • 100-110
  • more than 130
  • 120-130
  • 110-120
  • less than 80
  • 80-90

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how much your attempts for clerk mains Assam region??

Expecting 75-80,, koi chance?

Share your Quants attempt in ibps clerk ?

Assam t sob bilak PO hobola, group tut sun manuh bur r post e naikia.....

Assam Gramin Vikash Bank kunuba asa ni?

Assam se koi hein interview(RRB PO) mein 85+ milnewala?? Plz rply

মাত্ৰ ৮টা দিন বাকী…।মই ক্লিন বল্ড। নিশ্চিত।


Kunuba reserve list ot thoka iyat asa ne

Final cutoff 42-45/100,,assam

can the overall cutoff go pass 80 in Assam in any case?

Only 20 followers on this group.,,nothing can be predict by these 20 candidate's reviews

can cutoff go above 75? or above  70?

আৰু এদিন বাকী আছে মাথো

Val e hoise assam gramin bikash bank e aku notice ndle ibps clrk ple join krbo nai agbb t

Clerk + PO,duitale kun kun wait krisa,

Ata post assam gramin bikash bank t khali hol dei frnds

Hey guys All the best.....