Final Allotment in IDBI Bank

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Congrats Evryone!!! I hv heard the training is in HYD fr IDBI,true?

Joining instructions for last batch

what was the inhand salary?

what is bond amount,minimum service period,probation time for idbi??

hi.... congrats to all

Please share your marks

guys,, in PO3 reserved list declared yesterday i got IDBI bank while in PO4 i got Canara Bank. Pls suggest me which is better, i have no idea..

Congrats and Best Wishes to all the selected candidates who got the final selection as a PO in IDBI Bank.

Please share your success story with us.  We will make an article of  your success story and experience and publish the same on our site.

You can mail your story on my mail id: [email protected]

Frnds..idbi pays u 3k more than other banks..But it has the wrst work culture..Huge lyk a private bank..

People spreading negativity are requested to get out

Itni mehnat karke logon ko ek job mili hai, aur pehle hi post pe idbi bank ko criticize kiya jaa raha hai. Bahut soch samajh ke top choice banaya tha idbi ko, pehle hi din discourage mat karo

To all,check this.Cant certify the authenticity

IDBI open (UR) ka total score cutoff ?

First of all, the question is: Do you want a job or a career?

If you want just a job, then you will work for some months then search for easy jobs like SSC. But that means you want salary but don't want to work. So go ahead, leave this bank, and join any sarkari naukri. But don't criticize the bank just because you are f*****ing lazy.

If you want a career, IDBI is one of the best. You have corporate culture, targets are there, but think how much you can learn there. You will have an experience which is sought after by top private banks, whereas your sarkari naukri experience has no value outside your department. 

A banking career allows you to grow youself. A sarkari naukri allows you to grow your tummy size!

i got idbi bank. is it better than other bank? what are its perks and allowance

any visually disable candidate selected here?

is there anyone from mumbai? 

cud someone plz tell me more abt the salary, perks n other benefits in idbi?

n how's the work culture, work pressure n all?

n do we get a place of posting of our choice??

n what abt promotion policy?

plz throw some light on these.. sorry to bombard u with so many questions but i really did not know whom shall i ask all these.. i hope u guys cud help..

Congrats to all of u for being allotted IDBI.

I am presently working with the bank and thought i'll give u some insight. First of all,now as you will go to other groups you will hear a lot of negative comments about this bank and its work culture. Its not untrue, but it all stems from the expectation of joining this bank: thinking that it is just another nationalised bank. Work culture is completely private-like here. There are targets and a rigorous performance appraisal system here. (if u fail to achieve them no one will kick u out of your job). But you will get a good opportunity to learn. There is no service bond here, so if u feel the profile is not suiting u, u can always leave. A lot depends on  your supervisor/branch head. I personally have had a good experience with IDBI right from the beginning. I have also been given targets and worked under immense pressure,however my supervisor is good and I also like my work profile. Infact i had never thought i could handle so much pressure before joining this bank 😛

Now lets come to the pay; In hand is approx 39k in metros, 37k in semi urban and 32k in rural. And u will get 1000 increment every year. So salary is definitely better than other banks

Best part is the Induction training programme which will take place in mumbai or hyderabad (this campus is beautiful, the amenities are Amazing) for 15 memorable days.

The work environment in any branch or office is very favourable, well furnished and most of your colleagues will be in the age group of 25-35.

Caution: The pre-recruitment medical test is quite a tough nut to crack. So start working out and eating healthy from today so that it shows in the tests. 😛

All the Best for your Journey with IDBI. Enjoy and Hang in there 😃

guys i also got idbi as po...................:)