DI & LR marathon

16 days to CAT, 4 days to end sem exams... still cant do DI so taking a leaf out of anokools book  and running  a DI marathon. ALL time sectionals till I get a good score 3 times in a row. GO!

GAMES and Tournament is a topic where I can solve questions but I take too much time. SO I started with that!  AS expected I could do one full set with full accuracy and by the time  I was almost done with the 2nd set, time ran out and I had marked wrng answer so accuracy suffered. 3 right 1 wrong.... Horrible but I am not loosing hope.

Analysed all my errors in the last Games and Tournament sectional thoroughly before taking the next one! payed off! attempted 9- got 7 right.  But nowhere near where I want to be. #100abhidoorhai!

Hiccups in my plan... Took too many breaks and didnt finish college work on time! But I will get back on track! #TillIcollapse

23/45 in the lasat Games and Tournaments sectional.  Vast improvement over my measly 9 dont ya think!#slavingawayatreasoningbasednow

I had taken a reason based test earlier. gotten a 30 with 80% accuracy( 88%ile)

Just finished the second one-  A dreaded Venn diagram set(the one with maxima minima)  but overall this was easy

Got 28

 only, no excuse to mess this up! 

Last reasoning based left! Aiming for a 45/45 this time!


 reasoning based 3 was very easy. my score of 29 is just a 50 %ile! And I've made such stupid errors, I'm probably just groggy from the day's work! 

Plan now: Get Coffee! Do some LR punctuated by VARC( my strength)

I will probably call it a day in 2 hours. #restisunderrated

Arrangements is a topic where I always face paucity of time! I left one entire set but I finally managed to get 100% accuracy! hooraay to that!

11/15 correct.

PS: the set I lef was the kind of circular arrangement where someone faces the centre and someone faces away from the centre.

I am directionally challenged and get confused between my left and right often! So I am not planning on taking on something that complicated!

next on my list is Puzzles!

I am struggling to keep my eyes open, so the rest is postponed for tomorrow! Not happy about it, but we all have physical limitations!

I finished some QA in the morning! Now back to the marathon:

Hoping to make better progress today and finish a good mix of intermediate and advanced level! But for now #basic

PS: listen to Eminem's till I collapse for motivation when your mouse hovers over facebook!

Ik the basic level tests are easy, but I am improving. 13/14 correct. got a score of 38!  Just got one Ranking question wrong :)

one more of these tsts and then on too the dreaded set theory!


BUy, I sure took an inrodinate amount of time for a half an hour exam! I need to focus :(

BUt hey, 100% accuracy. 12 attempted from 15!

Venn Diagram -3 was pretty easy, but I still couldnt finish one set on time( had to redo due to error!). 82% accuracy.

thinking of moving to intermediate after a break!

Took a 'high quality sectional' from TIME. Got 39 with 88% accuracy!

But Joka fir bhi dooooor hai

#tryinga CL one now

I took the CL mock that I said I would... Scored a dismal 24, didnt even clear cut offs. Made every possible mistake- spent time on wrong sets, abandoned them after too long...

Then I had to study for end sems.

But back with a bang:

did 2 table topic tests! Accuracy 100%. attempt 100%

nd my calculations used to bad, I'd often mess up easy sets in Mocks due to them being calxulative but not today :)

So end sems strikr again :( 

But I just took a line raphs mock( I get those wrong in mocks too!)

And I scored 14 with 40% accuracy :(