DTE CMAT Merit Numbers.

Hi, as the DTE has released provisional merit numbers, plz post your details as follows: CMAT Score (Only the best one): Candidature type (MS, OMS): Home Uni (For MS students): Category (Open, OBC, SC, ST, etc.): *…

Hi, as the DTE has released provisional merit numbers, plz post your details as follows:

CMAT Score (Only the best one):

Candidature type (MS, OMS):

Home Uni (For MS students):

Category (Open, OBC, SC, ST, etc.):



MERIT NUMBERS (Whichever applicable):

State General Merit No.:

Uni General Merit No.:

State Category Merit No.:

Uni Category Merit No.:

All India Merit No.:

All The Best!!

CMAT Score (Only the best one):315

Candidature type (MS, OMS):MS

Home Uni (For MS students):Mumbai University

Category (Open, OBC, SC, ST, etc.):Open



MERIT NUMBERS (Whichever applicable):

State General Merit No.:66

Uni General Merit No.:50

State Category Merit No.:NA

Uni Category Merit No.:NA

All India Merit No.:110

CMAT Score (Only the best one):310

Candidature type (MS, OMS):OMS



MERIT NUMBERS (Whichever applicable):

All India Merit No.: 153

State rank 812 and Pune University rank 131, Seniours please sugest the colleges I can get.please also suggest my chances for welngkar and dalmiya..Thanks

State General Merit No6528

University General Merit No1585

All India Merit No5236

Other Than CMAT All India Merit No2339
puys plz suggest something.

CMAT Score:170

Candidate Type:MS
Home University:PUNE
State General Merit No:3025
Other than All India Merit No:3335
Can I get Indira Institute of Mgmt Pune(Finance) or Sinhagad Institute of mgmt Pune(Finance)
If not please suggest me any other good colleges in Pune for above mentioned details😁

Hi Guys,

State General Merit No.: 503, Univ (Mumbai) Merit No.:361..

Any chances for KJ/Welingkar ??

CMAT Score 283

Candidature type (MS, OMS): MS

Category: open

10th: 75


State General Merit No.:290

Uni General Merit No.:209

any chance for syd/somaya ?


State General Merit No


University General Merit No


State Category Merit No


University Category Merit No


All India Merit No


OBC Mumbai university

Which college can I get?

Why isnt anyone replying man...

state general merit no. 2200 uni. gen. merit no. 1385 state category merit no. 163 university category merit no.65 which colg can get? any chances for MET?

This thread is only for posting merit numbers and not for predicting one's chances of getting into a particular college. Plz stick to the purpose of this thread.
Also, plz refrain from any comparisons of colleges.

345 MS HU = Mumbai Open

AIR 11, state rank =4 , HU rank =3

Hi Puys,

Since the provisional merit list is out and it is more clear as to who will be joining SIMSREE 2013-15, we - Media Committee at SIMSREE - would like to invite you to attend the orientation session tomorrow(June 16) at 2:30PM at SIMSREE, Churchgate.

The session will help you understand SIMSREE in detail and you will get a chance to meet your probable batchmates Also, the session will be open to any queries regarding admission/placements.

Here is the link where SIMSREE hopefuls need to register for the orientation session -SIMSREE hopefuls 2013-15

Cheers !!

Viral Gala,
Media Committee

CMAT Score (Only the best one): 194

Candidature type (MS, OMS): MS

Home Uni (For MS students): Nagpur Uni

Category (Open, OBC, SC, ST, etc.): SC

10th: 79.4

12th: 73.4

State General Merit No.: 2146

Uni General Merit No.: 157

State Category Merit No.: 92

Uni Category Merit No.: 16

All India Merit No.: 2242

Anyone from Mumbai Uni having CMAT score 320, what's your State rank and HU rank?

i got 162/400 in cmat and my mumbai university rank is 1991 ...which institute should i go for in CAP rounds?

HI friends, My State merit no.3352, OHU-not PUNE, Which College can I expect, Plz reply.

CAN I expect Pune's TOP colleges upto Second Round ?

the final merit list was supposed to be put up today @ 5 . any idea ?