(Declared) CAT 2014 Results

CAT 2014 Results have been declared

Check your result at - https://www.digialm.com/EForms/configuredHtml/756/1390/login.html

shouldn't the tentative date of results be between 15 dec to 21 dec?

What is everyone doing, while eagerly waiting for the results ? :D 

seriously... i just wanna throw up every time i think about this. darn i'm so nervous

i'm just gonna cry like a li'l bitch when i end up with 90 percentile 😐 😛

It is quite annoying that the CAT conducting authority vested with the responsibility of selecting the best future professionals for this country is not displaying an ounce of professionalism themselves. Why the f*** can't they at least announce the date of the results? Are they so incompetent at what they do that they don't even know when they will be done? Really pathetic.

Guys i need to some advice. I have a year of work ex as a developer at TCS. I took cat this year. It was fine ; kinda okayish - attempted 64 (33+31, tried my best to maintain a high accuracy. 16th evening slot). My job kinda ruined this year for me.I could not get to study at all. - I am working in a development project so I usually return from office by 9 with sore eyes and fatigued body. So  I am very skeptical about the results. I know if i continue with such a job I may never be able to get into a good college. I am thinking of switching to some other firm. Would that be helpful ? Or should i try switching to some other project in TCS itself? I hear people from IT background have a hard time during the interviews. Is that so? what kinda work ex do B-schools look for? I hear people saying IT work ex doesn't count. Keeping these things in mind, what would you suggest ?

This was certainly the last CAT I gave. If I score high and get into FMS, nothing better than that. But if I don't get in, **** CAT, **** MBA, and **** me if I attempt it again.

How much CAT Percentile are you expecting? 

Lets find how many out here fall in which bracket from the below, lets not ruin it if you have screwed the CAT14.

third week of december.....fingers crossed!!....haha ..:D

'Karam Kar Par Phal Ki Iccha Na Kar' 

- Bhagwat Gita

I hope they announce results sooner. I am so confused with all the mixed forecasts from people. I hope I get a decent score. Fingers crossed... 




i m hoping to get 80-85 percentile in cat .i m obc candidate . plss suggest me gud universities and Bschool .

i dont think so any gud private college i'll get with these percentile . plss suggest me .its my last chance .

There is no word from IIMs or TCS regarding the results till now. Are they actually going to declare it in the coming week or there will be a delay? When deadline is so near, they could have at least released a statement regarding the same 

Murphy's law: Anything that has to go wrong will go wrong eventually. No speculation can resist that. Same applies to our CAT results 😛  

Denhaar kou aur hai bhejat rahat din rain...log bharam humpe karein ..tate niche nain

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Eagerly waiting for the CAT result, want to fill the forms of other B schools before their deadline (15dec).. CONFUSED AND SCREWEd up..!! 

" prabhu sabka bhala karana par shuruaat mujhse karna"..:P 

As the result is going to be announced in third week. I have just listed out the last date of some of the reputed college(one who accepts CAT score)

MICA - 18 jan

FORE - 15 dec

NIRMA - 15 dec

GIM - 15 dec

NITIE - 15 dec

MIB/MHROD(Delhi) - 15 dec 

MFC (delhi) - 25 dec 

XIMB - 20 dec

IMT - 24 dec

JBIMS - 5 Jan

SP jain - date gone

MDI - date gone

FMS - date gone

most of the colleges have last date on 15 dec "we are screwed" either we have to take leap of faith and fill forms or wait if the results came on 15 dec.

If anybody has detail of forms of any other college then please mention it in comment section that will be really helpfull.

Jai hind!!

When do you think we will have results?

  • 15
  • 19
  • 18
  • 17
  • 16
  • I don’t care. I am already screwed.
  • Delayed to next week.
  • 20

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