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Aggrandize your GA power. Exam jo bhi ho. Aaj se. Abhi se.

Deepawali is celebrated as "Tihar" or "Yampanchak" in Nepal .😯

Quit India Movement ▶also known as " August Kranti " 😟😟.

 India has recently signed a naval pact with which country?


Pls suggest how can prepare ga section for Ibps clerk mains.. Which sites are enough?

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 Which bank has launched India's 1st golf centric credit card? 

RBL bank

Gold type kiya tha pehle--plz correct as golf

can someone send me links for gktoday aug to whatever is available latest please?

Good bye to all. Goodbye to pg.

2 minutes break 😴

Under which scheme government doubles incentive rates from 2% to 4%?

Banking awareness kahan se padhna hai?

posting october and november questions.... 


Preparing for ___

  • RBI Asst Mains
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  • Both
  • IBPS Clerks Mains

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Attention please : 

Hi everyone,

I will complete posting GA of Oct and Nov months (from GKt atleast) in coming 2 days. Also, I have been posting December GA  from these 4 sources TB, AC, GKt, BA on daily basis since Dec 1st. So, basic questions will be covered initially.

On 12.12.2017,  I am planning a MEGA quiz-1 , so that it will be helpful for all to score well in real exam. I need all your help too. Please choose a mix of 40 or 50 good quality questions covering [[ Oct, Nov months +  Dec 01-11th + static + pure banking ]] proportionately and post those by 10pm on 12th Dec, 2017. 

Format is of your choice [ MCQ or Q/A type etc ]. List out your questions in prior, on notepad etc by 11th night and post here in the group on 12th in your free time.

I need the help of all users. But hoping that, atleast 15-20 active members out of 211 will participate and post in your free time on 12.12.2017. 15*40 to 50 =600-750 pick-chosen questions will surely help us in our mains exam. Please make sure to choose high level questions.

Lets plan MEGA quiz-2 on 19.12.2017.  Thanks a lot. Wish that, everyone will make it a success.

Those who are supporting me to post on 12th, please comment your "YES" vote.

Once again, thank you all. :))

( group link is below, for those who haven't joined ..  )

100 more to complete Oct-Gk t o d a y 👍 :)) Baaki +Nov   kal.

Goodnight everyone.

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Which Indian bank has recently signed MoU with E s c o r t s   for   t r a c t o r financing? 

[A] ICICI Bank [B] Dena Bank [C] State Bank of India [D] Bank of India 

Is New Zealand always new?  :pp  

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  • NO

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vinod rai-- bcci or BBB chairman?