DILR sectional a day :P

Practise makes a man perfect or they say so let's see :P 

Time sectional 14  c 13 w9 score-33 yeh di humesha gadbad kyu rahta hai mujse yar 😂  chalo shuruwat hai aajese lets do this 

Hitbullseye sectional 15 total 25 c 19 w 6 score-51

 cl sectional 13  66 97.66% could have attempted 1 more set c23 w3 

simcat lrdi 10 45 attempt 29  c 18 -_- accuracy ki improve karo gadhe 

IMS sec 9 63 attempt 29 c 23  sala yeh ims wale sectional test me calculator sirf meri hi screen se gayab karte hain hain ya sabke me problem hai -_- 

ims sec 8 at 29 c 20 marks 53 long way to go  have to improve accuracy :\ 

today is DINDEPENDENCE DAY :P SO WE will celebreate by getting independence from all the intermediate testof di of times lets do this universe :P 

studied qa thoda chalo time for thoda di marathon :P 10 sectional lets do this ek ke bad ek :P uske mock denge 2 hahaaha save me universe :P  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytQ5CYE1VZw

it starts again :P  DI-LR Section Test-7 IMS attempt 32 c 21 score 52  attempts are improving have to focus on accuracy now need to work super hard for a 70+ di score common 

DILR SECTIONAL SIM TEST 6 ATTEMPT 28 CORRECT 23 MARKS 64 needto reach 75+somehow yaar nice setsthe isme :P chalo time for analysis uske bad 2 hrs sleep  i am thinhking of giving a mock :D :P good morning universe bhagwan bachalena hume 😂 🙈 

 DI-LR Section Test 4 sim 68 att 28 c24

time sec 1 att 24 c 16  43 -_- silly mistakes wrong selection of sets missed out on easy ones 

TIME DILR adv SEC 3 -_-  Poor accuracy continues att 29 c 17 w 12 marks 43

first time scored proper in Time sectional 13 att 28 c 23 65 😂  need to conc more during tougher sec & mocks 

time sec 6 59 att 29 c 21 w 8 bhad me gayi accuracy -_- 

yaar time to start again bahot practis chaiye hume isme my weakest area :P