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It’s almost time for CAT results and we wish all the aspirants Good Luck. May all your hard work and resilience get into shape and bring success. 

The thread for DoMS (Department of Management Studies) IIT- Madras is now open for discussion. You can approach us with your queries. It will be our endeavor to resolve them asap.  

Are MAT scores considered for admission ?


What was the cat cutoff percentile for general category last year?

When will the interview shortlist be announced?

CAT OA 82.9

NC OBC female

Class 10 : 92%

Class 12 : 87.6%

B.Tech Mechanical 92.5%

work ex 36 months

Any Chances of getting through?



Over all-88.65

quant- 85


verbal- 82

Btech- 8.11

10th- 80

12th 75.4

work ex- 39 month as of now

chance of getting call?

 CAT 2017

Overall - 87.03 Percentile

XII - 90%

X - 94%


General category

2 years Work Experince in IT

@DoMS_IITM Please advise whether I should fill the IIT Madras form? What are my realistic chances of converting? 

What is the cutoff for General Female Candidate

Congratulations. For all the times of late night studies, lack of sleep and sacrifice of enjoyment your reward is here. CAT 2017 results are out.

Our best wishes for all aspirants!

Does DoMS IIT M has sectional cut offs?

Va/Dilr/Qa : 64/42/92

Oa: 78

10th/12th/btech : 81.6/73.2/82.10

Exp: 37 Sc category

Any chances?

cat OA 95

10/12/grad - 89/84/65




 Can i expect a call at 96.8... GEM 36 months work ex.... 10/12/grad : 88.8/91/8.01 cgpa 

OA- 92.21

VARC/DILR/QA- 82.45/95.74/89.56

General Non-engineer Female Fresher

X/XII/Grad- 93.1/92.8/78

Can I expect a call? 

Why is there no option to enter GMAT scores on the portal for NRI Applicants?

CAT OA:87.1, GRAD: 8.34, XII: 86.4, X: 94.8, Work ex: 30 months. Any chance for the GD-PI Shortlist?

 Hi,does this iit has sectional cutoff? also obc cutoff for last year? 


OA 90.37 (VA/DI/QA-92.5/62/91.5)



Work ex.-13 months (core)

What are my chances of a call from IIT M?


VARC 93.81

DILR 87.31

QA 92.21

OA 94.30

10/12/Btech 93/95/75

13 months work ex 

What are my chances for DoMS IIT M call and convert?