FMS Delhi - We did Start The Fire

Hi :smiley: PGites, Back after a two month self imposed vacation :stuck_out_tongue: . Good News->Lots of PGites Over Here in FMS :smiley: . Bad News-> Delhi is damn hot and I haven’t seen a rain after coming here :: . We are ha…

Hi πŸ˜ƒ PGites,
Back after a two month self imposed vacation πŸ˜› .
Good News->Lots of PGites Over Here in FMS πŸ˜ƒ .
Bad News-> Delhi is damn hot and I haven't seen a rain after coming here .

We are having a PG blast @ FMS Delhi .So many Pgites out here including hereiam , jsukumar , vinzi , abhnic , the_columban , lector and many more :wink: πŸ˜ƒ 😁 .

Life here is HECTIC , HECTIC & again HECTIC with all letters written in caps. :argue: .It was hard getting in here and it is even more hard surviving here 😲 .Joined here on July 16th and well days are long and humid and to top it all case studies and lectures and socities are not giving me any sleep. The entire orientation program and induction week was handled by our senior batch..We have got some foreign students in our batch from Korea, Russia , Canada etcc...The professors are good .Some of them started teaching here before I was even born and the 5'O Clock (4:59:59) rule is mostly applied .

Everything from A to Z is managed by Students and it is student power everywhere and this is the hard way of learning MBA .I was surprised to see students themselves fining students If anyone is late for a meeting or GL which of course implies 5'O Clock (4:59:59) rule is applied in student meetings too .We got a traditional welcome @ hostel :wink: 😁 which I am not going to write here because some of you are going to come down here in next july :wink:

As the only Mallu in the batch I am having trouble ( ) learning Hindi and of course to the great amusement of my Batchmates , I am picking Up.Tomorrow is the freshers party and will post as and when we PGites get some time (HECTIC).

I am missing my Kerala monsoons , but @ least hope to see some rains in Delhi soon πŸ˜› .


hey indyan man how u stole time from crap elections n have u completed ur finsoc and syssoc and marcus and god damn don't know how many assignments......yar plz help me if u did them :shock: :shock:

yeah, everything indyan has mentioned reminds me of days when i was apprehensive of joining phew............

only god and i know how i m sneaking time today to check my mails.......but indyan u sure beat me n i tht only i was smart :wink:

but one of many things that indyan missed, was the greatest experince here...the crap elections and the soap-box.......amazing thing....funda for uninitiated is....u get grilled like hell in a chamber where about 140 students are firing rapid fire questions at you for about 1 and half hours( average of course.....for one guy it even crossed 2 hrs) u can just imagine ur situation when u r having hostile questions flying from all sides and u r whatever but not comfortable....

then the second round starts------u r given role plays.........hll guy is hostile, not coming to college u have to convince him, and beleive me its the most dificult task i ever tht of( would be easier in actual situation though has never hapened......hll flocks to the country called FMS) and convincing a guy from a i bank in us to com down to fms for placements and so on
was a great experience says my roomie.....would be going thru same hopefullt for media post........

and i still have to prepare the finsoc, praxis, financial accounting and marketing and many other assignments to submit......and dead line is monday really have to go now


PS: INDYAN juat came, so will b pestering him now about hug incident today( now dont ask me wht it was)

ok............have been away for quite sometime:( this post aint gonna be long coz i have a long day ahead.will post regularly after a week or so........fms is making me pay for all the life of aestivation and hibernation that ive led till totally out of touch with the world..........hope to bring things under control slowly getting sick of the mess food........being the food freak i am i find this has been very hectic till now.......seniors have made this transition so much easier........theyve been damn helpful.......vinzi and lijo:D have spoken abt da batch s nuthin to add there......this thread will see lotsa action soon......
signing off

today was cool........slept late in morning after many hectic and activity filled days......was really tired after last night party

thanks second year


hi Indyan
nice to c u at PG...........da h w s the chicks out ther?............started mugging ?..............orientation week ovr?............... hop now u r happy to have selected fms ovr spjimr..............keep posting..........



I am posting after a long time. FMS is a cool place to be in. It is surely hectic like other B-Schools but then it is part of the fun.The SOP box is the unique about FMS . The college being in the area of delhi univ makes the trip from the hostel to college very colourful. .

The freshers party was amazing we were dancing through the night and most of us were knocked out the whole of sunday. Actually it is dissappointing that no one other than FMSites are responding to this thread. 😁 .

Anyway if you want to be in a B-School where you want a lot of responsibility as a student then I think FMS is the only B-School for you in India.

Nothing else will keep posting about FMS.


on comp just after taking a quiz......reminded of 'gud old days' (fmsites know)
had a very cat type test though it was all stats and basic stuff.............

.......n rest.....its feels much easier now that no harsh sittings for gl's and everything........elections r still thr but boy that is fun isn't it.......yesterday we had an extended sop election 4 our crap.............

yours truly was thinking to apply to media society here and so has to go to work bye now


PS: jason u r missing somthing here????????

just coming back from election lost by some margin

ciao u all have 2 prepare 4 society interactions tommorow

PGz blasted the Society interactions here in FMS.....
the_columban, hereiam---->fin society
jsukumar, urs truly--------->mark soc.

and results are still not officially out so u can expect some more PGz running FMS 4 next 1 year........


