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Discussion Thread for comparing GMAT Prep courses

I am an aspirant for both GMAT & CAT. I made this thread to get honest opinions. I started this thread in Pagalguy as this forum has no partnerships with GMAT & CAT Prep companies. Most of the other forums are themselves linked or having partnership with education companies.

Teaching Pedagogy: Evaluate & Design Model

The  model objective is to provide personalized solution to each student.  Basic methodology is to evaluate every student and design a customized  “Course Module Plan” for each one of them.

Full-Length Computer-based & Computer-Adaptive Evaluation Tests are an integral part of the course. The first evaluation test is called  Mapping Test. Mapping test helps us in presumptive Module Designing for  the first phase. It also helps us in deciding the content level and  course pace.

Evaluation tests is an integral  part of the course. These tests help us in planning the course path and  changing it as the student performance evolves. Course structure and  modules can be different for every student even at the admission time.  For example, two students joining at the same time, can have different  modules and classes.

Tests also act as barriers.  There are 12 levels in the course and a student cannot advance to next  level till he/she scores minimum passing marks in the test. In this way,  the model keeps on segregating students into different groups according  to their abilities.

Courses Offered: GMAT, CAT & GMCAT (GMAT + CAT)

Course Structure and Levels:

All  Course is divided into four phases. Each phase is further divided into  three levels (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels). Thus, in  totality, the course has 12 different levels.

Mapping Phase: In  this phase, Instructor tries to analyse every student in the batch  based on their performance in the Mapping Test. In this phase, every  student is given a presumptive mapping score and batches are shuffled to  create a group of same mapped individuals.

Foundation Phase:  In this phase, all GMAT & CAT syllabus is covered. Every section is covered in such a way that all basics to advanced areas are taught.

Testing Phase: This phase involves Computer Adaptive Tests, Computer Based Tests and Paper Based Tests.

Control Phase: The last phase “Control Phase” involves working on each student’s “Weak Areas”.

Hybrid Customized Interactive teaching model: Blend of Online home classes, Classroom-coaching, Home group classes & 1-on-1 tutoring.

Individualized Learning v/s Herd Teaching:  We specialize in a method of teaching in which content, instructional  technology, and pace of learning are based upon the abilities and interest of each learner. We try to recognize the uniqueness of each student learner and thus provide adequate tutorial guidance.

Batch Size:  GMAT course structure has four phases. In first three phases (Mapping, Testing & Control Phase), the teaching is individualized. And in  foundation phase, the batch size is of 9-11 students.

Batch Selection Methodology:  We follow scientific selection and batch-making process. Batches are  made based on our internal "Parameter Mapping". Same mapped students are  grouped into same batch. In this way, we create homogeneous group in terms of Intellect, Intelligence (IQ), Aptitude, Attitude and  Commitment.

Every Batch is provided unique  and customized solution. The solutions are not only different in its  content but also in course structure, syllabus, approach, class schedule and program pace.

Admission Standard Operating Procedure:  Every new student is mapped into a "Zero Group" for a week. Zero group  is also called "Introductory Phase Group". After a week, students are  divided into five different groups based on everyone's performance in  the class and our internal "Mapping System”.

Internal  Mapping System is a process to mark or rate students based on their Intellect, Intelligence (IQ), Aptitude, Attitude and Commitment. Mapping  system also helps us in making "Homogeneous Batch". The same mapped  students are grouped into same batch.

Elite Batches:  We offer Two Elite batches in all courses. New Students cannot opt for these batches; the admission is through "Invitations" only.

Course Duration:  “Evaluate & Design Model” has no fixed tenure but on an average, students can complete the GMAT course in 2-3 months and GMCAT in 6-7  months.


CAT is where every student’s heart lies in it is considered that CAT is an exam where you need to be a pro in academics. However, the case is otherwise. You need not be a proficient academician. The “Right Decisioning”, “Time Management” and “Basic Knowledge” of the subjects clubbed with its proper implementation can do the job. That’s where we focus on. We teach just enough to score a 100 percentile, in short, what’s actually required (rather than giving loads of study material, fewer worksheets and ignoring applicant’s compliance to it).

