Energy Risk Professional from GARP

Does anybody have an idea about this certification? I’m planning on doing it. The FRM certification from GARP is quite well known but I think the ERP certification is quite new. Since my MBA is in Oil and Gas industry so my background is more suit…

Does anybody have an idea about this certification? I'm planning on doing it. The FRM certification from GARP is quite well known but I think the ERP certification is quite new. Since my MBA is in Oil and Gas industry so my background is more suited for the ERP certification. Can somebody please guide me?

Hi Aby,
I also came across this exam and will be going for it in April 2010. I did by MBA from Xavier Institute of Management and am working in the area of Power Distribution with an Energy Consulting Company. You can get the general information from the GARP site itself. The course pack will be released on 22nd of June and I think since this exam is new we have to buy the materials from GARP itself, we may not have the privilege of arranging photocopied materials, unlike FRM exam. For the time being you can go through a book released by GARP named Foundations of Energy Risk Management (Wiley Publication)

Dear Jas,

This exam focuses primarily on energy risk both physical and financial. I think this will open up one's oppertunities in energy consulting e.g risk management in energy companies etc. In website it is mentioned that by completing this certification one will be able to know in and out of energy utilities. To use the designation of Energy RIsk Professional one also need to complete 2 years of relevant experience in energy utilities. So definitely I feel this course will add a lot of value to people like us.


Hey All,

I have registered for ERP for Oct 2009, but i guess apart from the course material there is pretty much no information on the exam many/breakdown, etc.

If you guys have any pointers, please do let me know.


Is anyone planning to give this exam??? The study material is quite expensive..... So anybody who has bought this material or willing to give this exam please respond.........

I am have been working in the Oil Trading industry for 8 years now as a Business Analyst and I am thinking of giving this exam too. like you guys, I have been trying to find out if there is a way to get the course pack without needing to pay too much.
From what I see, the course pack for this exam is :-
Digital Library

You can search these books individually and find the snippets in either google books and print it. or get it from amazon or some site for half price.
Remember, most of these are not latest editions, so you do not HAVE to purchase from GARP. These are all energy related books published by different authors and GARP needs just a chapter or 2 from those books.

Hi All,

I'm planning to take up this exam in May 2010. Currently I'm doing Post Graduate Programme in Infrastructure Management and would like to get into Energy + finance sector. Can anyone guide me on the qualifications required for this exam and success rate also?
As already mentioned by many of you, the course material is very expensive. If possible, we can actually think of dividing the material amongst ourselves and get photocopies of the rest from each other. What say?


hey people!.. i wanna take this exam too, only thing holding me back is the cost and the lack of knowledge about this exam, anyone who knows anything more about this please could you kindly post your mail ids so that i could get in touch .?
i promise i wont be too pesky 😃

Hi !
I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.

I recently stumbled upon this exam, and am really interested in taking it up. I have 18 months of experience in Oil n Gas sector in Field with Schlumberger Oilfield Services. Post which I have started working with Analytics consulting firm. But I would like to orient myself towards Oil n Gas consulting / Energy Consulting in the future. Can you guys please let me know if this certification would help me in that direction ?

I have bought the material and have started preparing for the exam.

I am currently in Mumbai.

If anyone is interested in splitting the costs or part of it (even a tiny part)then send me an email or a message on this site and we work something out.

Hey Buddy

I am intersted in taking the exam and sharing the cost for the material. Have sent you a private message as well. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hey I am also planning to give the exam in November since the portion is quite vast.

Have sent you a private message as well

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I have gone through the posts by fellow members on this thread. I am a project manager having 8+ yrs of IT experience and working with an MNC software company. I have worked on multiple project with Energy and Utility domain clients and am looking to switch to business analyst stream from PM stream. Are there any folks who has IT background and are appearing for this exam ? Would be nice if we share findings. I am eyeing Nov 2010 slot

Hi to ALL.....

I was looking for information on ERP on the internet and happened to read the posts in Pagalguy and ended up registering :

I'm working on the sales and client services side of a US financial software company and I'm responsible for client relationships and communications for an energy risk management product. I thought ERP will be a perfect thing for me to do! Now I need your

Please let me know if anyone of you are also doing this or plan to do it so that we can share costs for the study materials !!


I'm just curious about one thing. Have any of you met a person who has already completed this course and has a designation of an ERP. I just want to know how his career has progressed post-ERP. If any of you have any idea regarding this, posting here will be of great help.

Cheers !!!

Hey mvikred...

Since this is very new, I don't think we will have someone who would have completed this already and reaping the benefits as far as the course content is concerned, it looks very interesting...

Is anyone out there doing it? What has been the experience so far? Anyone from Mumbai, Pune or Bangalore??

But there must be someone who has done this. If only someone knew, just one person, who has done this course and has reaped benefits out of it.

That would have been really helpful....i tried looking for it on the internet but didn't find any blog of that sort..have you registered for this already?

we have to wait for an answer on this forum...