EMPI Admission Notification & Related Discussion [Official 2015-2016]

Hi All, EMPI a modern B school located in New Delhi, is one among the best colleges under MAT....This discussion is open for all, share your views ...your opinions...questions related to PGDM/PGP or any other MBA related queries.

Hoping to end your dilemma regarding your future:)

Hi everyone,

I  am a current student of EMPI,a modern Gurukul and it gives me immense pleasure to open this discussion forum for all whoever are facing problem regarding choosing a good PGDM/PGP college in delhi.

Hi Everyone,

EMPI has relaunched MNC Co-Certified PGDM Programmes with the collaboration of IBM.

Courses Offered:

PGDM (Advertising Communication) with focus on IBM co-certified Digital & Social Media Marketing which is first time in India.

PGDM (Global Business) with focus on IBM Co-Certified E-Commerce which is first time in India.

PGDM (Research & Business Analytics) in association with IBM.

For more information contact:

8800010972, 8800010971

Website: WWW.empiindia.com

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

MAT Exam registrations for the December are just knocking at the door and If you have not been able to do your 100% in sept MAT...then don't worry...you all have nice two months time in hand.

I will be updating  you with all the simple techniques for cracking MAT.

Keep yourself updated, BEST OF LUCK:)


Analyze your strengths and weaknesses

It is important to know where you can score well and where can you falter when you sit for the MAT Examination. For that, you should analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

Best way to find that out is practice with as many mock tests as possible. Do not ignore or defer the weak parts. If you are weak in some chapter or area, do not avoid practicing it and thinking that you would do it before exam. That would not help you. You must focus more on the weaker areas so that you become equally good in them too

Best of luck:)

Here is the answer of those people,who have asked (HOW EMPI IS DIFFERENT From other colleges)??

--EMPI- a modern Gurukul for an erudite. An institution with a
difference. We have faculties who are well qualified and proficient
guides. It will be really difficult for any institution to retain somany intellectual brains for 21 years of their journey. The external faculties who come on to the campus are from colleges like FMS. Topnotch people from the industry also spend ample time with the studentsin order to give them an overview on the corporate culture. It's verydifficult for institutes to have corporate connects for so many longyears consistently. It's very obvious for an old college like EMPI tohave a strong alumni contact. And the alumni contact is a lot betterthan any other institution, which helps the students a lot duringtheir placements. Placements in top multinationals is very quotidian for the institution which seems really onerous for other institutes.

Dear friends,

Empi Re-Launches MNC Co-Certified, Futuristic PG Programmes in

-PGDM(Human Resource)

with focus on Manpower Group Co-Certified Talent Acquistion and HR Operations

For more information contact:

8800010972, 8800010971

Website: www.empiindia.com

Advantages for MNC Co-certified, Futuristic PG Programmes

1- Live Industry Projects

2- Learn Directly from Industry Experts

3- Study and practise in industry simultaneously

4- Innovative Pedagogy

5- Global Job Oppurtumity

6- Focus on skills and not Knowledge alone

For more information contact:

8800010972, 8800010971

Website: www.empiindia.com


Here is a job pathway for International Study. EMPI is providing you an opportunity to study abroad & fulfill your dreams. It has a tie-up with Senaca College in Toronto Canada. The largest college of Canada. It gives a global job opportunity and also do a part time work while studying. After completion of your course, you will get a work permit also. Grab this opportunity.............


CONTACT: 8800010972, 8800010971

EMPI Business School, New Delhi


EMPI B-School and Seneca College, Canada, have a special collaboration to offer Canadian post graduate certification with Work Permit in Canada. 
Here Prof. Margaret Osborne, Chair - School of Marketing, Seneca, Toronto is conducting a session with select EMPI-Seneca students.

The link:


‪#‎QuestionoftheDay‬ In correct business writing, why is Monday the 5th of October not October 5th?

