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  Understanding The Difference Between American And British Spelling 

  It is not very tough to learn english language given the fact that it has penetrated all cultures and civilizations to an extent that even the most illiterate and cocooned person ends up including it in their daily language. If you haven’t had any exposure to it on academic level, your profession or business will definitely demand you to take english course in order to stay abreast with the trends and manners of the world. The major hoopla for english started post the renaissance period in Europe when a few nations of this continent entered the race to colonize rest of the world and impart their culture and effect on them on root level. And one nation that led all others in this race was Britain, While many civilizations kept close to their basics and adhered to their originality, there was a large part of them that succumbed to the charms of English. It is the deep rooted influence of British language that is now the basic reason that mandated learning of english language a compulsion for all. And it is not restricted to just speaking, it is a vital part of all written communications, agreements, contracts, and all other legal documents and laws which means apart from taking english speaking classes you also need to learn english grammar, punctuation, metaphors, and all other such things.    Meanwhile, while a major part of the world was busy learning British english, the Americans modified the language a bit as per their pronunciation convenience ending up with a complete new vocabulary of words that has the same meaning and pronunciation but shorter languages. Which means now the same words have two different spellings like “ageing” in British English is “aging” in American English and so analogue becomes analog and annexe turns into annex. That’s not all, even the same things have different words in American and British english. What is sausage for Americans gets called “banger” British and in same lieu, bonnet is called hood, guy gets called as bloke, bin as trash can, and so forth.    These are very minute level differences and in order to learn such fine details, you need to take some special course. It is important to have a hang of American english because 90 percent of internet works with it while you need to excellent with British english if you wish to excel in academics. So, a mid way is to get enrolled in the best english speaking course or take english communication course that knows how to impart the right lessons to their candidates as per level of requirement. In case, you are looking for a english training institute in Pune, you can always check out Eltis from Symbiosis. Eltis is an initiative from Symbiosis that addresses all issues and problems pertaining to English on a very professional level. It is a special program run for international students, who needed help with business english, effective writing skills, spoken english, as well as general english. It is a modern day hi-tech institute that ensures best-trained faculties, latest teaching methodology, various activities, facilities like language labs, libraries, conference rooms, and so much more, You can always apply here for certificate courses, diploma courses in english language under SIU, summer courses, and so much more. Eltis is a deemed institute for english language and has been rated as one of the best english training institutes in Pune. You can always check out their official site at http://eltis-symbiosis.org and check out all that they have to offer.   

  Learning How To Avoid Usage Of Crutch Words In Your Speech 


As they say, ‘english is a funny language but more than that is a sponge capable of absorbing a lot all other languages. However, there is a completely and rather polluted version of this language that is changing its complete nature and appeal courtesy the mobile phone chatting and social media where everyone is sharing and speaking their own version of english mocking its very originality and beauty. This has also given raise to usage of crutch words that are capable of crippling a perfectly well-meaning sentence and lead to bad impression. Crutch words here refer to “umm, aaa, aaaw, you know, like,” and others that just make their way into speech without any requirement and significance.    Crutch words are often used by those speakers that are unsure about what they want to say next. It sends a clear message that the speaker's mind is engaged into multiple thoughts at the same time and is not able to decide what exactly needs to be conveyed. The best way to overcome this issue it to be reticent and slowly developing the art of being laconic. Never forget ‘brevity is your best friend’ under such scenarios. You need to learn to speak slowly and very consciously to keep away use of fillers, learn a little more about structuring of speech and learn a few tricks about skipping the gaps in sentences. Also, you can practice rehearsals of speech which will greatly help in elimination of crutch words.    Do you ever remember your teacher speaking words like these when you were out their learning english language or grammar in school or do you remember any literate person using such expression. This is a proof in itself about how wrong and absurd is the usage of such phrases in your regular sentences. Most of the english speaking courses where they claim about giving best lessons in english languages fail to address this rapidly rising issue. Crutch words are more like fillers and are mostly unrequired words that are only used when one is incapable of expressing himself or herself in a clear and precise manner. In case of personal matters it may work, but when it comes to professional usage it is a highly forbidden subject. So, all those who aspire to become part of the corporate world or appear for Civil, Government, Defence, or international services, should learn the do’s and don’t related to these phrases. It is best to take some english speaking classes where they offer a professional level exposure to this language. There are some very prestigious institutes such as Symbiosis that even offer diploma courses in english languages where you can learn various aspects of this language and be confident about not making blunders on professional level. So make sure, you collect best lessons from the best institutes that offer english communication courses. Never forget, profound knowledge of any language only adds up to your confidence and acts as your shield under pressure and complicated situations. URL - https://www.eltis-symbiosis.org