federal bank 2018

for clerk and po recrutiment 2018

i got selected for gd pi..anyone??

Is there any update for gdpi date and location.??

anyone has any bout interview dates?

any one having interview on 4th and 5th?

I am having interview on 3rd Oct at Chennai any other????

Can anyone explain what is the need for domicile ? What state do i need to mention if I belong to Ghaziabad?

i am having interview on 6 th oct at mumbai..plz share your experience and gd topics also

Guys someone share today's interview and gd experience

GD topic - Which One would you choose “ a task that can be made Easy by tweaking some rules” or “ let it be difficutl which will take some time to get completed” . . . 15 min.. group of 8 ... normal gd rules.. one starts and one gets to conclude. . . 5 were shortlisted for interview . . They asked me totally from my work experience and my graduation degree... and very general questions like why federal bank and all. No technical questions related to banking terms. My interview length - 45 Mins Although the others had it for 15 mins.. all the best :)

Those students who have done with their GD PI , kindly share their topics of GD and expirence of PI .

Whose reference should we give in the referee coloumn?

My Gd was a situation based. We were given a situation to choose between the entrance exam of your dream job or your Mother when she is undergoing a critical operation on the same day. Everybody was given a chance to speak turnwise on the topic and then the forum was open for discussion. Out of 8 people 5 were selected. Interview lasted for some 20 to 25 mins. They asked me general questions mostly finance and banking related. They didnt ask me anything from my graduation.

  Hope that helps!

gd topics are more opf a case studies my po topic was there is a logistics company but there are many complains that the delivery done by them is not on time even the newspaper critize them,so the manager had a punctuality cell and the person made the some drivers who dont leave on time report the manager but the drivers daid it is not our fault the roads are bad and trucks are old.what will the manager do?

for clerk- u are a loyal and ethical person, u work in xyz ltd comapny and your company is going to launch upgraded version in next month and the current version will become outdate. now u r in a dilemma whether to tell ua loyal customers are not?

interview mine was for 45mins 


Saare centre ke PO ka interview done?

my gd topic n answer


Question :

You are an Honest and responsible Citizen of a Country. You are running late for a very important meeting. Being in hurry, you rode the vehicle rashly and had done a accident and injured a person. Policemen blocked me and asked for a bribe of 500 for not making a chargesheet. Whether you give money and go for meeting or face the consequence

Answer :

1. If I am a responsible person i will not late for meeting and even if I am late for meeting I would inform my superior about being late.

2. Immediately after accident I will inform my boss and ask for some more time and will contact my family to come to the spot and take care of that person who is injured and also assist the legal activities in the absence of mine

3. I am calling my family just I need a moral support in that situation bcz when ur tensed u wnt make good decision

4. Also I am heading for meeting bcz if u r an important person for the meeting then if u cant make up fr the day then u r organization will suffer a loss of business.

Conclusion :

1. Be early to office and early to home whatever the situation

2. Govt need to come up with digital soln for spot fine which is bank account linked hence the citizen will follow the rules n regulation

When will the result of clerk interview will be announced??

Hlo guys ! I am from punjab and my gdpi is on 11 at ludhiana...is it necessary to cary copy of data form also ?

please anyone from commerce background share ur pi experience

Is domicile certificate absolutely necessary now! Coz I have a bonafide saying I have applied and I would be getting it soon! So is it possible to produce that and attend the gd?