Clear clarification whether questions 'answered but marked for review' will be considered as 'answered' and thud considered for evalutation.

Hello guys, I have a major doubt to clarify.

The instructions for the exam mentioned 'a question whose answer is marked but still 'marked for review' will be considered for evaluation whether or not you hit 'Save and next' button for that question' .

What I did was, every question that I answered, I also marked it for review, understanding that even if I don't 'Save' it, they would still be automatically considered as answered.

Despite this, at the end of exam when the consolidated list of Questions 'answered', 'not answered' and 'marked for review' is displayed, it showed me '0' questions as answered and all questions I attempted were shown under 'marked for review' !

Does the instruction not mean that questions which are answered 'and' marked for review should be considered for evaluation and hence should be treated as answered??

Guys, I was shocked to see in the end that it showed zero questions answered. GATE office isn't also in a position to commit properly. 

Now the irony is, I checked the mock test on the GATE's website ans read the instruction sheet on it. Ironically it does not mention the line where they said 'answered and marked for review will be considered for evaluation'. Moreover the instruction sheet on the mock test seems quite different from what we actually saw in the exam. Shouldn't it be exactly the same!

My Question to all of you, who gave the exam this year and those who are experienced and gave it previous years.

Will the questions which I answered and marked for review will be actually considered for evaluation despite the consolidation table at the end of the exam saying 'zero' questions were answered?

  • Yes, even though it did not show under ‘answered’ questions, those questiond would still be considered for evaluation
  • No, they will assume I haven’t answered any question
  • Do not know

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