ESSEC Global MBA - Class of 2014

Hello, Calling all aspirants of ESSEC Global MBA - Class of 2014.This thread is about 1 year Global MBA program offered by ESSEC. Upcoming deadline is 31st Jan 2013.


Calling all aspirants of ESSEC Global MBA - Class of 2014.
This thread is about 1 year Global MBA program offered by ESSEC. Upcoming deadline is 31st Jan 2013.

Congratulations to Prem for the interview invite. Wishing you luck, please share your experience afterwards @prem.jiitian

I have heard many good things about Essec Bschool. Most probably my Nephew is going to pursue his MBA from there this here. It feels good to talk to students of such a prestigious Bschool, one of the bests in Europe.
All the best guys!


First of all, good luck to everybody submitting applications to the Global MBA program this month! I'm sure you have all worked hard on your applications and are ready for the next step of the application process.

I am currently a student in the Global MBA program at ESSEC and am finding the program to be excellent. We just started our second term after an intense first term filled with lots and lots of learning. The students are all excited to leave the cold winter in Paris in 3 weeks for our 6 week study period in Singapore!

As indicated in a previous post, ESSEC Business School is one fo the best business schools in Europe (among the top 20) and is among the top 3 business schools in France. ESSEC's network of over 42 000 alumni occupying senior executive level positions helps to further the school's reputation worldwide.

I would be happy to provide more information about the Global MBA program or give advice on preparing applications or eventual admissions interviews should anybody be looking for help. Just let me know!

Best regards,
@GMBA_Matthew Bonjour Matthew,

Good to have you here. I will be submitting my application today, and I wish to know about scholarship and financial aid opportunities available to applicants.

Also, can you describe a day at ESSEC? What time does the class start. When does it conclude? How do you spend your weekend? etc.

Bonne Journee

Submitted my application today! Keeping my fingers crossed now.

Hi Ayon,

I'm glad to hear that you submitted your application today. I'm sure you will do great in the application process.

I am sure that you will be in contact with Sarah Meskell ([email protected]), the Global MBA program recruitment manager in the next few days. She would be able to give you detailed information regarding financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Sarah would be a better resource in this area as I am not familiar with all of the options available.

The Global MBA program students typically have classes from Monday to Thursday. Classes start at 9:00 am and finish at 4:15 pm. We have 2, three hour classes per day and have an hour and 15 minutes for lunch. Students normally spend their evenings doing group work or individual study. Fridays are normally reserved for career activities that can last all day long or only a portion of the day. Many students also take French classes once or twice a week (included in the program tuition) after regular classes end.

A good majority of the students live in the residence halls near ESSEC's campus. The students usually spend their weekends doing some studying and group work and also visiting Paris or travelling throughout France or Europe. The French culture is extremely rich and studying at ESSEC is a great opportunity to experience this culture. Students enjoy museums, attend operas or the theatre and savor the delicious French food on the weekends.

I hope this information helps. Let me know if you have any further questions!

@GMBA_Matthew Hello Matthew,

Many thanks for the detailed outlook. I am in touch with Sarah, infact I came to know about ESSEC Global MBA when I meet her at QS 1-2-1 event.

Can you tell me how is the corporate response to the global MBA students? Does ESSEC has any tie-up with companies? (e.g. McKinsey is frequent recruiter at Insead and BNP at HEC Paris)

Hi Ayon,

I'm glad to hear that you met Sarah at an event earlier.

ESSEC works closely with arge companies in a wide variety of industries and hosts job fairs and networking opportunities on the campus several times a year. In the first month of my MBA program I met with recruiters from Accenture, BNP, McKinsey, Deloitte, Google, etc) and am preparing to attend a job fair next week where I will meet with representatives from L'Or ล al, Bain, BGC and other industry leaders.

ESSEC Business School has long standing relationships with the major multinational corporations operating in France and worldwide, which the Global MBA students benefit from.

I hope this helps,
I had my interview with ESSEC yesterday. It was more conversational than interview. The emphasis was on clarity of career goals and selection of colleges, all these should highlight clarity of thoughts.

However, I came to know that Scholarships and Loan of Honor are not additive. Now waiting period starts.

Best of luck to everyone for ESSEC :)

Hi Matthew,

I got selected for ESSEC Global Mba program.
I would like to know more about few of the aspects.
1. please let me know about Apprentissage or other part time jobs which student can do while persuing MBA to support their living expence.
2. what help and support we can aspect from career services
3. it will be great if u can share placement statistics of last year. Do the even offer jobs to applicant with limited/ very basic knowledge of french.


Hi @GMBA_Matthew : I wud b giving GMAT by end of march... shall I apply for this intake or am I late? Also, I would be looking for scholarships and wanna know abt placement assistance post mba... pls suggest... tagging @ayonde

@abhiEnigma007 I think you can directly call/email Sarah to ask about the deadlines. She will be the best person to answer your queries

I have one more query - I have done B.Tech in Comp Sc. & Engg. and have a work-ex of 5 yrs in IT industry. Am a lil confused whc course shall I apply for - GMBA or Msc in Management? Please advice asap... I need to apply...

Also, as I have done 4yrs of Bachelor's degree, will I get a direct entry in 2nd yr in MSc in Management?
@abhiEnigma007 Hi, Instead of posting here, it will be in your best interest to talk directly with student advisors of MSc program and Sarah Meskell for Global MBA. You can share your profile and I believe they will give you a speedy reply.

Introspect about your career goals, and your need for a master's education. Depending upon these two, the choice of programs should be clear.

Hope it helps.
@ayonde : dude I hv already mailed her but I havent got any reply... I hope PG is meant to get views and suggestions from peers and current students... so instead if u knw ny of my queries u cn share ur views... or maybe Mathew... No Offence Meant...
@abhiEnigma007 Hello Abhi,

Sorry I misunderstood you, and no offence meant and non taken ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

MSc, as I understand is more theoretical (academic oriented) and aimed at people having lesser work experience, typically less than 2/3 years.

MBA, is more application based, and aimed at people who have worked for 5-6 years in a Corporate setting.

I got my admit from ESSEC along with Loan of Honor, Now, I need to make a judgement call.
@ayonde : thnx for ur advice... am short of time... dat is the issue... need to apply asap :(
congo for getting an admit :)
so GMBA it is whc I shud go for.
nyway i hv PMed u... pls reply bak... thnx again :)

Any one active on the thread ??

Have received an Admit to the Essec Global MBA program... So anyone in the same train ??