Fact, Judgement & Inference

A. Learning and knowledge management are crucial capacities for any NGO expecting to survive and thrive in the uncertain development environment of the new century. B. NGOs claim to be ‘learning organizations’, but how most promote shared …

1. A fact is a universal fact, which means that an inference can be inferred from it.
2. I can infer from the judge's judgement that Sri is the murderer.
3. Shipra doubted the validity of Eintein's general theory of relativity.

Choose whether the statements are F/J/I

1) I can crack CAT

2) I hope I am clear

3) How many cones are there on the rooftop

Identify the statements below as FJI
Facts : describe what we have seen, heard or read; they are capable of verification and exclude inferences and judgements.
Inferences : are statements about the unknown made on the basis of the known.
Judgement : imply approval or disapproval of objects, or persons described.

Find the Fact (F), Judgement (J) and Inference (I) statement order/sequence.

A. Economies of underdeveloped countries depend heavily on loans doled out by IMF.
B. IMF attaches innumerable conditions to the loans it lends.
C. Thus, IMF has replaced small money lenders by becoming a giant money lender.
D. Domestic compulsions must be forcing the underdeveloped countries to approach IMF for loans.
Facts : describe what we have seen, heard or read; they are capable of verification and exclude inferences and judgements.
Inferences : are statements about the unknown made on the basis of the known.
Judgement : imply approval or disapproval of objects, or persons described.

Find the Fact (F), Judgement (J) and Inference (I) statement order/sequence.

A. A person who thinks he knows everything under the sun is the biggest fool under the sun.
B. On the contrary an unassuming person is the wisest on the earth.
C. Therefore it is better we learn to become more unassuming.
D. I am of firm conviction that being unassuming must not be to be naive.

choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way..
''as a student what made you take up the study abroad option?'' when asked this question inquisitively, to know exactly what motivated this young and smart student krish from chennai, this is the answer that came in and with a lot of confidence coupled with clarity in thoughts...........

  • ''currently the number of favourite education destinations for the Indian students has multiplied.''
  • ''overseas education is for those who wish to benefit from experiences and to explore different places.''
  • ''flexibility in the choice of courses offered from quantum mechanics to cooking.''
  • ''the increasing number of scholarships and friendly education loan schemes offered by financial institutions.''

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In the early 1940s, Venu Chitale, a Maharashtrian in Britain, used to broadcast radio shows on Indian cooking for BBC's home service. Around then, writer Mulk Raj Anand too had brought out a collection of Indian recipes in the UK. Curry may be a craze among the British today, but few know about its history in Britain. Indian independence created a sort of collective amnesia about the history that India and Britain shared. _______________________________
1) Those people are mistaken, as is obvious from the fact that in each of the past six years, our state has spent more money per mile on road improvements than any other state.
2) Several of the particle accelerators at major research institutions were out of service the year before last of repairs, so it is likely that the low number of articles was due to the decline in availability of particle accelerators.
3) When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable,must be the truth.
4) Each rancher would be tempted to overuse common land because the benefits would accrue to the individual, while the costs of reduced land quality that results from overuse would be spread among all users.
  • JJJF
  • JJJI
  • IIFJ
  • IIJI
  • IJIF

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The train would be a fixed linear system, and we live in a world that is spreading out in all directions and in which consumers choose the free-wheel systems (cars, buses, aircraft), which do not have fixed route.

This statement is:
  • Fact
  • Inference
  • Judgement

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A. Theft, vandalism and drug offence stem from education deficit or mental health challenges.

B. The recent development in education sector would encourage low-wage earners to send their daughters to school.
C. Even with all powers in our hands, we feel helpless in certain situations it all depends on the situation.
D. While the recent developments are of little significances, they confirm our non serious attitude towards the issue 
  • fjff
  • jjjj
  • fijj
  • fiff

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what is the tone of the Author..?
Give Explanation for the same :)
  • Factual
  • Judgement
  • Narrative
  • Descriptive
  • Critical
  • Analytical
  • Multiple tones in the same Article

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  • a
  • b
  • c
  • d

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Mr Obama's supporters longed to see their man improve on his lacklustre performance at the first debate and come out swinging, as he has for months at rallies and on the campaign trail. The president gave Democratic partisans much to enjoy—indeed, if they are the sort to attend his campaign rallies, his finest zingers would have been well-known to them, as he drew heavily on his stump speeches for well-honed attack lines. That alone will feel to many Democrats like a win, or at least a disaster averted.

1.The Minister definitely took the wrong step.
2.Under the circumstances,he had many other alternatives.
3.The Prime Minister is embarrassed due to the Minister's decision.
4.If he has put the government in jeopardy,the Minister must resign.


1. Given the poor quality of service in the public sector, the HIV/AIDS affected should be switching to private initiativesthat supply anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) at a low cost.
2. The government has been supplying free drugs since 2004, and 35000 have benefited up to now— though the size of theaffected population is 150 times this number.
3. The recent initiatives of networks and companies like AIDSCare Network, Emcure, Reliance-Cipla-CII, would lead toavailability of much-needed drugs to a larger number of affected people.
4. But how ironic it is that we should face a perennial shortage of drugs when India is one of the world's largest suppliers of generic drugs to the developing world.

Canada's commercial seal “hunt” is the largest mass slaughter of marine mammals in the world. This year, Canada will allow 270,000 harp seals to be killed. Canada's 2006 quota for killing seals: 325,000 for the regular commercial “hunt” and an additional 10,000 harp seal allowance for new aboriginal initiatives, personal use, and Arctic hunts. As usual, the commercial quota was exceeded, resulting in over 330,000 seals being killed. During the previous three years, the government of Canada delivered the death sentence to over one million baby harp seals.

The above statement assumes that:

Plz explain
The U.S President conceded the nuclear challenge was daunting, would be a long haul, and could fail. “This goal will not be reached quickly — perhaps not in my lifetime. It would take patience and persistence. But now we, too, must ignore the voices who tell us that the world cannot change.” But he said it was time for a new, more robust international regime. “Rules must be binding, violations must be punished, words must mean something.” —

Which one of the following can be an assumption on which the U.S President has given such a statement?

The 6th of February,2008 was the coldest day in mumbai city.