Updates and problems

UPSC calender released for year 2016. Exam earlier this year on 27th May 2016. Notification on date:27 Feb 2016.


No big changes in the pattern as speculated for the year 2016.

Lets start the preparation for ESE 2016. We can start discussing problems here

good book for material science??

Hey..anyone here doing self preparation may be for 2nd or 3rd time and also along with job ..Just want to know what u will be doing for practice of obj questions and sources for more questions?

hello guys hows your preparation going for ESE16...... 

Guys had a query regarding physical standards for IRSSE.. My right eye has power of -4D(including cylinder) and my left eye has -0.75D(including cylinder) per standards mentioned by railway engineering service..they say power should not exceed greater than -4D..but didn't mention clearly that it is for only one eye or including both eyes........Plsese help me in this regard.......thanks in advance......... 

Hi All do we have any wapp group for discussion? If not then lets make one

Can anyone share the solution of ESE-2015 both conventional papers. Actually I already have solution till 2014 so it dont worth to buy solution book for one yr solution only...

Hey guys, this is urgent and I need ur suggestions.

guys i have done M tech in ece in 2014 from a private college  but still i m not able to crack any PSU exam  and other non tech exam (SSC, Bank Po ) . I m from general category. 

since my birth year is 1987 therefore now i m overage for most of the PSU exam and the remaining PSU has very less vacancy for UR candidates. Now i m stuck what to do now. Please provide ur valuable suggestion regarding the options left for me. I wud be thankful to u.

I have qualified GATE thrice but not able to get into PSU. This is really heart breaking .After doing master i m still sitting idle. should i look for private companies now.  but that too needs experience which i don't have. I have ESE previously but i did'nt got satisfactory results thus i have not give it then. 

Which book is the best book for solving questions in EMT for gate?

hi.. guys do any one know about isro icrb 2015 results, when will the results come?

Hi All !

According to rumors MadeEasy study materials and class notes suffice for solid preparation !

If one can follow those then he/she has a great chance of clearing ESE written exam !

Is that true??? TIA !

Suggested Change in exam pattern is accepted by UPSC from ESE-2017 onwards.

guys please refer books for new pattern 

and for paper 1

Is it possible to crack ESE-2016 if someone starts from now onwards, from scratch?

Guys, For General Studies what are the Area to Focus which has maximum Chances to be Asked in the Exam.. as I have Seen Previous Year paper trend and Came to know for the below topics-

1.Geography.(India & Physical)

2. Indian National Movements

3. Biology.

4. Polity.

5. Current.


From where you are practising for English Paper-

1. Spotting Error.

2. Sentence Improvements.

3. Synonyms

4. Antonyms.

5. reading Comprehensions.

Now, that GATE is over. The next big battle is ESE. And the one thing that haunts us is General Studies. so, sharing important stuffs about it.

History : ancient : literature of entire period. art and culture of Guptas. livelihood in vedic period including vedas and its derivatives.

                Mediaval: architecture, chronology of rule (2 things of every ruler), foreign visitors and their accounts

                Modern and freedom struggle : chronology of events,(divide it in this way 1. arrival of foreign traders, rise of british in bengal, revolt of 1857, period of governor generals and viceroys, arrival of gandhi, era of INC, bengal partition, non cooperation movement, civil disobedience, quit india, cripps mission, constitution forming (immediately study about constituent assembly from polity)) 90% history ques will be asked from modern history.

Polity : articles upto fundamental rights esp 17,24. focus on these areas : appointment methods, resignations, no of members, powers of people, parliament, other organisations, impeachment procedures, state reorganisation act, article 368, EMERGENCIES, types of bills, types of majority needed in different procedures.

life sciences : for answering 70% ques from this read ncert 8 to 10th only biology chapters (there are 14 in total i think), afterwards go through classification of diseases

geography : one of the biggest subject but if you focus on connecting stuff,easiest of all.

method of connecting dots:

1. read about climate, physical of various places of INDIA (rainfall, wind, humidity, temperature).

2. know about soil of various places (soil type matters because you can grow a particular type of crop only in a particular type of soil. draw map of soils in INDIA.)


4. NH 1 - 10 important.

5. monsoons, la nina, el nino, rainfall patterns, wind patterns around the world.

6. connect point 5th to deserts, grasslands etc around the world.

7. important straits of the world.

8. important political regions like maghreb, horn of africa, baltic, balkan, scandanavia etc. use maps as much as you can

GK : only 3 areas to be focussed (it is very vast, but at max 5-7 ques are asked from here)

1. organizations of the world and their headquaters. make maps and focus on UN and the ones INDIA is part of. dont ignore others though.

2 . indian defence weapons, ships, aircraft, submarines names especially the ones in news from jan to apr.

3. ISRO's achievements.

ENVIRONMENT : national parks, sancturies, and various biosphere reserves of india (dont forget for what animals they are actually opened)

CURRENT AFFAIRS : again a vast thing, 2 areas focussing can bring good marks.

1. the hindu thursday edition (there is a science section follow till april)

2. national and international awards to indian people and organisation from oct to april.