DOMS IIT Roorkee GD PI Experiences 2009-11

Hello puys… Do post ur GD PI experiences. Kindly Post it along with the following: 10th score 12th score Graduation JMET rank Work Ex if any

Hello puys..

Do post ur GD PI experiences.
Kindly Post it along with the following:

10th score
12th score
JMET rank
Work Ex if any

hello puys......... 2nd interview experience of the season.

10th : 85.80
12th : 82.40
B.E. CSE : 71.37 till date (fresher)
JMET rank: 1106
Before coming to the gd pi experience, i came to roorkee on 19th night, and must say was bewildered by the IIT ROORKEE campus. I went to the DOMS and seniors were there to help and provide us with accomodation. Must say the accomodation is very gud in the hostels with all the necessary things provided. I walked around the campus and enjoyed the campus life, right now i m posting this from the IIT Roorkee hostel itself. Coming to the gd pi exp. I had 1:30 slot on the 20th.

I was the first on the panel, and documents were verified only JMET Rank Card and for ppl with work ex, work ex verification.

I was through with the verification and the seniors gave us a presentation on the DOMS. There was also questionnaire and seniors answered all the queries.

After that to my amazement I was asked to come straight fot the PI without having my GD. I was in the panel 1 with the HOD sir, 2 lady prof's(lf1, lf2) and one prof(p1).

I asked for the permission and in a chorus plz come in. I took my seat and said thank you.
now the process starts.

HOD: tell me about yourself.
Me: blah blah blah, kept on saying it and to my surprise they din't interrupt and i kept on speaking. After that HOD Sir said, should he ask me to stop or I will stop myself. Nywys I stopped.. I had concluded with my career goals. I want to set up an engg colz in Bihar.
HOD: So whose affiation u will req to set up the colz.
Me: Told
HOD: What is diff b/w degree diploma and certification.
Me: Told.
HOD: whose degree u will award in ur colz
Me: Told
HOD: He said he wants to set up MBA Colz. What is diff b/w MBA and PGDM.
Me: Told a little whatever i knew but din't knew the strucure diff.
LF1: Problems of Bihar
Me: Told some more discussion about Bihar.
LF2: She was all the time nodding and putting smiles making me confident.
P1: how do u see mayawati future PM in the next election.
Me: Told

No acads no current awareness, just career goals.

They asked me to leave and when i just about to leave LF1 said ankit 1 last advice. U performed well and made good points but spoke too much. I never thought one can be punished for speaking in a B school interview, as i answered all the questions.

After the interview I went to the GD. Seniors advised not to create a fish market as the profs were upset with the morning gd's.

6 ppl 1 din't turn up. We were given 2 topics asked to choose 1.
topic 1: dont' even remember
topic 2; regional politics bane or boon for india

1 min to think and 7 min for discussion.papers were provided. A girl started , i pitched in next and came in the gd 4-5 times. Some of the guys were very apprehensive about the fish market and they hardly spoke.4 of the ppl spoke well and made gud points. GD was okay no write up and were also asked to fill a feedback form.

My rating: GD 8/10
PI No idea after that u spoke too much thing.
I have my frnds interview slated tommo so still staying in the IIT Roorkee hostel and enjoying campus life.

Hello MODS. I did a mistake in making the thread. Kindly transfer it to the other exam discussion page.

class 10 - 89.2
class 12 - 90.5
jmet rank 964

i reached roorkee on 19th evening and was delighted by the hospitality
the rooms provided were good
next day :
first was gd with topics - should there be a global policeman]
vegetarianism is the safest food
we chose the 2nd one . it was very clam where everyone contributed.

next in the interview my panel was 2nd ( a very cool panel )

good morning
q- why u want to do mba
ans- blah blah
q- what value will u add to doms roorkee??
ans - blah blah but not very effective
q- where will u invest rs. 1 lac now??
ans - gold but they said that there is saturation so dere will be no further rise.
q-fav engg subject
ans-artificial intelligence
some basic questions on that
q- after that strenghts,weakness,family background , acdemics
at the end they give me a toffee and asked to leave
it lasted for around 20 minutes
panel was very cool and we were laughing throughout the whole process

hi all i m posting my gdpi experience of iitr held on 22nd feb ..

i m from dehradun .. so i reached roorkee on 21 .. as seniors had already clarified here that accommodation will be provided at the campus so i reached straight at doms and was alloted a room at ravinder bhavan hostel ...on the same day later in the evening i met another guy ravi who also had the gdpi next day in afternoon slot .. we chatted a lot.. roamed whole campus which was really a wonderful experience .. we had dinner at the hostel mess after that i came to my room and slept tightly ...
next day after having pakoras in breakfast reached doms ... seniors there were really very hospitable and cordial .. we were instructed to wait in a hall for doc verification process .. after that we were formed into a group of 8 people .. there was only one gd panel having 5 people .. there we were given two topics for gd and 1 min to decide , 8 mins to discuss 2 min for conclusion

we selected "customer is always right" .. gd was fine .. no fish market almost everyone contributed in the discussion ... overall that was a healthy discussion ..

the panel comprised of 5 people 2 m'aams and 3 sirs ..

ques were as follows

why mba .. why not job ...
blah blah blah blah

tell us atleast one achievment in oct ,nov,dec of last year
told them about skills and learning from surrounding atmospehere etc ..

