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Hi Guys,

What is your strategy for operations exam? As hardly 1 month left for exam (if I believe my intel) and so much to prepare keeping in mind physics and maths up to class 12th level. Though, an extra edge to people who already prepared or cleared ATC exam. It been a while, I had been in touch with all these stuffs. How you guys dealing with such pressure. Can anyone share his/her study plan?

According to past AAI trends they will inform us 2 weeks before the exam date. Don't worry.

Hey guys anyone preparing?

Exam on 17 guys....physics and maths how to prepare for it....


Given that syllabus is maths and physics in the admit card ,, can we assume it would be the same question pattern as in JE exam?

how to prepare for physics and maths 

There is a very good group on whatsapp for AAI AO...inbox or comment me ur that i will add u

General knowledge syllabus includes both static+current?

What will be the difficulty level of the exam And also please guide me through the syllabus TIA

AAI AO Syllabus...Important topics...Books...Preparation strategy...

gollow my answer on quora...

Any possibilities for changing exam centre?

All those who are facing photo and signature issue in their admit card, you should check your admit card again from the same link through which you have downloaded before. Intially my photo and signature were not there in my admit card but today when i checked both photo and signature were there. So do check again. Maybe they are rectifying this issue. 

PS: I didn't send any mail to helpdesk. 

Hello Guys. I am new into this group. Can anybody please help me in getting online study material for JE Airport Operation? Help Guys.

How wss d paper? Expected cutoff?

Mereko to kuchh questions me problem laga. Aur kisi ko laga kya?

1.Gen secretary of UN, 2.chief election Commissinor of India, 3. Second densed population city , 4.Dipa Kemkar related to which sport, 5.festival celebrated by Parsis, 6.Ancient poet who wrote Abhinas Shakuntala, 7.who is the chair person of Rajyasabha, 8.Novel Anandmath wriiten by, 9.NABARD, 10.who invented Polio Vaccine(Oral) 11. Role of President, 12. 2011 census regarding power, 13.Thuhid-i-ilhan is given by,14.Mud house-Mexico boat house-SubSahara, igloo-Arctic, slit house-Southeast asia(which is not correct match), these r few memory based questions asked in todays AAI JE(AO) exam

13. Any query/concern of candidate related to any question(s) may be submitted to the Room Invigilator/Control Room after the examination is over or may be submitted to HR Cell, Airports Authority of India, Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi – 110 003 within 7 days of conduct of the examination. Thereafter, no representation in this regard will be entertained.

Hi Guys,  Ambiguous/Erroneous QA questions of AAI JE(AO) exam, I am posting them here with options.

Q.1 Two trains 110m and 120m long runing at the speed of 72km/h and 36km/h respectively in opposite directions on parallel tracks. The time (in seconds) which they take to cross each other is-

A. 23        B.18        C.25          D.20/3


1. If moving in opposite direction T= 23/3 (not availble in options)

2. If moving in same direction T= 23 (availble in options)

Q.2 Speed of boat in still water is 30km/h and speed of stream is 6km/h. Time taken to cover distance of 12 km is-

A. 20       B.30       C.25          D.21


1. If downstream 12km T= (12/36)*60= 20min (availble in options)

2. If upstream 12km T= (12/24)*60= 30min (availble in options)

3. If (upstream 6km +  downstream 6km)= 12km

[(6/36) + (6/24)]*60 = 25min  (availble in options)         

Guys if someone scores 45 in 1st part out of 60 and 30 in 2nd part is it okay for cutoff? I did a silly mistake of 1 gk question :(