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I have seen most of the people struggling to score marks in tests of PM and OB,as well as most of the people say that tests of "Testbook" are very easy and it has questions which are out of syllabus. These can be assumed to be the extreme ends of tests from the most difficult to the easiest ones. I feel there is a test series which lies in between and is probably the best choice...neither too tough nor too easy and that is Testzone/Smartkeeda. It has a good mix of easy to difficult questions and the best part is its cost,only 99 Rs for all kinds of tests. It can provide relief to those struggling with PM and OB.... Disclaimer:You may think it is a promotional strategy or I am their publicity agent and I am getting paid for it,but let me tell you there's nothing like that Its a free advice in the goodwill of the members of this group and nothing else,take it or leave it,choice is yours!