Dental sphere Pune

best dentist in pune 

Root canal treatment cost in Pune ranges from Rs 4000/- onwards. Dental Sphere uses latest technology to make treatment less painful and more convenient. 

 Cost of dental implants in Pune starts from Rs.30000/- at Dental Sphere. Visit us for best quality and affordable tooth implant cost in Pune. 

 Looking for pediatric dentist in Pune? Meet expert child dentist in Pune at FC Road/ Mukund Nagar, if your child is suffering from any dental problem. 


Orthodontic treatment is a way of aligning teeth.

It corrects teeth and jaws that are positioned improperly. The advantages of orthodontic treatment given by Dental Sphere are – a healthier mouth, teeth that are more likely to last a lifetime and a pleasing appearance. 

 Dental sphere provides the best cosmetic dentistry In Pune to improve the appearance of smile, gums, teeth to improve aesthetics and beautify smile. A veneer - composite or porcelain is placed over a tooth to protect. 

 Well, we at Dental Sphere give you that confidence boosting smile. There are many different methods available at Dental Sphere such as bleaching strips, bleaching pen, bleaching gel and laser bleaching. We also provide home bleaching services for our patients which whitens teeth in 10 days.