First Day at your B school

Dear Puys All the excitement and the euphoria of getting admission in to your coveted school would reach its peak ,once you are inside the hallowed grounds of the B school that you have always dreamt of. :birthday: :mg: This is for the convertedโ€ฆ

Dear Puys All the excitement and the euphoria of getting admission in to your coveted school would reach its peak ,once you are inside the hallowed grounds of the B school that you have always dreamt of.๐ŸŽ‚mg This is for the converted puys

For the Aspirants the Cat season has a lot or for some serious puys p๐Ÿ˜ฒ some time still left to begin the do or die preparations and now you can all make a list of your "Dream B school"๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘ and the maddening things that you would like to do there a list of things you would like to explore on the campus and etc etc etc.

For the converted there must be N number of things that you would have listed before and after the stepping in the school aka visiting the fav temple thanking God to help you out of normalisation and helping you out of all other allied curses like acads since kinder-garden then gender then education(i.e if you are an engineer)

but after all the battles you are there finally splat๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿป

so this is a thread to write down all that you did the first day or would be doing the first day when you would join your "Dream B school "

Splash it with creativity and then also mention the consequences of your action in B school mgmgmg

to tag you guys @Omkarp i dont remember the others who had converted so kindly tag them and how is ur day at JB has the college started?mg

@dark-phoenix kindly show your creativity here this thread looks so soona soona and if you kno someone who will be posting experience do tag them sosplat

Its been 3 years since then, but I'll never forget the FIRST DAY AT SPM!!!

28th June, 2010. I had already shifted in the hostel the previous day, and had mingled with a few of my classmates who had shifted in the same floor as I was. Everything seemed okay.

I woke up the next day,after having long chat sessions with my new friends, got ready and went for the orientation session. The new campus was like a huge maze for me, and as I'd expected, I got lost! :banghead:
I thought of calling KUNAL BHAI, a friend I had made the previous night, and ask for directions, but just then I dound someone walking out of the mess! The person was middle aged, dressed for a wedding, and had more hair on his mustache than on his head. I went and asked him, "Sir, can you please tell me where the Auditorium is? I have recently joined SPM and have an orientation there!" ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

To my surprise, he replied, "I am a student from your batch too!" ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
I was flabbergasted! Although, I was always a kiddo all through my academic life, as I was one year younger than everyone, this was something I had not expected. (Call me a naive, or a fool, but I had REALLY not expected people 10+ years elder to me as my batchmates! )

While I was being escorted by my recently introduced classmate to the Auditorium, I was thinking whether to address him as Sir, or Uncle! :mg: And that is when I got one more shock! ๐Ÿ˜

I was the youngest in my batch at 21, and the average age of my batch was 26!!!

Everyone around me was a BHAIYYA to me!!! :mg:

Hmm. But then even in the pool of experience, as soon as the session began, people turned into students again! :clap:

Out of habit, I was sitting on the last row, and so were some more. Believe me, the guys sitting next to me were the guys who became the closest friends during the two years at SPM!!! ๐Ÿ˜ Kishlaya aka Panditjee, Mayank aka Sheru, Partha aka Dada, Anuj aka ANJU/BHAGGLO!

The rest of the events were boring, and would like to skip them.

By the evening, we all were thick friends and knew everything about each other! :mg:

The next day, early in the morning, we were supposed to leave for a trip to Hazira, Surat and the trip helped everyone to bond really well with each other!

There were a few more things which I could have mentioned here, but not today. Maybe, I'll edit this post and add those things some other time.

okay here goes my experience may leave out a few points as am not very much articulate now after learning the foundation course in philosophy which says as an idealist everything is in the mind and this is a dream

Here goes i came on the morning of 9 june in mumbai the rains greeted me and i remembered of fatima who brought rains to the desert of kutch when she came from pakistan in a short story that i had read a long time back in my 8 standard "love across the salt desert" had heard so much about the mumbai rains that i was really looking forward to romanticise and go to places in the rain
well it being a sunday there was not much to do except to go the dining hall and see the college from outside i tried to go to the library but was denied access as i still did not have my access id well the next morning was "THE 10 JUNE" my first day the day started at 10 am we were all supposed to be infront of the "Tiss Convention Centre" for those who dont know this a large centrally air conditioned auditorium in "TISS" this is also the place where the foundation courses in philosophy sociology research methodology which is one of the Usp of TISS is also taught so i got in saw a huge crowd of 800 people all sitting in their respective places to all the guys out there in other B school TISS maintains a Perfect gender ratio with my batch having close to 50 percent girls and as there are 39 courses running in TISS in some courses the Girls outnumber the boys as wellmgmg so much for "positive sex ratio"
Then the Director gave Speech where he Enlightened us on the rules of TISS against discrimination to anyone regarding caste gender sexual orientation and all here the two legged as well as the four legged (the dogs) of the campus are treated with the same respect and care the dogs are given great free food by all of us and they look literally like Labrador man i have never seen common Mongrels so Fat and healthy any ways not digressing from my topic after the speech "not mine the directors "made friends a lot many of them apart from my own batch mates made friends from the courses of criminology and justice, regulatory governance, Community development, Social entrepreneurship, water policy management , Masters of hospital administration , Media and cultural studies and even four international students two from the Czech republic and two from the republic of Slovakia The rains were still continuing then had a stupendous lunch at 1 pm and were instructed to go to our respective faculty buildings at 2 pm went inside the faculty building then got introduced to our faculty met a lot of our seniors and were informed that we can wear even shorts everyday in our classes except for the days when eminent personalities from the industries come (again digressing a little bit this entire week already have met with Mr Yogi Shriram Group Hr head of L&T;, Mr Satish Pradhan of Tata sons (for all the B quiz enthusiast out there i hope i dont have to introduce him for the other people just google him out mgmgand have 5 more such people lined out to be met this week) The most awesome thing is i can go and attend any lecture of any other course any time if i wish but with the work load that i am getting i hardly think that would be possible met some extremely talented people during the orientation and Induction day Authors, Poets whose work is soon going to be published People who really would love to work for the poor and all. I had already fell in love with the campus the day i had applied for the course but after being here i understood what is the value of being a TISSIAN once a TISSIAN a TISSIAN for life

Digressing a lot more from the topic of "First Day" at b School well am enjoyin a lot with my batch mates went to marine drive gateway of india one rainy day and then the juhu beach and enjoyed a lot

Another further update I Hate Rains In Mumbai Literally Hate cos all my Formals are wet and have no dry clothes to put on during the Industry Personality meets ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

Yeh Barish Kab Rukegi ๐Ÿ˜›splatsplatsplatsplat

I shall update you all with much more of my experience but forgive me for being so short tonight as i still have the suggested reading of quantitative research , psychology , organisational economics for my class tomorrow hope to finish it soon and write much much more and @dark-phoenix bhai i give you this responsibility of persuading others too to write as much in this page let this be a repostory for all the puys for their dream B school

@rhinorocks bhai you owe it here tell us the first day experience of IRMA