Daily Debates

In this forum, we will provide you one important topic daily to help you prepare for the exam, especially the Essay paper. The daily debates will help you strengthen your writing skills, develop an organised and inclusive manner of writing, form opinions on various controversial issues (without offending anyone), and develop an ability to present an in-depth analysis of concepts.

Daily Debates 29th March, 2016

Today's topic: Juvenile Justice Act, 2015

The 2012 Delhi gang rape took the nation by storm, lending prominence to the issue of women's safety. People's outrage against the incident and collective demand for punishment of the perpetrators stirred the government into action. The provisions of the previous The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 were in question when one of the main accused in the gang rape (who was then a few months away from turning 18 years of age) was tried in a juvenile court.

After months of debates and discussions, on December 31 2015, President Pranab Mukherjee gave his assent to the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Amendment Act 2015.

We would like to know your opinions on this Act. Do you think that the amended act is effective enough to bring justice to the victim? Should the government focus on preventing juvenile crimes instead of penalising young delinquents? If yes, how can juvenile crimes be prevented?

Daily Debates 30 March, 2016

Today's topic : Withdrawing EPF tax

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley recently announced that the proposal of imposing income tax on 60% of EPF balance will be withdrawn by the government. Thus, during retirement no tax will be levied on PF withdrawals. The other proposal of providing 40% exemption to subscribers of the National Pension Scheme (NPS) at the time of withdrawal remains.

We would like to hear your opinions about this development. Also, do you think that the government is taking away the right of employees to choose where to invest? This change is directed towards increasing investments in NPS. Do you think that this rule forces people to invest in the annuity even if they are not willing to?

Daily Debates 31 March, 2016

Today's topic: Are political exigencies taking prominence over ethical governance?

Discuss the topic in the context of the imposition of President's rule in Uttarakhand recently.

The imposition of President's rule in Uttarakhand under Article 356 of the constitution has triggered heated debates across India. The Union Cabinet decided to bring the state under control of the Centre just a day before the Harish Rawat-led government could prove its majority in the State Assembly.

The Centre deemed the Congress government in Uttarakhand to be unconstitutional after a few rebellious Congress MLAs defected the party. This, along with the recent imposition of state emergency in Arunachal Pradesh reminds us of the famous S R Bommai judgement in 1994 when the Supreme Court stipulated that a government's majority can only be tested on the floor of the State Assembly.

We would like to know your opinion on this issue. Do you think that Article 356 has been overly misused by the Central government to curb the Opposition party's rule? How will this impact the federal nature of the Indian constitution? Is President's rule being used to enforce a constitutional deadlock which may, in time, take precedence ethical governance?

Daily Debates 1st April, 2016

Today's topic: Will the Accessible India Campaign empower disabled people in India?

On 31 March 2016, the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD) of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment launched the Inclusiveness and Accessibility Index. This index helps industries to make their workplaces more disabled-friendly as per the newly-launched Accessible India Campaign.

The Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan or Accessible India Campaign aims to enable persons with disabilities to gain universal access, equal opportunity for development, independent living and participation in all aspects of life in an inclusive society.

We would like to know your evaluation of this initiative. Do you think that the objectives of this campaign are enough to bring inclusiveness of the PwDs in the true sense? What more should be done to target specific issues of PWD? How big a role society needs to play to make this campaign successful?

Daily Debates: 2nd April, 2016

Today's topic: Will the new Aadhaar Bill 2016 engender transparency in the government machinery or will it be a mere tool for authorities?

Union Finance Minister Mr Arun Jaitley recently introduced the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Bill, 2016 in the Lok Sabha. The bill aims to provide unique identity numbers called Aadhaar numbers to Indian citizens.

Let us know what your opinions are about the changes brought about in the current bill? Will the exception for disclosing the collected information of an individual in the interest of national security or on court's order hamper the fundamental right of liberty of Indian citizens or not? Do you think the Aadhaar Bill has the capability to usher in a digital era which will curb corruption and malfunctions in the system?

Daily Debates: 4rth April, 2016

Today's topic: What are your opinions about Union Budget 2016-17?

The Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented his third budget along with the Finance Bill today. With billions of rupees allocated for farmers and the poor, the 2016-17 budget aims to boost the rural economy.

Do you think that this budget is well balanced and does justice to the needs of various different section of the Indian society? Do you think the provision made in this budget will help Indian economy to triumph in the current global crisis? Which areas are of higher priority in your opinion?

Daily Debates: 5th April, 2016

Today's topic: What are your opinions about Facebook's Free Basics?

According to Facebook, Free Basics (earlier Internet.org) is an open platform that gives Indian developers the opportunity to make their services and websites available free of cost to those who cannot afford to access the Internet. However, this free access is limited to partner websites and applications. The platform was globally launched two years ago in partnership with Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Opera Software, Nokia and Qualcomm.

We would like to know your opinions on whether this platform will hamper net neutrality (free and unbiased access to Internet) or is it a step in the right direction to change the rules of the digital world?

Though Free Basics has been branded as pro-poor, do you think that over time it will weed out small players from the race and allow only giant companies to monopolise the digital world?

Daily Debates: 6th April, 2016

Today's topic:  What are your opinions about the Real Estate Bill, 2016?

The Lok Sabha recently passed the landmark Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Bill, 2013 with the aim of equally protecting the interests of buyers and realty developers. The bill also strives to promote fair play in real estate transactions by eliminating corruption and project delays.

We would like to know your views on this bill. Do you think it is pro-buyer or pro-developer? What do you think about the reduction in the percentage of amount (from 70% to 50% in the current bill) collected from the buyers that developers have to set aside to meet construction costs? Do you think the mandatory registration of projects & real estate agents will curb malpractices in this sector?

Daily Debates: 7th April, 2016

Today's topic: Should FDI in multi brand retail allowed in India?

In his budget speech for Union Budget 2016-17, Union Finance minister has allowed 100% FDI in multi brand retail for food products. The current FDI policy in retail allows multi-brand retailers to invest only 51% , while opening a retail store in India. The aim of allowing 100% FDI is to benefit farmers, to boost food processing industry and to generate employment in this sector.

What do you think about this major change by Union government? Do you think that it will truly help farmers by reducing the notorious chain of middlemen? Will it adversely affect small scale domestic retailers? Will it be more helpful for our economy?