DOMS-IIT Roorkee Admission Queries

Hi Folks, Congrats to those who qualified in JMET. For any Queries related to DOMS IIT Roorkee specifically or JMET admissions in general, post here

Hi Folks,

Congrats to those who qualified in JMET. For any Queries related to DOMS IIT Roorkee specifically or JMET admissions in general, post here

1. What is the placement prospects in IIT Roorkhee? Average salary.
2. How is the institute with regard to MBA education? I know it's not the best in the country, but i would defnitely like to pursue MBA there if the academic atmosphere is good.
3. What was the cut-off rank last time?

please throw some light about the placement scenario and the infrastructure. Also, would a rank of 3400 suffice to get a call from DOMS-IIT roorkee?

i got air 9860 in jmet 2004. i applied under st qouta. is there any chance of getting calls for gdpi from iit kharagpur, iit kanpur, iit roorkie or iit madras...
thankink u, millind :

Hi Folks,

For placements , DOMS-IIT Roorkee has had a really good placement these year. This is the first batch (Batch passing 2005) with all engineers qualified to admission thru JMET. B4 that it was Univ of Roorkee. Almost all were placed in the first 3 days of placement week . A last few are either awaiting results or have opted out due to personal reasons. Companies like AF Fergussons, Bajaj Auto, Quark, Reliance Energy, TCS, HCL, Oracle, Eicher, Usha Intl, Bajaj Allianz... are to name a few of our recruiters. Even in summers companies like IBM took two students countrywide, one from IIM-B and one from DOMS IIT Roorkee. We have a great faculty. (Though in brochure only 6 profs of dept are named But apart from them being great profs ,the institute profs are as much our own and some of the finest in the country. Best part of IITs(enjoyed by IIMs too) is that they are institute of national importence and hence treatment of students is very different. Only drawback of IIT Roorkee is its proximity from Delhi which is nearest bustling city. (And airport). We donot enjoy the benefits of a big metro. But then that is more than nullified.

Admission is though not easy. Last time we got a call upto 1800s . But that was with work-ex. I personnally donot know admission criteria but I presume they see application form more than score or rank. BE from reputed institute is added benefit.If U think it is not the best in the country U are right. But it is really very good. our alumni is doin really well and making us proud

I forgot to state avg sal of abt 4.3 lacs. Mean and median both around that as deviation is less. Every one had similar package. Highest around 6 lacs.

hai RC!

Forgive me if i am asking a very dumb question....I have 2 yrs of work ex in a Software MNC...was a BPCL Scholar..with AIR 4166 .Please let me know if have any chance at all in ur Univ.


does anyone know the link where IIT-Roorkee forms are available??

I tried but i cannot find any details about the form.
Can anyone post the link on this thread?


DOMS-IITR is a good institute......I remember going there and interacting with students of DOMS.Although insti is very young but still good companies do come there....faculty wise I am not very sure but if you guys can pressure the admin you can always have good visiting faculty...
Although I didnt join it since I made to couple of other institutes but it was a good experience.....

hey RC !

hve gt 2975 in JMET...( SC Cat. ), wth a work ex of 18 months... wt r d chnces of gtng a call frm IIT-R ??
or shud i apply 2 ne other insti.??

hi RC
my jmet rank is 2069 wht r my chances in there

Hello Everyone,

With a score of 1900 might barely make it. With 2+ yrs of work-ex. add 200 more. But beyond that chances are slim. In batch of 2006 we have a gentleman with a rank of 2000 odd But he has a work -ex of 120 months (ie 10 yrs) in IPCL. For SC or ST I really dunno. Even my predictions are my last yrs experience cannot say much otherwise.

hey RC.....Can you give link to IIT-roorkee MBA APPLICATION FORM coz cant find it on their site
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thnx misha.... 😁
enjoy the colorful site

thanks a lot for the link.

I am doing my B.Tech at IIT-R. What I feel that DOMS at IIT-R is in its nascent stages. The department boasts of a good infrastructure and to add to it has a good faculty. Infact we engg. undergraduates studies some courses at DOMS and had a chance to know three professors all of whom according to me were excellent. The department has got a new building, an impressive one I must say. The only bottleneck that I can see is that it is not strategically located. What I mean to say that had the same deptt. benn in some metro we one could have witnessed some good companies hiring students. Nevertheless, its a good department. Infact one of seniors at school studies here last year and got into Trident. I will seriously recommend it to all aspirants.
Founded in 1998, this department has risen and developed over the last five years to have an identity of its own and offers a two year MBA program and also a Ph.D. programme. The department believes in the overall development of students with a fusion of academics and co-curricular activities. Students organize events like CONSOL, the marketing fair, and JIGYASA, the national paper colloquium. The department offers specialization in areas of information technology, finance, marketing and operations management.

Head of Department:
Prof. V.K. Nangia
Phone: 01332-285014
Fax: 01332-285565
email: [email protected]
O.C. Placement:
Dr. J.P. Singh
Phone: 01332-285783
e-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]

can some1 plzzzz tell me abt "not so good" colleges who consider JMET score bcoz i hv come up with "not (so) good rank" in JMET (3000). i m in no illusion of expectin call from any1 of the plz some1 provide me with list of colleges....since i m not getting the desired information from anywhere..