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#CR1 Although fullerenes-spherical molecules made entirely of carbon-were first found in the laboratory, they have since been found in nature, formed in fissures of the rare mineral shungite. Since laboratory synthesis of fullerenes requires distinctive conditions of temperature and pressure, this discovery should give geologists a test case for evaluating hypotheses about the state of the Earth's crust at the time these naturally occurring fullerenes were formed. Which of the following, if true, most seriously undermines the argument?

#SC1 To meet the rapidly rising market demand for fish and seafood, suppliers are growing fish twice as fast as their natural growth rate, cutting their feed allotment by nearly half and raising them on special diets.

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#CR2 Economist: On average, the emergency treatment for an elderly person for injuries resulting from a fall costs $11,000. A new therapeutic program can significantly reduce an elderly person's chances of falling. Though obviously desirable for many reasons, this treatment program will cost $12,500 and thus cannot be justified. Which of the following, if true, most seriously undermines the conclusion of the argument?

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usage of twice vs double vs two times!

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 According to a study by the Agricultural Research Service, confinement buildings must be adapted to animals, to buildings,if farmers want to breed their stock more successfully.

a) same

b) instead of the adaptation of animals

c) rather than animals to be adapted

d) rather than animals

e) instead of animals adapting 

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