Smarg Education provides a platform for MBA entrance (CAT,XAT etc.) and TISS exams preparation by customizing, tailoring & a comprehensively score growing methodology through which our past students have been able to achieve percentile beyond their potential and getting admission in India’s premier B-Schools.

We offer three types of batches to our students:

1. Weekend Batches- For those who are in the working sphere from Monday to Friday and wants to prepare at the same time.

2. Weekdays Batches- For full timer preparatory.

3. Flexible Batches- If you are not comfortable with weekends and weekdays batches, because of whatever reason, you need not to worry as we provide flexible timing and batches which are primarily designed on the basis of the level of understanding.

1.Three Cyclic Preparation

We have a novel pedagogy system of learning mathematics in three cycles.

First the “Fundamental”: Basics of Mathematics is covered to sensitize students and prepare for a higher level of Math with concept building.

Second the “Advance”: Where the students will be taught a level higher the basic ones along

with Problem Solving and reasoning based solution of different subjects problems.

Third the “CAT/XAT”: After clearing the above two levels, the preparation will be pure CAT/XAT level. You will now be able to understand and solve mathematical problems with more ease and effectively.

2. Context-based Vocab/RC

Vocabulary is not meant for mugging up. It is a process of learning gradually with understanding the context in which it is written. Reading Comprehension (RC) is also built up in a similar manner. It is of different level for different exams hence require context based thorough understanding.

3. Viva-Voce testing Methodology

Generally considered as mock tests which we design in a special manner. We ask students questions and if the students are not able to answer, we will be able to clarify the doubts on the spot identifying the problem area. It is a much effective way instead of giving mocks in full fledge time-bounded manner.

4. Open Doubt Clearing Sessions (with revisions)

Doubts will always be there if a student is studying in a consistent manner. We respect the doubts of our students and give open don’t session classes by interacting them on a one-on-one basis. We prefer solving doubts in groups as well so that we can solve and practice doubts of other students at the same time.

All The Best.

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Youth events for college students come in many guises - everything from movie nights to pool parties. However, they all share one common underlying purpose on helping students meet one another, bond and form lifelong friendships. Whether you are a veteran student planning club events or someone working for the university, keep that underlying purpose in mind.

Choose an event type

Though the minutiae of your event are not as important as they seem at first glance, pick something that works well to facilitate bonding between students. The best events force some sort of physical interaction between students; since physical touch is very disarming, it makes the perfect icebreaker. Pickup sports games are good, but consider other options for students who dislike sports. A pool party with some games and contests or a crafting event are good options. Avoid options that do little to facilitate interaction between students.

Pick a time

When you plan an event for college students, consider their typical schedule. For example, most college students are night owls who sleep in late and attend classes in the afternoon, so an event at 8 a.m. is a guaranteed ghost town. Plan an event for much later in the evening than most demographics are accustomed to. Holding your event as late as 8 p.m. is reasonable on weeknights.

Supply food

Food is the best way to entice college students to show up for an event, so use it to your advantage, especially if you believe in the value of your event. College students make a point to show up to anything with free food due to their tight budgets. Pizza is a good go-to option.

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CBD Gummies for Students, What are the benefits?  

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Quite often teachers at school try in every way to stifle freedom, dissent, outside the box, and curiosity. All of these qualities are persecuted and discouraged. The teacher often gains and imposes authority by his position rather than by his skills and knowledge. You have to agree with him, solve the problem this way, do not argue, always learn all the lessons, do not question what is stated in the textbook. This is the only way to get a high grade. Well, there is no time to mess around with curious students, no energy to answer all these endless questions, no desire to understand the details deeper than the textbook. The teacher doesn’t have to love the kids, but he has to respect them and see them as individuals. This all shows up at the university, but at school there is often gloom. So children start to smoke, use drugs and play casinos