Discussions on MBA abroad - Fall 2022 admission cycle


Anyone here applying/already applied to MBA programs for Fall 2022? What’s your profile and which universities have you shortlisted/applied? Please share your education , test-scores and work experiences below!

This is my profile btw,

  1. Age, Nationality, and Sex: 28, Indian, Male
  2. Education: 1. M.S (NTU Singapore) and B.E from Tier 2 university from India
  3. GPA: 4.6/5 (MS) and 8.1/10 (B.E) respectively
  4. Work experience: 4 years international work experience in academia (as a research engineer in NTU Singapore).
  5. Accomplishments: Good publications record in top journals/conferences, represented NTU Singapore in various conferences. Good extracurricular activities in campus clubs.
  6. LOR: Strong letter of recommendations from NTU professors
  7. Essays - Somewhat strong.
  8. GRE score - 326 (Q -164 , V- 162, AWA - 3.5)

Universities shortlisted/applied :

  1. NTU Singapore
  2. NUS Singapore
  3. ISB Hyderabad
  4. INSEAD Singapore
  5. Kellog 1 year MBA
  6. NYU Tech MBA
  7. Duke 1 year MBA

If anyone here applied to the anyone of the above programs, please get in touch with me!