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_Hoyla People Come and Feel free to share your ideas and make the discussion More transparent. :mg: __News hour Debate with Arnab Goswami Errrr!! :p: __No,No With all Fellow PG Puys and pirls :thumbsup: :gm: _

Hoyla People Come and Feel free to share your ideas and make the discussion More transparent. mg
News hour Debate with Arnab Goswami Errrr!! p
No,No With all Fellow PG Puys and pirls 👍 :gm:
First Post: mg

Why we are tolerating corruption ? Why the Leaders like Anna Hazzare,Arvind Kejriwal Failing in this System ? Why is it that we have come to accept poor governance,corruption ,incompetence and entitlement as facts of life ?? 😐

Share your opinions about Advani-Modi-BJP high drama! 😁

There are certain issues prevailing in our country which when shown through Satyamev Jayate or Rang de Basanti creates a sudden awareness and tyrannical boil in our blood, and we feel an inner urge that something needs to be done. But when it comes to real life, we can hardly do anything more than carrying out a moping candle light march. Why so?? 😐

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how india can be corruption free???
start giving your opinions puys!!!!👍

Quiz, discussions and debates are much needed activities in college for the students to keep them intact with the present scenario of the society. Active participation in these activities help students to grow in a perfect manner with all round IQ and personality development. GLA University is the one which has different clubs for all these activities. Its Quiz club is eye catching in the campus. Regular quiz competitions are organized and students show allot of interest and participate in large numbers. The main motive of this club is to provide information about the present scenario, to utilize the knowledge revolution by associating with other quiz clubs and organizations, to enable the youngsters to fight and win in the field of quiz and other competitions.

GLA University students are known for their fearless speaking. Students of the university put forward their views without any hesitation. In a recently conducted talk show on Youth vision on politics by Samachar 24(a news Chanel) university students expressed their views on the present political scenario. Not only boys but girls too actively participated in the discussion and surprised everyone with their deep knowledge on politics.

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