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Thanks @chandu.s !

Kindly share the previous exam papers/ job profile/ any relevant info abt this post.

I have applied for this exam but I am clueless 😞

Appreciate your help 😃

Here's the circular mentioning the role of ESIC Social Security Officer:


frnz here is the link to ESIC previous yr's question paper(03.07.2011) UPLOADED in esic website along with answer key....



Any idea about examination date?? Anyone?

Does any one has idea about the salary structure and exam date ?

Guys if u have previous years papers then please upload..

any idea about exam date?

kab hoga ye exam 😞

last time exam was in the month of july only, and on some FB group some are saying that exam might be in july 13, and some are saying in August, and both party are saying that they have talked with ESIC officials about this !! 

website not opening i think they are updating to post about exam...

What is exam. Date?? Any news??

is there any sectional cut off for sso? 

kab h ye exam...

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Exam hoga ya nahi??? 

Response from ESIC to my complaint:


It is informed that date of Social Security Officer Written Exam has not been decided so far and it is under consideration. The date of written exam will be advertised in the Leading Newspaper and also upload in the ESIC Website as and when it is decided.

When is the exam.....any idea??

I think ESIC advertised for vacancies to finance their budget or something. Don't you think we must ask for refund of money? I mean what could be the reason behind this much delay in exam when they have shortage of people and hence advertised vacancies. Not expected under Modi raj............

If we want to complaint regarding this notification means 

how should we?

Do any one interested in filing RTI?

If so reply me at smopuru22@[email protected]