Hi there, has anybody heard of ESMT, the new MBA school in Berlin? How does it compare to other EU schools like INSEAD or IESE? Thanks! B

Hi there, has anybody heard of ESMT, the new MBA school in Berlin? How does it compare to other EU schools like INSEAD or IESE? Thanks!

Nobody...? Hm, if someone knows ANYTHING please let me know plz!

Ok, I give up as far as ESMT is concerned on this forum. Should anybody else interested in ESMT come across this thread, I was able to locate some pieces of information in the following thread . It's not much but it's a start, good luck!

hey beate,

a lot of people have heard about ESMT in India since they had visited a few cities last year. just that people are a bit skeptical about MBA in a non english speaking country and a course which is new. by the looks of it ,ESMT appears to be a good bet. the fact that it has been set up through assistance from some big names in industry should ensure a decent institute-industry association.

For an indian student, unless one has german speaking abilities or has some other specific interest in working in germany, ESMT may not appear attractive. another thing which one might want to take note of is that MBA education in itself is a relatively new phenomena in germany. now this could be an opportunity as well given the fact that germany is europe's largest economy , although a slowing one.

A good friend of mine has joined ESMT's pioneer batch. It seems that the school is doing lot of good work. the faculty seems to be of high quality and as I mentioned earlier the association with industry is great. If you wish to get some first hand info, I will be happy to introduce you to my friend. please pm me. for the record there are three more indians in the first batch and the school offered great scholarship.


Hi mukulc! Thank you very much indeed for your insight infos! I was not aware that ESMT is doint so much recruiting in India as well. Yes, I would indeed be very interested in hearing ybout your friends experience, I will send you a pm with my data. Kind regards, Beate


I visited the booth of ESMT in the Topmba world mba tour on 6th July in Mumbai at the Taj.

I met one of the admissions officer over there (Valentina), a student Mr Santosh (working in Infy ... on a sabbatical ) and one of their extreeeeeeeeemly gr8 prof Mr Zoltan ( Yeah ..I know.. even I could not control my giggle at first).

I would like to say that ESMT is as good as LBS or any other great B school. The only problem with it is that the brand name has not yet caught up with the people. I had a one on one with Zoltan and he told me that there is no problem whatsoever faced by the students ( be it with regards to food, shelter or language) as Berlin is a big cosmo city. \

All I say is that ESMT is a gr8 institute to go to and I myself am planning to take up their course in about a year's time (currently i have "green hair"..Zoltan sspeaks... for the course meaning that I am still inexperienced).

great to hear that.

But, i have heard that Europe is costlier than US, especially the house rent.
I guess we could discuss more on the scholarship issue here,... without which we would be doomed in europe.