Delhi Half Marathon

Anyone there who is preparing for the half marathon in Delhi ? I noticed that someone posted a thread on the Indore Run on 1st May’05. There were 50 views and no replies. Any PG runners in Delhi ? :grab: I am currently running 11 kms i…

delhi half marathon is on which date?

anoop732 Says
delhi half marathon is on which date?

Sunday, 16th Oct '05. I have to find out more about the venue and the route map. I guess they would give me a map when I register.
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Hi everyone

I just now completed my registration for the Hutch Delhi Half Marathon - I am used to distance running but only to the point of 10 kms - Never done more than that 😃 - Not sure yet about the charity but I do wish to run for a cause - Will figure it out sometime later I guess

Let's see..

Look forward to meeting some of you around here and at the race.


Hi all,
Me a sports enthusiast and was partly responsible for PG's involvoment in the Bangalore Marathon held on 15th May.

Go ahead, folks. You ppl will have lot of fun if u can form a big group. Our PG junta in Bangalore who participated certainly had a great time.

All the best.


Yaaaaaaaaay nice initiative there in Delhi ... you guys need to be more agressive in getting more PGites to the marathon! PG junta has run marathons for a cause in Mumbai, Bangalore and now possibly in Delhi.. Go pull it off folks! 😁 😁 😁

do get more people for the marathon , its great fun and a good one time excercise

also u guys can pledge for some organisation which would be great 😃

here is the mumbai marathon thread

Hello everyone,

Thanks for keeping this thread alive and infact sharing your thoughts from Mumbai and Bangalore :)..I am soooooo sorry I couldn't post my progress on the practice front as there was no pratice for the last 10 days..I had met with a minor accident while coming back from work on Fri 16th October,2005(courtesy no streetlights, huge/deep pothole bang in the middle of the road and driving a bike while it was pouring at 11 PM in the night etc.)

Anyways, I am sure I can catch up soon with all your best wishes..I am wondering if there are more people who are hitting the 10 km- 15 km/1-1.5 hrs mark like I am doing during my practice runs..anyone there who is preparing for the half marathon ?

I registered for the half marathon+cause about 10 days back through my hutch phone but am yet to receive the Kit. As I am running for Udayan, I would love to get some more people to pledge for the cause through the pledge kit in my office and relations...For anyone wondering who to run for..consider Udayan as PG is actively invloved with them in

More very soon..when I improve my speed and/or stamina:)

many ppl from IMI will be running that day...i'll be one of em n also other pagals will also be there...afaik iift is also running in a grp...hope to meet u all there..n will keep dis thread updated..


Anyone there who has got the acceptance letter with the Bib Number ? I am struggling to get the stuff, except that I would run with the Bib # 622, inspite of the fact that it would be a month long wait on 13th Oct.

Btw, so far my practice has only made me run 18 kms in 2hrs 20 minutes at the speed of 7.8 kms/hr(pathetically slow) and when I tried to increase the speed I ran 12 kms in 1 hr 10 minutes(10.34 km/hr). I am still a long way to go before I reach my speed goal of 14 kms/hr and am able to run for an hour and a half at that speed. Anyone else preparing for the half marathon? Is there anyone out there who could throw in some comparative stats?

Got my bib and champion chip from JLN stadium for the Half Marathon. Hope to see you all on 16th Morning..Half Marathon starts at 7:45 AM so I would try to come back by the time the great delhi run gets flagged off ;)
Btw, I would wearing a T-shirt from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering and a camel color capris, just in case you happen to run/see Half Marathon

Any of you planning to go to JLN stadium to collect your goodies please don't forget to carry a Photo ID. Also, Saturday seems to be a good day to go for collecting stuff as untill then there seems to be some chaos in the registered runners' database. I heard quite a few people frantically calling Hutch customer care as their name was not showing in the database inspite of the fact that their payments had been accepted.

am running in da great del marathon with da bib.. 19811 ...with a support udayan care white t-shirt..hope to meet ppl there...


i started..i ran...nearly fainted :grin: ...but at last completed the great delhi run :grin::grin: ... n must say it was gr8....i have never seen delhi in such a gr8 one word it was AWESOME :)


i started..i ran...nearly fainted :grin: ...but at last completed the great delhi run :grin::grin: ... n must say it was gr8....i have never seen delhi in such a gr8 one word it was AWESOME :)


looks like u guys had a blast 😃

where are the pics?? :whatthat:


Anyone running for the Delhi International marathon on 12th Feb 2006. Today is the last date to register. You can also do it online in a few seconds.

Marathon Website :