Cranfield School of Management 2012-13

Hi, Wishing a pleasant day to all! Let’s have this thread exclusively for all of us joining Cranfield SOM (MBA, Msc,Executive courses,etc) courses for the academic year 2012-13, to discuss things on the course, accommodation, scholarship…


Wishing a pleasant day to all!

Let's have this thread exclusively for all of us joining Cranfield SOM (MBA, Msc,Executive courses,etc) courses for the academic year 2012-13, to discuss things on the course, accommodation, scholarships, living, etc.

To start off I'll introduce myself:

- Joining Cranfield for the MSc in Finance and Management 2012-13.
- Deeply interested in Finance, esp Credit Risk Management and Corporate Finance.
- Two and half years experience in the IT industry developing and enhancing financial software.
- B.Tech (CSE) Class of 2009
- six months as a visiting scholar on scholarship at The University of York,UK in 2009

Hope that this thread will help bring us together virtually and help ourselves get ready to embark on an educational and full filled voyage! 😃

I have an interview coming up this friday. I have applied to MSc in Finance and Management.

Given you've had an interview can you be so kind to shed some light on the questions and topics that you discussed?



Hi Blaasofapute,

Congratulations on the interview call.

My interview was focused on my work experience and on a research paper that I had implemented during my university days.

My work exp is on developing software for the banking sector. So I was asked a few domain related questions and was asked to brief on the banking requirements for one of the software projects.
Then, a few questions on what were my objectives of pursuing this course.

Basically, the interviewer forms questions out of the previous answers and tries to understand the objectives of the person in pursuing the master's course.

A clear focus on why you want to do the course, rational choices of future career options and good knowledge on your work/uni education should be enough to get through the interview.

Hope this helps. Wish you all the best with the interview!


Thank you for your reply. This information was very useful!



Hi asthapd. I have also been admitted in the MSc in Finance and Management program of CSoM. I also got admit calls from some other good colleges such as MS in Financial Engineering at NUS.

I am inclined towards joining Cranfield but I am still gathering all the info that I can. I've gone through its FT ranking, but I was looking for additional insight. Could you share some of your research on this program? How good is it? After completion career prospects etc.

Thanks and Regards,

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Hello friends,

I have a GMAT of 690 and 6yrs work ex (IT). I have got admit offer from Cranfield and SDA Bocconi and am waitlisted on NUS SIngapore.

My research says that Cranfield is the better choice here since I am looking at a career in consulting. I have spoken to some of the current alumini there but am a bit skeptical due to the huge hue and cry regarding the new work visa policies in the UK.

Could you please let me know if you have any idea if the career services at Cranfield would be able to get you a placement even with the new visa policies ?

Thanks ,


Hi Pratik,

Since the upper limit to the number of tier 2 visas has been scrapped for students switching from tier 4 i think employers would be a little more willing than before. Yet, the economic situation would have its effect as well I guess.

But I wonder if any university career service can guarantee or get us a placement. There would be much individual effort required in any case I believe.


PS : Sorry for the delayed reply. havent been active here for more than a month.


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Hi guys! I have been searching the whole wide web but haven't found any thing that can ease my decision. I have been offered a place in both of the above mentioned B-schools Master programs and It's really hard for me to make up my mind. Since the programs cost really much I really want to make the right decision. So I'm kindly reaching out my hand for your advice and help to make up my mind. Could you please share the pros and cons with the the programs and the schools, job prospects and reputation. thanks.