EMPI's placement have again started with a bang this year....with students getting placed among the top companies in india 

For further updates click on the following link:




Thought of the day:

"It is not the time which needs to be managed; it is ourselves." 

Abhijeet Singh @ast.hpr

28 Oct '15


This some thing very interesting and fruitful happened to us recently, 11 students were selected and hopped on for a live project.

It was a kind of market survey and analysis done under Market Xcel Data Matrix Private ltd.

It was carried by hard work and perseverance throughout 2 days for almost 12 hours a day, and in return we got a handsome stipend, healthy & hand on experience and Official certificates also which will add weight to resumes.

It became possible only because of a wonderful platform of college like EMPI and but obviously with the unprecedented support of #loved Faculties.

We are hoping a lot more to come in our multifaceted PGDM program.

Thanks a ton EMPI And Teachers & Mentors.

Students of EMPI has attended 18 India Power Forum organised by India Energy Forum with support of Ministry of Power.
Chief Chair Mr. B.K Chaturvedi member Planning Commission, Mr. Anil Razdan Chairman, Power Group, IEF & former Secretary (power),GOI, Mr. P. S. Bami President, IEF, Mr. R. Raghuttama Rao MD, IMaCS at The Imperial, New Delhi.

An Opportunity in Digital Marketing Business Analytics in EMPI City Centre, Connaught Place



Welcome to a yet another free seminar organised by EMPI Business School. It's free entry, but by registration only. 

Please register at https://goo.gl/ObUqDw

Theme- Opportunites in Digital Marketing & Business Analytics

EMPI Business School and IBM have a collaboration in co-developing, co-delivering and co-certifying skill upgrading programmes to make the youth more employable, in accordance to the vision of our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in skilling India.

Date and Time: 28th November, 4-6 pm
Location: EMPI City Centre, H-64 Connaught Place (5 minutes walk from Rajiv station metro gate no. 1 towards outer circle)For any query call 9212-3215-88



Does MBA matter. Does it make any difference. Does it raise any expectations.

It depends. It depends upon what is MBA to you; what you make of it; what you bring to it and what you take from it.

Industry is the prime customer and user of MBAs. Naturally Industry certainly has certain expectations from MBA. It is more than just the lectures that you hear, lessons that you learn, books that you read or the cases that you solve.

Domain knowledge, meaning the good understanding of the subjects that you study like marketing finance operations etc. is of course a must . It is the starting point. If you do not possess good domain knowledge you are not there at all even at the starting line of the race. Assuming that you have acquired it the industry looks for something more, something beyond just that.

As an MBA you are expected to have an analytical mind. To look at a maze of things and data and be able to discern what matters most. To be able to make out the causes and their effects. To identify the core from the details. Sooner or later an MBA should be able to locate the problem areas, bottlenecks, obstructions to any operation and explore for feasible solutions.

In this operation an MBA is also expected to think strategically. To look at several directions and features, find the connections to see any issue deeply and in totality in holistic form as also the individual strands and see how these can be coordinated for optimal outcome. In other words to comprehend the big picture as well as to read the small print. In short to become a problem solver. Operating in this manner the MBA is also expected to wear sooner than later the leadership hat.

Leadership does not mean giving orders and then putting your feet up. Rather, volunteering to take up responsibility and carrying it out effectively. This means understanding what needs to be done identifying the steps towards realizing them, managing peer group, motivating subordinates, delegating tasks and effectively monitoring and networking for effective coordination, resolving conflicts to ensure cohesion of operations. In all these matters the most precious skill that the MBA brings forth is the ability for effective communication supported by all other soft skills. Ability to listen, ability to transfer ideas, articulate his thoughts and decisions is of atmost importance. What is important is not just good intentions or decisions but task completion. If any project is undertaken an MBA is expected to see it through in full and complete in all respects. Further should be prepared to own up the task responsibility as well as the consequences.