After putting a ton of pressure on my tiny brain, I hv finally reached this conclusion that vinzi is . And congrats guys for getting thru the socs, marketing in FMS is surely in the right hands

And for all those aspiring to be at FMS, guys/gals this surely is most chill place to do yur mba.


hey man
at last we got net connections in our hostels haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

its currently on winproxy on 2000 server

BTW i m not very experienced in all this n need to know which will b fastest option as far as internet speeds are concerened..........what about squid on linux platform

and what about flexibility in the same

some PG help required


PS: sumit plz edit ur post and remove my name mere bhai................its not allowed here on to divulge private info

congrats to all of u for getting into the socs.Had a rain dance party sorta thing yesterday in the hostel.It seems that wherever i go, there is water problem and the sun seems to be beating down hard as if no tomorrow.So this was definetely a reason to dance in the rain and trying to create a snowman in pools of water.and to top it all,there was this huge load on my i had to cool off and what better way than was fun.more soon.its getting late and i gotta get up early(read my blog to now more ).so time to hit the sack in soon.


hi thr
quite few hrs since i posted last..........was busy arranging for a GL from alex kurvilla MD Mtv............superb lecture and gr8 person.......we got a chance to talk 2 him after the GL ( privilege that marksoccers enjoy as do finsoccers and others)

essentially the GL was all about resurgence of MTV post 95 and way he conducted............. it was really FUN


got our hostel freshers today....started with those boring lectures and all........'a few words' were just not ending................and heights we were all called to inroduce ourselves again..............

best part was after this we were all ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
*'s reserved for next year vkrvians

after that we had a great dinner..........they say its a tradition and we sincerely enjoy it.......tommorow we will be having a TT tourna going to have some practice


hey guys
ur mails r really keep writing in whenver u get time off ur HECTIC schedules... by the way,which particular section does FMS give more importance to.....plz do tell us....n how is the ex-tempore..... mus be real tough i guess....waht r the topics generally...???

hopic to c u guys next year there!!!


life at fms has been hectic but things are now settling down (or we are getting used to it) . i have been taking notes about life here and now have been able to compile it all together . so here goes

life here at fms has been pretty hectic ever since it started

first day at fms started off with the dean and a few
senior faculty members welcoming us and giving short
speeches (yes u read it right the speeches were really
short the first day). then we had an eco class, which
was followed by an informal interaction with the
seniors. all the fachas had to come on stage and give
a short intro about themselves and there were
occasional cross questions. good fun . the batch
diversity is amazing. although still being dominated
by engineers, there are a lot of bcom, ecohons etc
ppl. there are 5 ppl with ca ,2 with ca cs cfa one who is a topper
ca, another with cfa. there are 2 non nris from abroad
- one a korean guy and a gal from uzbekistan. phew!!
then the seniors gave us their names and all. the g-sec told us
about the schedule of guest lectures (gl) in the next
week and man was it hectic. among the speakers were mr. shyam vishwanath,
assosiate dean of isb and an fms alumnus, mr. manoj
dhingra, assosiate head kpmg and an fms alumnus. the
gls were quite good .
the first or second day we had detailed presentations
about all the societies at fms and what work they do
how to join them and all.
the week ended with an induction dinner at which
parents were also invited
so this is how the first week went. hey forgot to tell
u ppl about the crap (corporate relations and
placements) interactions. they "interacted" with each
and every student and it was the worst stress
interview i had . although nothing much was at stake,
i felt under tremendous pressure and nedless to say
completely screwed up my interview.
about the seniors. they r very good, talented and full
of gyan. r very friendly and made us feel completely
at home.
about the teachers: all are phds and very
knowledgable and more than ready to help.
about activities: there were 2 quizzes in the first
week, a marketing game in which the things to market
were mosquito attractor, a punjabi dhaba in tamil
nadu, tickling syrup, leaky taps etc. gr8 fun.upcoming are book presentations and what not.


my team got the 2nd prize - a cool 700 bucks
worth of gift coupons from music world- guess i will
finally buy the black album by metallica :D
the team which won had the book - who moved my cheese?
it was great fun yaar. the presentations went on from
3:00 pm to 10:30 pm. the results were announced on the
spot. after the results, the cheese team and my team
treated about 15 people in a nearby restaurant . all
of us ate like anything - u can well imagine our state
after sitting thru all the presentations. the party
got over at 11:30 and i reached home after 12. phew !!
the books covered were lee iacocca, goal, in search of
excellence, built to last, who moved my cheese, fish,
jack welch, one up the wall street, only the paranoid
survive, [email protected] speed of thought , brand
positioning, positioning, marketing warfare etc.
(don't think i missed any)
the notices for applications in the various societies
were now out and we were busy juggling time between the
numerous group tasks, assignments and the deadlines
for the application of various societies. the best
part is each society has a detailed method of applying
wherein we have to write articles, sop for the same.


i wont cover the details of the sop box as the same has been done by vinzi and the society interactions were like informal interviews. i had 5 in a day as i had applied to 5 societies.
I finally got selected in the Finance society which was my first preference.

Guess its already too much now and i will save the rest for the next time.

Hey gunjan, i can tell u the importance of the extempore. The other day my group was cold called for giving a presentation on a case which we had not really prepared very well. we were banking on our luck and it ran out
anyways we 4 ppl had to give the pres with just 5 min time given. i can't tell you how we compiled the 6 page case study and presented it before the class and faced a volley of questions after that. this would establish without doubt the imp of the extempore
about the topics asked in the selection process, it can be anything under the sun.
u can never prepare enuf for it.
some of the tpics were:
to err is human, kapil dev, white, interviews are a farce(he is at fms now ), one's idea of fun is at somebody else's expense.
Think about it and sweat 😁

The columban

PS: Pls overlook any logical discontinuity, grammatical mistakes etc bcos this was compiled from a lot of short notes typed here and there and i couldn't really spend a lot of time on compiling them. pls understand.

just coming back from tt tourna.........was waiting for a favourable draw and what i get is first match against best player of our college.............
here go my dreams of reaching at least semis

still i have doubles with me where i ahve a very strong partner

time to go 4 doubles .smbdy knocking mt door


hey vinzi man ,
best of luck for ur tt tournament.