what are the components of information technology ?
i said sender ,reciever , message ... but .. but .. one middle aged sir interrupted and said that i m talking about communication process not about info tech .. and suddenly changed the ques - tell me atleast 8 component of it ...:confused::confused:
i started again with data,processing unit for that data , end consumer of that info ... again one member interrupted and asked what is the diff b/w data and information ... answrd that..

what have u learned in IT engg ...
technicalities and functionalities involved in IT processes ..
define both .....
defined ....

what qualities do you possess :eyepop:
blah blah blah ..

r u honest ?
said yes .. one of them asked .. r u sure
i said yes ...

what is bribe
blah blah blah

hav u ever given bribe to someone
i said directly i havnt bribed anyone till now ... and cant say about indirectly given bribe ....
then they told me to differentiate b/w both types ...
just gave them a so so answer

what is your hobby ....
blah blah blah

i told them that internet surfing is my passtime ..

what r ur fav websites ...
la la la la ...
i said youtube and wikipedia

tell me in percentage time spent on both sites in one day :confused::confused:
gave them a rough calculation approach

thats all ...
overall it was a mixed interview .. cant categorise it as good or bad :shocked:

thanx to girish sir,anubhav sir, i dont remember the name of sir who introduced himself as thakur_iitr and the sir whose id ends with 07 on this forum , the maam who gave the presentation and answrd my various queries , the moscow sir .. saini sir , the sir from banglore who were also sitting at the presentation and jatin sir ....

hi puyz.....
i think it's too late for u people to read this becoz when i'm writing my experiences, the last batch interview is goin on......
But these experiences will surely be beneficial for people attending GD/PI in 2010 and onwards....
That's the PagalGuy spirit, U are benefitted from people's experiences and then U benifit others from ur experiences....
Well, PG gives rank 36 to DoMS IITR but i think it's not optimum.....
DoMS deserves better than that.....
The atmosphere was really cooool....
Seniors were very helpful, intelligent and communicative....
Needless to say about IITR Infrastructure......
I don't know whether my performance was worth jumping the hurdle, but I know one thing, I gained a vital experience which I will carry with me in future...

My profile:
Currently pursuing B.Tech.(Comp.)- 65%

there were 4 people, one lady prof(lp) and 3 male professors(m1,m2,m3)...
lp was asking technical questions and m3 was there to observe me, he was not asking questions...
As It was first MBA interview of my life, i was very nervous....

(A pen was lying on the chair, so I told them about it and they took that pen from me, it was a trick to check my prescence of mind)
lp: why not M.Tech.?have you appeared for GATE?
me:sad:nervous):a..a...a....a... ma'm.....a...(gave the answer in a haste, she was not satisfied)
m2:So u are from YMCA Institute of Engg.?Tell me something about YMCA(association)..
m2:wat is the difference b/w YMCA and YWCA?
lp:wat is GIS?
me:sad:wat's that?)sorry ma'm..
m2:do u know nything abt chandrayaan?
m2:hw many countries have sent satellites on the moon till now?
m2:any idea abt international event happening nowadays?
m2:it's abt films.
me:sad:arre pata hai)oscars blah blah blah....
m2:ny indian nominations????
lp:if u r given a chance to work in computers, which field will u choose?
lp:why?it's application?
m1:tell me about some national and international personalities related to computers.
m1:mr. narayan murti has been honoured by some outside agency, u kno abt that?
me:no sir.
m1:ur degree is quite low?
me:blah blah blah....(all started laughing)....

gd was quite good, we were 6 people there...
everybody spoke and I spoke twice and concluded also....
1. quality which is expensive is better than cheap trash...
2. should india sign on CTBT?
3. Lalu will be a successful PM...
we chose the 1st one...

all in all it was very good experience...
thanx a lot to all the seniors, Rathi sir, Vikas Saini sir and all others(I don't know the names of others)....

10th - 80
12th - 85
b.e. - 74
air _ 1839

had my gdpi on d 20th. students were conductiong d entire process. even though they strted the process at 930 instead of 830, twas pretty cool coz after dat twas pretty smooth. showed us a movie, a prof came on board to answer any queries, and then it was open forum.
was called 4 pi first :eyepop:
three people on d panel, old man P1, old man [email protected], and younger man P3
P1: so tell us about urself
me: (not again!) bla bla.. football achievements..studdent union.. n all
P2: u havent been working in dis time?
ME: I haven't. did not join company in which placed. did not get any other offrs subsequently. was trying hard for mba (whole truth)
P2: Technical ques (metallurgy)
me: answered, or tried to, anyway
P3: What is leadership?
ME: bla bla bla
P3: SHiela dikshit, why is she a good leader?
ME: cited her achievements, tried to correlate with earlier answers
(PS: ppl frm delhi, u might b asked dis sorta qs, nxt yr even)
apart frm dat, idhar udhar ki batein. career goals, aspirations, y mba?
shunted out of d room
in gd topic was: will privatisation stop electricity theft
8 ppl in our group, nice controlled discussion
(students tip: donot create a fish market, allow ppl to complete wat theyr saying, iitr doesnt appreciate aggression)
best of luck 4 nxt yr jmet!!!