Situations constantly keep changing. In business nothing stands still or is constant. Change is the all pervading thing. That being the case MBA is also needs to be adaptive. He should be able to foresee changes coming and adapt himself to meet it and sustain.

To be a holistic manager the MBA has to have substantial interpersonal skills. This comes out in so many forms. Understanding people, bringing people together, communicating ideas, motivating them, enthusing willing cooperation to perform, ensure group cohesion by anticipating conflicts and resolving them, managing effectively the pushes and pulls of his superiors, subordinates, peers and other stakeholders adroitly.

Altogether quite a long laundry list Have you heard the term BOM.

A Bill of Materials roughly means a comprehensive list of all the materials and components required to make a complete product.

Do you fulfill the BOM of an MBA to turn out to make a good MBA.

GD Gyan

Test, GP and PI. That is the rigour nowadays for any entry particularly for MBA admissions..

Of course these are necessary filter points to ensure the appropriate induction, selecting the better candidates separating from the rest. So how do you get over these barriers. So many candidates I talked to had strange notions about the difficulty levels of these three barriers. The general consensus appears to be that the Test part and the PI are the more difficult ones and the GD is the easiest one to get through. The argument goes like this: GD is like a village football game. There are so many players none of whom has any clue about what to do and they just go about lobbing the ball around - only in this case their words. So one can easily get into the act and give a few lobs from his side too. A strong voice is an advantage and vigorous gestures bonus points.

I'm sorry. I'd rather feel that it is quite the other way about. Look at it this way. In the case of the Entrance Test your test answers are evaluated on their own merit. If you have prepared really well and if you answer well you are through. So it is YOU who is the deciding factor in this case. Similarly at the PI stage it is YOU who is on scrutiny by the panel. YOUR capabilities, answering skills, personal attributes and experiences are on trial. Even if you goof up once or twice that may not be fatal. You would get ample time to make up for the lapses. So again it is YOUR own skills alone that matter.

Group discussion on the other hand is an entirely different ball game. For one thing you are not alone there, almost a dozen other competitors are also in the field and all are on trial at the same time. So your getting through it would depend not just upon how you perform but also on what all others do. And unlike the PI time where you get scope for putting your views on individual basis here you do not have that luxury. Rather you would have to be on the alert from the word 'go' and be always on the look out to put in your views and do that effectively to be observed and get shortlisted. Opportunities, ideas, openings, arguments do not always come your way. You have to after them in what otherwise often resembles a fish market. Which means, for all purposes Group Discussions are more difficult than what you imagined them to be and your fate is not decided by your actions alone but also by what others do, and you have no idea as to what the other are going to do.

It is not just that. There are a couple of more complications you have to come across. Let us face it. None of the GDs that I have witnessed have been a tame, organized affair. With so much cacophony all around with everybody trying to have a piece of their priceless opinions heard it is not just humanly possible for the evaluator to have her eyes and ears turned to everybody at the same time and remember all that everyone spoke. A person tends to get only a general impression of what the participants say and do and only the most significant statements and visible actions tend to get noticed.. Frankly, with due respects to the judges, the final selection sometimes turns out to be sub-optimal without full regard to the true potential of every candidate present.

Tests are aimed at filtering at the bulk level - reducing the huge mass of candidates to a manageable level through some widely accepted route -Tests. PI is an effort to actually assess the intrinsic capability of the candidate through individual probing from various standpoints. Hence PI is more attuned towards SELECTING, ACCEPTING and APPROVING the shortlisted candidates according to the individual merit through thorough grilling. GD on the other hand has a different objective. The purpose here is to eliminate - to remove from the manageable bunch those who obviously are not deserved to be taken to the selection round. In this process a number of brilliant but quiet or reserved candidate get turned away. If you happen to be one of those types you may have to double your efforts to get noticed.

Now that I have scared you enough let us proceed to see what you can do to see that you manage to get through this particular barrier effectively in the subsequent blog.