Divisional accountant through CGLE 2015

Help one another through the joining process by sharing relevant information.

State allocation is completed . Now looking forward to joining process.

Anyone have any information , please share.

I am sharing here a post from a DA guy working in Nagpur CAG office.

He shared the following information 

1. DA is one of the most underrated posts among all CGLE posts.
2. Also it is one of the posts with least workload among all CGLE posts. {though workload is itself a subjective, abstract concept}
3. This point we all know through several sources, you have to work in state PWD offices and report to EXECUTIVE ENGINEER only. If you have good understanding with him, u can come to office for 3 days maximum but sign attendance for all 5 days
4. Due to staff shortage, a DA has to hold additional charge of more than 2 divisions (remember more the number of divisions, more the income)
Also for holding additional charge, you are entitled to 30% extra pay which is legitimate. So if you hold additional charge of 2 ranges, you’ll get 60% extra salary.
5. Most important thing is u never feel like working in an office, since you don't have anyone to question and to control you.
6. You will be given an assistant who helps you in preparing contract bills. Your work is nigh naught.
7. Best for Civil Services preparation. You can treat office as your study room and prepare there without any disturbance. Salary is like stipend for your preparation.
8. A DA once started working in division will least probably switch over to another job, though promotion is not so good there. There is no financial risk involved like loss of revenue as in excise, income tax and customs. You need to deal with contractors and we know how state government offices deal with contractors
9. Nobody will meddle with your work and you will have a complete autonomy over what you do.
10. Regional language or vernacular is not that much herculean problem as it is being hyped, it will hinder your promotion only not posting in a division.
11. Last but not least, DA= Divisional Accountant= Disproportionate Assets. Sky is the limit for you.
Courtesy : Sundry websites, interactions with working DAs, Office chats and so on……. 

Important notice :  The PVR after being done by police , must be signed through DM office.

If you do it only through police station, they will return it back to be verified through DM thereby extending the joining time.

 PVR is to be done by us or police will get notice from CAG and then they will come to us ??? 

Hello divisional accountant guys.....is anyone active here????