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Here people can throw aptitude questions in open and others can solve to be there in continuous learning process..cheers! 

Answer the questions on the basis of information given below.

Six nurses Agnes, Bethy, Chandrika, Divya, Evita and Faria are working for Marium hospital, which requires three nurses per day. The availability of various nurses on various days of the week is as follows.

(1) Agnes and Bethy will not work together and both of them will not be available on Mondays and Thursdays.

(2) Chandrika is a dedicated nurse and works 7 days a week.

(3) Divya is married and will not be available on weekends.

(4) Evita and Faria will always work together, if possible and one of them will have her off on Monday and the other on


(5) Any triplet can not be repeated on two consecutive days.

1. Who will be working on any Monday?

(A) Chandrika, Divya, Evita (B) Chandrika, Evita and Fana

(C) Chandrika, Divya, Faria (D) Either 'a' or 'c'

2. If Agnes, Chandrika and Diya work on Friday then who will be working on Saturday?

(A) Agnes, Chandrika, Evita (B) Bethy, Divya, Faria

(C) Chandrika, Evita, Faria (D) Agnes, Divya, Evita

3. If Evita is ill, who will be working on Thursday?

(A) Chandrika, Divya, Faria (B) Chandrika, Divya, Bethy

(C) Divya, Faria, Agnes (D) Chandrika, Bethy. Faria

4. If Chandrika decides to take off on Wednesday, then who essentially works on Wednesday?

(A) Divya (B) Evita (C) Faria (D) Both (B) & (C)