Daily DILR Practice group

We will post 2 sets of DILR and video solutions will be available on YouTube

1 - 10:00 AM

2 - 4:00 PM

Frequency will increase with more participation

16th April 10:00 AM set

Six Boys Suman , Robin, Viren , Akash , Harsh and Kamal are ranked on

the basis of their weight, height and age such that the heaviest person is

ranked 1 and the lightest is ranked 6, the tallest is ranked 1 and the

shortest is ranked 6, and the oldest is ranked 1 and the youngest is ranked

6. The rank 1 is considered as the highest rank and rank 6 as the lowest

rank. Further, it is know that:

1 ) Only for Suman , the ranks on the three parameters are consecutive


2) Suman is heavier than both Viren and Kamal. The rank of Suman on age

was lower than that of Robin on height.

3) Robin is neither the oldest nor the youngest, and he is also neither the

heaviest and nor the lightest.

4) There is no pair of persons out of the six in which one is ranked higher

than the other on all the parameters.

5) Kamal is the only person whose sum of ranks on the three parameters is

the square of a natural number.

6) Robin’s highest rank is on age and the lowest rank is on weight.

7) On the age parameter, Akash , whose rank is not the lowest on any of the

three parameters, is the only person ranked between Robin and Harsh.

1. What is the sum of ranks of Harsh on the three parameters?

2. What is the sum of weight wise ranks of two boys for whom Robin is the

only boy ranked between them on the parameter of height?

3. Who is the second tallest boy?

a) Robin

b) Akash

c) Viren

d) Kamal

4. How many boys are ranked lower than Akash on weight but are younger

than him?


16th April 4:00 PM

1. Who planted 4 orange trees over the period of three days?

      a) Ekant

      b) Bobby

      c) Chetan

      d) Both (a) and (c)

2. The number of apple trees planted by Chetan on Day 1 could be

      a) 0

      b) 1

      c) 2

      d) Either (a) or (c)

3. For how many friends can the number of trees planted of each type be

determined uniquely on all the three days?

      a) 3

      b) 4

      c) 5

      d) None of these

4. Who planted orange trees on all the three days?

      a) Dinesh

      b) Ekant

      c) Ekant or Farhan

      d) Dinesh or Ekant