Digital Marketing a good carrier option

Come in and post your views about the new carrier option.Give your inputs keeping in view Indian Market. Open to discuss on tools info available, training and openings as well. Add Topics Relating to :SEO Search Advertisement E marketing…

Come in and post your views about the new carrier option.

Give your inputs keeping in view Indian Market. Open to discuss on tools info available, training and openings as well.

Add Topics Relating to :


Search Advertisement

E marketing / Internet Marketing


Email Marketing

I am also interested in this area! Looking forward to more answers.

I think there is no scope in SEO. But Social media is an emerging field now. And overall Digital Marketing is no doubt have great value as career option.

what are the certification courses available on marketing and communication or digital marketing?

Hey.. i have an admit for Cranfield Msc strategic marketing and WBS Msc Marketing & strategy. I have 7 years exp as business manager and currently working as a Regional Business manager. Want to specialize in digital and brand marketing..can anyone help in understanding whats the employability like in India post these specializations.

The Digital Marketing Training Course is a step-by-step guide to getting your digital marketing career up and running. You will learn how internet marketing fundamentally works and how to use popular tools to bring more qualified traffic to your website.

There are several digital marketing courses in the market but there is only one which teaches you real world skills and gives you a chance to practice them. This is the most comprehensive digital marketing course covering everything from SEO to Email marketing and tools that professional digital marketers use. The course also covers social media marketing including facebook ads, facebook pages set up and promotion strategies, Vine, Instagram, SnapChat, Yelp, Linkedin and Twitter. There is a separate module on YouTube marketing with live case studies that teach you how to rank your videos high on Youtube.

You also get the opportunity to promote real products / websites so you can master the concepts by actually implementing them.

The course is taught by Bing and Google certified professional with over 5 years of digital and mobile marketing experience in India and US markets.


· 20 Hours Total Duration

· 6 Classroom Sessions of 2 hours each

· 4 online sessions of 2 hours each

· You will also get access to online learning material for six months

Internship Opportunity:

· 3 month Internship

· Promote real product / website

· Work with a mentor

· Get Experience letter

Extra Support:

· Email support to remove doubts

· Mentoring support

· 6 month access to online material

Course Content:



· Social Media

· YouTube

· Email Marketing

· Landing Pages

· Analytics

· Other Tools used by digital marketers

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Any of you interested in a career in the fields of Digital Marketing, Advertising and Media Management?

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The world is getting more and more digitalized and because of that digital marketing emerges as a prosperous career option these days. Features like cost effectiveness, global reach and better conversion rate helps digital marketing to make huge impact in the world of marketing. I was a just jobless fresher when I started my career at a Jaipur based Digital Marketing firm DPFOC, but now nearly after 2.5 years I feel myself improved and confident about future aspects of my career. If we look into current scenario for Digital marketing jobs in India, big players like GE, IBM, and Accenture etc are offering opportunities for talented individuals in this sector. So as a career option I think this domain has a vast potential to generate better opportunities.

is digital marketing a good carrier option? should i goo for it?

is ibs mumbai better or kirloskar pune?

Digital marketing is indeed an excellent career opportunity if you have real interest in promoting the brands online. You need to first figure out what specialty of digital marketing you got, it could be SEM, SEO, SMO etc. Every seo company these days need people who have these skills who can help promoting the brand or help their product compete in the world and reach maximum people online. Figure out your strength and area of expertise and you can make good career in that domain.