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 Sending the application form a night before the deadline, sending incomplete forms and resumes, not reading the instructions thoroughly and using the same approach for admissions for all the colleges alike! Have you made any such mistakes in the past? Then repeat no more! Let us help you with the FIIB admissions better with a step by step instruction plan.

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GD & PI dates for Next round of admissions:  

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Date - 29.12.2017   

Venue –  FIIB Delhi Campus   

Contact Person –Ms. Anju Gupta

Call at +91-11-47285048/36    

 Can anyone guide me how to start preparing for gd pi extempore for FIIB.  I will be attending the GDPI on 29th Dec and I don't want to loose this opportunity. 

     Tips   to excel at a Group Discussion

A room filled with your competitors and most of them probably have more   brains than you, so how do you stand your ground here? Read below.

   1. Do be ready with a 20 seconder introduction that covers – your name, your   residence, last degree you got and the name of the university you got it   from.

  2.  Do not address the moderator but only the group members, once the GD starts   the moderator should be invisible to you.

  3. Be crisp and concise in your communication.

  4. Ensure that you actively participate in the GD and comment at least 5-6   times in a 20 minute GD round.

  5. Carry a pen and a notepad

  6.  Do not prove the other members wrong, there are no brownie points for that.   Just make your point and move on

  7.  Eye contact with group members is imperative.    

  How do I prepare my self better for GD at any colleges? 

For a thorough  understanding of general subjects choose magazines and newspapers that are rich in content, or read current issues or year end issues that capture highlights from the year that went by.  

  How should I start the GD? 

GDPI Tips: 

Try to enter the GD at the right point, such when others are taking a small pause. Be loud and assertive on points.

It is not necessary to arrive at a consensus in during a GD. Candidates have different opinions and consensus can’t be arrived at times. But it is necessary to conclude the GD

Keep   the following in your mind for succeeding in Group discussions during   admissions:

Assessment is not only on your communication skills but also on your ability to be a team player
Evaluation is based on quality, and not on quantity. Your contribution must  be relevant
The mantra is "Contributing meaningfully to the team's success."   Domination is frowned upon.        ��

 Does FIIB offers scholarships to students? 

 The 3rd International Management Conference was a grand success, with 18 resource persons who graced this occasion. For the inaugural session, there were 4 international speakers on the dais, one each from USA, France, South Korea and Nepal.

We received a brilliant participation with 104 abstracts and 74 complete papers by 138 contributors. Submitted research papers were reviewed by a panel of experts & editors. 52 of them have been published across 2 books by Bloomsbury India - Management in the New Millennium, and Good Governance and growth in Global Economy. #FIIB #IMC#Business #Management #Conference

  GD & PI dates for Next round of admissions:  
Apply Online -
Date - 29.12.2017     
Venue –  FIIB   Delhi Campus   
Contact Person –Ms.   Anju Gupta
Call at   +91-11-47285048/36        

    How do I prepare myself for the PI round 

 At FIIB, the PGDM incorporates future-focused specializations, continually adapts and evolves with the changing business paradigms. Deepak’s placement with Lesso Group is a testimony to that.
Established in 1986 and spread across international borders with rocketing revenues, we are sure Lesso Group will help Deepak Rana accomplish all his professional goals.

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2017 has been made more grand!
We are elated to share that #FIIB has been ranked 35th by #BusinessIndia among the Best Business Schools in India.  We believe that every accomplishment begins with the decision to try.

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 GD & PI dates for Next round of admissions:  
Apply Online -
Date - 29.12.2017     
Venue - FIIB   Delhi Campus   
Contact Person - Ms.   Anju Gupta
Call at -   +91-11-47285048/36            

 Can anybody tell about the placement of fiib? Average package? Hostel? 

#FIIB’s Custom Executive Education Programs aim to empower your team to solve specific business challenges. Our faculty and subject matter experts work with organisations to deliver tailor-made program to meet your unique training requirements. One such training was recently conducted at Goa for officials of Ministry of Finance, Afghanistan covering all aspects of 'Advance Public Financial Management & Audit'.

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