European Business School Applications 2009-10

hi sir,

i am planning to apply to INSEAD in the near future.. Was curious to know how u managed to come bak to ind .. i know its possible.. just wnt to know the way.

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Hi coach..
I wish to pursue my MBA from the US or Europe... basically I want to have a reputable international MBA....
I have worked for 4 years as a Civil engineer..lead a rehabilitation project....graduated from an NIT.. have a GMAT of 700/5.5, good all round EC's... not so good academic grades....
Post MBA I wish to work with a consulting firm in the short term and start my own venture in the long term.
So essentially my long term plans are India centric. Ideally I would want to go for my MBA at the ISB but after my ding post interview this year, I have realised I cannot put all my eggs in one basket.
At the same time I wish to have an MBA that has an international outlook.
I wish to know which schools in the Europe can I look at considering my plans? How easy is it to finance an international MBA?


Hi all,

Coach firstly, congrats for starting this post...we need a discussion forum like this on the different European MBAs...

My first question for you is - I have got an invite from Manchester Business School 2011, and most probably I will join MBS if I can't crack Oxford...what is your take on the acceptance of a European MBA in consulting companies in India...espacially if you can put some light on prospects of an MBA from MBS if you know about it...

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hi, thanks for opening this thread.

i am looking at some exec mba's and have narrowed it down to first choice IE, Warwick and 2nd choice Vlerick, Manchester, ESCP-EAP.

currently in UK and will either stay here or go to US after the EMBA.

Any comments or recommendations are much appreciated.



Thanks for starting this thread.

I aspire to apply for Warwick for Sep 09 intake. Could you please advice me as to what are my chances. Is it late to apply now, should I wait for Sep 2010 intake?

My profile :

IT Expi : 3+ years
Bachelor of Engg : 81% aggregate
GMAT : 610

Hi Everyone.

I have received a lot of queries regarding the European MBA program and hence thought of starting a thread for the Fall 09 and Spring 10 Applications.

Going to enumerate a few top European business schools which most of you would be aware of and can ask me questions pertaining to those schools.

1. London Business School
2. Oxford Said
3. Cambridge Judge
4. Manchester
5. Lancester
6. Cranfield
7. Warwick
8. Cass (City school, London)
9. Imperial
10. Strathcylde

1. INSEAD (Singapore / Fontainbleau)
2. HEC Paris

1. IE
3. Esade

1. Erasmus

1. SDA Bocconi

1. IMD

In the time of meltdown, my personal advice would be not to further your choices beyond the list I have mentioned. If I have missed out any business school which should be included, do suggest. These schools have good recognition in continental europe if not across the globe. So all those looking for international exposure and working in Europe can target these schools.

More, later!



I have done an MBA in 2002 from a tier 2 business school in India and have been working since then. I have an excellent career graph and am working at a Leadership position in a KPO. My EC and acads are average. I have got a score of 690 in GMAT and have applied to top 5 business schools in the US. Have not got any reply from them probably because of a low GMAT. Now i am looking at some European business schools. I want to get into Strategy/Marketing in consumer goods industry and was thinking of applying to IMD and IE Spain. Do you think my profile is competitive enough for these schools? Should i look for other schools as well in Europe?

Any sort of advise would be really helpful.



Hello Coach,

i have a 650 gmat and 8 yrs exp in IT product engineering, tech consulting, project management, have 4 yrs of us exp and worked with clients such as citi, hsbc. in addition am PMP certified. ECs: Diploma in Mucsic, have been an instructor, CSR activities in education.
Goals: Transition from tech to biz consulting (or biz strategy group of a fin org) and evntually to corporate stratgey in a financial org.

1. My target schools are INSEAD/ESADE/SDA Bocconi/Erasmus Rotterdam
do you think i hold a fair chance in these.

2. Is it too late now to app into these schools for 09 session.

3. Any suggestions ?!,.;'

Thanks for your message. Read bold.

Hello Coach,

i have a 650 gmat and 8 yrs exp in IT product engineering, tech consulting, project management, have 4 yrs of us exp and worked with clients such as citi, hsbc. in addition am PMP certified. ECs: Diploma in Mucsic, have been an instructor, CSR activities in education.
Goals: Transition from tech to biz consulting (or biz strategy group of a fin org) and evntually to corporate stratgey in a financial org.

1. My target schools are INSEAD/ESADE/SDA Bocconi/Erasmus Rotterdam
do you think i hold a fair chance in these. Definitely. A very positive chance, because you have many years of work experience and can narrate a different and beautiful story to the admissions committee, something that they are most interested in. But would advice you to apply to more schools considering the huge amount of applicants across.

2. Is it too late now to app into these schools for 09 session. For some schools yes, for other no. But for schools which have Jan intake would advice you to procrastinate for 4-months. Would help you considering you have a GMAT on the lower side (not that it will be a deterrent, but 4-months wont make a huge difference)

3. Any suggestions ?!,.;'

Hi Coach

I believe post MBA most of the career opportunities are limited to UK only does not matter where in Europe you do the MBA. Now with greater restrictions on VISA/work permit rule for Non EU guys .. do you think is it wise to pursue MBA from Europe ?

Hey Coach,

Thanks for your initiative and helping us out here. How are the following schools? What id your opinion about them.

1. Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, Belgium
2. Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands
3. Copenhagen Business School - CBS
4. European Business School, Frankfurt

I am having approx 3 years of experience and 660 GMAT. (Non-IT)

Awaiting reply,

Hey Coach.
Firstly sincere thanks on starting this thread. Its very humbling of you to start a thread to help us aspiring MBA applicants.
I wish to pursue my MBA this year in Sept from a decent B-school to start with. The schools you have elaborated are among the few well known EU schools, which are slightly expensive in terms of tuition n living expenses.
It would be of great help if you could suggest us some schools in EU (or outside) which are relatively easy on the pocket (around 23-25k euros).
I don't have the luxury to apply next year due to personal reasons.

My Profile - Indian/25/Male/3 years work ex in Sales n Marketing/GMAT-will appear in 3 weeks/Acads - First class on average/ extracurriculat - decent.

Please evaluate would it be sensible for me to apply with a good GMAT score - 650+ & would it cover up my academic shortfalls?
How late am I for applications this year? What part of my application would I have to work the most to stand any chance in a good school?
Sorry for bombarding you with so many of em'?

Thanks n Regards

Hello, Coachgmat,

I have a quick question for you.

I took my first gmat last week and got 630. I've worked in logistics industry for 10 + years. I served as marketing managers in USA from 2003 through 2006. I'm considering applying spain business school(IE, ESADE, or IESE). I'd like to know whether my gmat score is workable to apply those schools. Do I need to take another test to get better score? If so, how good score do I have to get?


Hi Coach,

I have admits from Newcastle upon tyne,Bradford and Durham for Sep2009. I will have 3 years workex in Indian IT by the time I join. Could you suggest the better University among these, keeping in view that I plan to switch from IT to consulting.

Since I would be taking a loan for the course, do you think it is worth doing MBA from one of these?
Cosidering the financial situation worldwide, how difficult do you think it would be to find job in India as well as UK after doing MBA from one of the above said Universities?

W.E. 33 months/GMAT 710/IELTS 8

A big thanks for starting this thread on European Business schools.
you mentioned that there was not much scope of consulting in UK. Does this apply to IT consulting in UK? Also does consulting fare badly in rest of western europe too?

Also, where can i get info on which schools are renowned for what? for ex. INSEAD is renowned for consultancy

thanks in advance!

Hi Coach,

I have got admission to NMIMS EPGDBM program in Bangalore. This will be there first batch and it is a 15 month full time program for working executives with 5+ years experience. The batch starts from April 27th.

I have around 7 years IT experience in a top IT company in Bangalore.
My goal is to switch from IT to consulting area. Considering the market scenario is it worth pursuing this program? Can we expect companies like Mckinsey, BCG to visit this school or it is it only the 2nd tier consulting companies?

Please answer my queries as I am need to take a decision in the next couple of weeks. Thanks


Hi Coach,

Thanks a lot for your timely suggestion. I need to discuss with you more regarding this. Can you please PM your contact no, so that I will give you a call? Thanks


Hi Coach,

Right now, I feel that my growth is very slow in the current company. I have the following options right now (apart from NMIMS admission) as mentioned below,

  1. I am currently undergoing a weekend program in Business Analytics (covers SAS tool and statistics) and it will end by May'09. I might try to switch my job profile in the Analytics area if I get a suitable opportunity.

  1. Planning to pursue a distance learning course (3 months) in the consulting from Zenesys and obtain the "Zenesys Certified Consultant" certificate.

  1. I have also got shortlisted for the interview stage for the IIMB PGSEM program (part-time program which goes for a period of 2.5 yrs)
As you have mentioned, that NMIMS is in the C league of B schools and it may not attract top consulting companies. In this case can I go for the above stated options. Will that be better?



I would like to know how good is Strathclyde MBA, whether it would be accepted by Indian Companies as I would like to come back to India for graduation.

I have 3 years of experience in IT and Consulting in Finance domain. I would like to work with a consulting major.


Coach, thanks for responding.

US courses are too expensive + not flex enough for some who is working in UK, hence looking at European courses.

yes, I have done lot of research but am intersted to know reputation of schools with recruiters and alumnis. the more i research, the more confusing it gets.

i have IT management backgrnd, am married with kids & self-sponsored, so thinking twice/thrice in where best to invest my time any money. I am adding the time and cost for the progs so you have an idea of why the dilema.

Can you pls comment on soem or all of this (for UK/US) - reputation with recruiter, reputation with alumni (like urself) and career support/prospects
IE --> (13 mons, 52k)
Warwick --> (3 yrs, 24k)
Vlerick Gent --> (2 yrs, 20,000)
Grenoble (GGSB)/LSBF --> (2yrs, 17,500) (strong focus on tech)

I passed initial interview for Trium ($125k), Georgetown-Esade (90k) & Chicago Booth (65k) but unfortunately too much money and unable to raise it in this economic envirorment. :(

would really appreciate ur comments on the 4 i mentioned or any other you would recommend for EMBA.

THANKS a lot.

What kind of recommendation are you seeking from me? I am sure you have done your research before looking for these schools.

If you want to live in US, why haven't you considered US executive programs. They are quite superior.

can u tell me how is leeds university business school for MS in finance and economics

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