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how to improve my error detection section in english ..i tried books ..could'nt get anything fruitful..:( kuch b suggest kardo...any where where i can get a concise material to read and improve the above..

guys suggest me some best online test series other than mahendra st...

A sells an item to B at 20% profit. B sells it to C at 10% profit and C sells to D at 116 rs profit. The difference between the cost price of D and the cost price of A is 500 rs. How much did B pay to A for the item? 

  • 1250
  • 1440
  • 1450
  • 1400
  • 1240

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The adult population of a town in the year 2000 was 25450, of which 52% were females while 60% were illiterate. Of the females, the number above the age 45 in that year was 18%. In the census 2010, it was found that the adult population had reached 30650, 48% of which were females. Of the total female population in 2010, 72% were below the age of 45. And the total illiterates(both male and female) were 8000.(In reality you can't have population in fraction. But in Q.1-5 you may have to calculate on the basis of fractional values.)

Q1. What is the ratio of the total adult illiterates in 2000 to the total adult females below 45 in the year 2010?

1. 38170:264816 

2. 378175:264168

3. 1:2

4. 378075:264816

5. none of these

Q2.If every adult female above 45 was given special annual allowance of 25000 rs in the year 2000, which was increased to 30000 rs by the year 2010, by what percent has the quantum of this allowance increased from 2000 to 2010?

1. 187.5%

2. 107.5%

3. 115.%

4. 125%

5. none of these

Q3. What is the percentage increase in the male population in 2000 with respect to the literate population in 2010?

1. 75%

2. 99%

3. 80%

4. 65%

5. none of these

Q4. What is the difference between the number of adult females in 2010 and that in 2000?

1. 1528

2. 1478

3. 1568

4. 1878

5. 1978

Q5. The number of illiterate population in 2000 is approximately what percent of the total female population in 2010?

1. 104%

2. 108%

3. 95%

4. 110%

5. 118%

ANS:- 1-5, 2-2, 3-3, 4-2, 5-1

Plz give the solution...

lets go all out for clerk guys its the last and penultimate exam of the yEAR

Some raises are promotions.

All promotions are hikes.

All hikes are advances.


I. Some hikes are raises.

II. Some advances are not promotions.

OA both follows , but 2nd kaise follow karega?

Eight family members Dhruv, Garima, Avinash, Varsha, Aakash, Deepti, Charu and Moksh are sitting around a square table in such a way that two persons sit on each of the four sides of the table facing the centre. Members sitting on opposite sides are exactly opposite each other. Aakash and Garima are exactly opposite each other. Deepti is immediately right to Garima. Dhruv and Moksh are sitting on the same side. Moksh is exactly opposite Avinash, who is to the immediate left of Varsha. Dhruv is towards right of Deepti.


(A) The strategy is to lend by MFIs that are societies, trusts, or non-banking financial companies.
(B) Which is intended to connect people to banks with sequential benefits.
(C) A decentralized strategy has been adopted for ensuring it.
(D) That are registered with RBI which is encouraging the use of Information Communication Technology Solutions.
(E) The Reserve Bank of India is taking a number of measures for increasing Financial Inclusion.
(F) By banks for enhancing their outreach with the help of their Business Correspondents.

Wish you all  a very Happy  Diwali Season... 😃

A, B, C, D, E, F and G are seven friends. They are going for different destinations viz. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ranchi, Patna and Lucknow on different days of the week i.e. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday but not necessarily in the same order. A goes to Lucknow on Thursday and D goes to Mumbai but not on Sunday. E and G goes to their destinations on Saturday and Tuesday respectively. F goes to Patna whereas the one whose destination is Kolkata goes on Monday. Ranchi is not C's destination but he goes on Wednesday. The person whose destination is Delhi does not go on Tuesday or Wednesday.

All cats are bats

All hats are bats

Some bats are mats

No mat is a hat

  • All cats being mat is possible
  • No hats are mats
  • Some cats are mats
  • No cat is a mat
  • All bats being mats is possible

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??????over as Chairman of the National Highways Authority of India.

FinD out the days in which a man and a woman together can complete the piece of work, if 3 men alone and 4 women alone can complete a piece of work in 5 days?

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Who among A, B, C, D, E and F each having a different height, is the tallest?

I. B is taller than A but shorter than E.

II. Only two of them are shorter than C.

III. D is taller than only F.

(1) I and II

(2) I and III

(3) II and III

(4) All of these

(5) None of these

Which mock to buy for IBPS Clerk?

a butler stole wine from a butt of sherry containing 50% of spirit, then he replenished it by different wine containing 20% spirit. Thus there was only 30% strength(spirit) in the new mixture. How much of the original wine did he steal?

(a)1/3  (b) 2/3  (c) 1/2  (d) 1/4 

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