Esic udc mts 2016

Hello esic MH aspirants... Plz join this grp

UDC Maharashtra 121(OBC)


I got 101 sc category any chance

Mitranno, apla state ka cut off kai asel ? For general category

UDC 2016, 131 marks Sc category... Any chances... Plz revert

Post ur marks here with ur category & examin Which u got that marks

Hi .what will be the for maharashtra udc and mts 

21 march first shift .. mai kisne objections filed kiya hai kya...

maharashtra udc score ?? 

  • 130 to 140
  • 110 to 120
  • less than 100
  • 140 above
  • 100 to 110
  • 120 to 130

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126 marks obc UDC is there any chance of final selection ??

महाराष्ट्रातून किती जणांनी परीक्षा दिली असेल UDC साठी ?

Important post guys...Please add the objections...

Maharashtra-UDC 21 march-1 st shift.....I am posting all objections please take some pain and add them. Because as many candidates will add the same objection with same question ID they will be considered and changed. This increases your chances of getting selected................

Here are the objections....

7368156517 The question asked is the write up does not explain . so answer should be 4 what is not computing because it is not explained in the write up. where as ans 1 cloud computing is explained im write up.

7368156518 ans should be 4 according to the write up, because ans given 3 is not according to the write up.

7368156519 ans should be 3 as its a most correct thing about cloud that data is stored elsewhere and can be accessed easily and freely. ans given 1 is wrong because because in cloud nothing is physicaly cloase to us , we just acces it on internet.

7368156522 ans must be 2 as per the write up.

7368156523 ans should be 2 as synchronization itself means at the same time but not the same rate. ans 1 is wrong and irrelevent. 7368156524 ans 2 is correct because hard drive is a memory device. ans 4 is wrong and irrelevent.

7368156525 ans 2 is coorect because doling means distributing and its also according to the context.

7368156530 ans should be 4 because its most appropriate with use of "like" .ans 1 is wrong because relatively can not b used with "like" 7368156543 ans should be 3 as there should be "to" before "others" which is absent in ans given 4 so it is wrong.

7368156560 ans should be 1 as per oxford dictionary. ans 4 is wrong. 7368156578 ans should be 2 tractor because helicompter is called as tractor and helicopter flie on air.

7368156615 ans should be 1 because "completely" banning the strike deprives students of their rights. ans 4 is wrong because banning the strike by strudents is not the way to discipline of students. 7368156630 this question must be canceled because the book name given is wrong and confusing the origional book name is "mammaries of welfare state".

 correct me if i am wrong somewhere....but please add them.

unable to login pls give link

it shows 

The Login to form will be available only between 01-04-2016 00 Hours 00 Minutes to 28-04-2016 17 Hours 49 Minutes

ST  score 75 any chance?

118 udc obc any chance?

महाराष्ट्राच्या शेजारी असणाऱ्या राज्यात जागा कमी असल्यामुळे बऱ्याच जणांनी महाराष्ट्रातून फॉर्म भरले आहेत त्यामुळे कट ऑफ अपेक्षेपेक्षा थोडा जास्त असणार आहे UDC व MTS दोन्हींचा.

122  obc chance?

126 obc UDC MH ?