Federal Bank Officer Results 2017 ; Result release date

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When will the results of written exam be released?

Final selection will be based on only intervw and gd marks or written marks will be adred

resulted awaited is considered or not

 Hello guys. Is Domicile certificate compulsory in interview itslef. It seems it would take time to apply for the certificate and reach us. 

Does final result of officer and clerk release?

Those who once appeared for scale 1 federal po exam pls tell me the weitage of current affairs in this exam as i came to know they ask more of banking and one more thing as rea+quants+eng constitues 30 ques each , so will they ask machine input and statemnt assp based questions too or will it be like ibps pre kind of ??? thanks in adv. if u hve any idea pls rreply

 Is there anyone here who is currently attending training or recieved dates of training? 

Exam results federal bank latest 

any idea about the federa bank po resut declaration???

federal bank result ? any updation 

@shwpatwa how to know interview date n location/?

Federal Bank Officer Result 2017 PDF Available at https://goo.gl/9Fustn

any update regarding interview date and its location

Friends please reply. Will laminating my original certificates/documents by plastic lamination for safety and durability of the original certificates/documents be a wrong decision for appearing in this inerview and subsequent document verification? Is there any problem in laminating these important documents? 

Any one Got Indore 12/12/2017?

Anyone got centre: Kolkata on 06/12/2017, 09:30 AM?  Are there other shifts on other days at Kolkata?

Who all are having their GD/PI on 2nd December in Nagpur, please comment your name and the place you belong to 

 Friends. Those who are from ICSE and ISC examinations, are you going to calculate the percentage of marks by: best 5 subjects with english and mathematics compulsory for ICSE, best 4 subjects with english compulsory for ISC? This is what we followed while taking admission at college. But will you do it here also or will you calcutate aggregate of all subjects and take percentage of that? Reply. 

I have seen most of the people struggling to score marks in tests of PM and OB,as well as most of the people say that tests of "Testbook" are very easy and it has questions which are out of syllabus. These can be assumed to be the extreme ends of tests from the most difficult to the easiest ones. I feel there is a test series which lies in between and is probably the best choice...neither too tough nor too easy and that is Testzone/Smartkeeda. It has a good mix of easy to difficult questions and the best part is its cost,only 99 Rs for all kinds of tests. It can provide relief to those struggling with PM and OB.... Disclaimer:You may think it is a promotional strategy or I am their publicity agent and I am getting paid for it,but let me tell you there's nothing like that Its a free advice in the goodwill of the members of this group and nothing else,take it or leave it,choice is yours!