ePGP from IIMK 2023

Hi all, Can anyone give me information about 2 year diaploma ePGP launched by IIMK on Interactive distance learning platform. IIMK - Executive Education Programmes It seems this is extension of emep course. 1. How useful it will be i...

Hi all,

Can anyone give me information about 2 year diaploma ePGP launched by IIMK on Interactive distance learning platform. IIMK - Executive Education Programmes It seems this is extension of emep course.

  1. How useful it will be in carrer? How it will be valued in the industry.
  2. Worth to spand time and money (5L) on this course?
  3. Any expiriences abt delivary of course by IIMK.

Hi all,

I am looking for same information.....will be very useful as the deadline is nearing.....

I have about 8 years of experince in Priate Banking sector



I have received the admission letter from e-pgp program. I am from Pune. Let me know if anybody from Pune is joining this program.


Hi Gaurav,

Can you please help me in understanding the benefits of the program .
Is the program worth the money and effort spend.
is IDL mode of IIM K widely accepted by the industry ,
Thanks in Advance.


ePGP is an extention of the eMEP program offered by IIMK ,as for the feedback which i got from the previous batches it was very discouraging.

1.They said that they didnt receive any recognition from the market.
2.Bad experience with the mode of delivery with constant hitches in technology.
3.Wastage of there money,in case of ePGP it is even more.
4.Classroom contact with faculty cant be simulated by this medium.
5.Institute has main focus on their flagship PGP so these executive programs are just mere revenue generating concepts for the development of their infrastructure.
6.Even specialisation courses offered by IIMK are not up to the mark as the faculty which was used for these programs was not the best from the institute moreover some very good faculty has already left the institute.
7.The entrance exam conducted by them is just a farce everybody can clear it ,it is conducted just to increase the appeal of the program.
8.Even after spending 5lakhs no placement by them.
9. The time spent on each course in the different programs is also not sufficient as it is just a mere exercise to compelete the courses,the incampus module makes it look good but after the classes are conducted by this medium with hughes the reality comes into place and every dream goes for a toss.

So think twice before spending such large sums as for others it was a complete wastage it would be better to slog for a CAT or GMAT and get entrance in other full time ePGP's which offer placements as well or go in for symbiosis,NMIMS,IMT,AMITY or IGNOU for distance MBA.


Pl share your thoughts on this program. How much does it have in the industry. Is it recognised widely. Is it worth spending 5L on the course. Agreed that IIMK will not provide placement, but will the industry give due recognition if someone tries on his own to get placed.

- Chinmay

I am not looking for any placements. To me benefits of this program are:

1. I will have diploma from IIM-K ( Few years down the line nobody asks whether you have done parttime or IDL)
2. Knowledge enhancement.
3. I don't have to leave my job.


Thanks gaurav. Your comments are very encouraging. R u planing to take up the course.

- Chinmay

Correct! placements are not important for some of those who are already employed .I had also planned of getting into this course but backed out not because of the 5 lakh fees but becuase of the discouraging feedback from previous batch students of eMEP & specialisation courses.
Moreover as far as the degree is concerned on the degree it is specified IDL ePGP so one can't hide the fact that it is through IDL platform.
I think IIMK administration is not naive not to mention it as otherwise it would have the same value as their flagship PGP which they never want so they have made it clear by specifying on the certificate they give through this platform as ePGP by INTERACTIVE DISTANCE LEARNING or any other certificate.
So my dear this fact cant be hidden for life it would be there with you that the ePGP is through IDL.

Aa far as knowledge enhacement it concerned one can enhance knowledge by reading books and their are lot of other mediums in the present day technology to enhance our knowledge base .

But then its your decision in the end because its your money which you have to spend the way you like either investing in a sinking ship or in a cruiser with purpose and goal.

If somebody thought that they can have the IIMK diploma for 5 lakh then it is a misnomer as the institute has already made the distinction by highlighting IDL in the certificates.

with regards to pursuing own placements here also the previous year students didn't find any marked improvement in the market and moreover this was before this slowdown.


How sure are you, that IIMK mentions on the certificate that the program is delivered over IDL platform.

I dont find that mentioned in IIMK website. They have mentioned that they will give executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IIMK.

Also, few of my friends have done the 1 yrs program from IIMC. IIMC also does not mention on the certificate that the program is delivered on IDL platform.

Hi Gaurav,

I compltely agree to your reasons of during the course as i too feel the same, but coming to mention of IDL mode on the degree might be a bit of dampner . Can any one of us get it clarified from the IIM K authorities.
One of my seniors had done the eMEP and he also said that there is no mention of IDL on the certificate.


Hi ,

Need more inputs from others who have got selected for the course and there views on joing this program.


Frankly speaking it doesnt matter whether they write IDL on the certificate because after 5-10 years company is not going see how you have completed PGP but how you have applied the knowledge and where do you stand at that time.

And by the way I didnt mean that I want to hide the fact that I have done PGP through IDL to my future employer. What I mean is organizations themselves dont care whether it was IDL/Part-time or full time. All they care about is how well you have done after completing the program and how you have utilized it in your career.

I am game for ePGP and will be going to IIM-K on 21st Sep.

This one is for Vivek.

Up to some extent I agree with you but then I don't have many options. Plus considering my limitations I think this is the best course I can have.
As far as knowledge goes, you are right I can get knowledge reading nice books but problem is nobody recognizes it (unless you are very lucky). So only knowledge doesnt help, that should be certified by recognized institute.
This is similar to going to primary school; your parents could have taught you basics of mathematics or English at home but if you actually go for admission for higher class then school/college would have asked for marksheets/score card.

Hope you understand my point.

Hi all,

I have received following feedback regarding the course benefits.

  1. The future benefits depends once background, expirience, education, industry in which he is working. This coruse will only ensure that you have knowledge of management side.
  2. The diploma can not be magic solution of carrer growth but one has to make deliberate and constant efforts to move on. So it depends on once adaptability and flexibility also.
  3. This is first batch of ePGP. All previous students awarded certificate course. So how this diploma is viewed within industry is still unknown thing.
  4. Again not to forget about job market situation. In current economic slowdown scenario, it has been difficult even for Full time students to get good break.
  5. In short, I feel there is no one line answer to the question whether you will get the benefits of diploma (Yes or No) as well as the answer is not same for everyone as people have different backgrounds.
Is anybody aware of how good the delivary of the program is through IDL?
How many students got the offer letters and how many appeared for eMAT?


One more USP of this program is, after completion you will be part of IIMK alumini. through which you can look for suitable opportunities.

Getting some positive and encouraging feedbacks from the folks through there posts.