DoMS IITM 2011-2013 Final Results & Discussion Thread

My first convert of the season...

@interface Team: What is the amount of DD that we need to submit? and by what date?
I m not at home next week, would I get time to accept the offer till 14th May?
Pls help...

is there any chance of second waitlist?

converted...gen category...wont be joining....all the best to wl candidates and congrats to the selected ones....:-)

Hi Seniors,

I have a few queries.........

1. Has DOMS IITM increased their no: of seats this time?
2. What is the no: of seats?
3. How many buffer calls have been provided this time around?
4. Till what no: did waitlist move last year? (I know that the trend varies, but I am just asking this just to get a fair idea....)