Cranfield M.Sc Finance and Management Sept 2009

Hi Guys I am starting this thread for the students who are going to join M.Sc Finance and Management course in Cranfield starting in Sept 2009 . I have decided to go for this course and have send the joining money also. I will give a bri…

Hi Guys

I am starting this thread for the students who are going to join M.Sc Finance and Management course in Cranfield starting in Sept 2009 .
I have decided to go for this course and have send the joining money also.
I will give a brief background here:
I have done B.Tech Mechanical and have ard 4 yrs exp in Software industry
Presently i am working in Societe Generale Global Solution Center in Bangalore as a Business Consultant.
Guys lets pitch in here and gets aquainted with each other.

Ravi Srivastava


This is Rajesh from Hyderabad. I completed BE Electrical and Electronics in 2008. Fresher.

I got admit for Cranfield MSc Finance and Management. Did u get any scholarship/bursary? how r u planning about accommodation? i haven't paid the reservation fee yet. but will mostly join Cranfield only. i have admit for MSc Management from Cass B School also.


Rajesh Kumar Acha

Hey Rajesh
good to see someone posting at this thread
congratulation for getting admission
Thru EVE i have sent the request for Michelle Hostel
It costs ard 350 pounds out of which 150 pounds they will give it as food coupon
Give me your contact number



how many days did they give you time to pay the initial deposit? im yet to get the offer letter by post.

Thanks and Regards

Rajesh Kumar Acha

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Hi Kunal,

Cranfield is way ahead of Bradford. Though the Msc Fin & Mgmt. has'nt yet gained repute as a top choice, its picking up real fast. Its perhaps the most mature Msc course in the UK. You 'll find a lot of diversity; a few mid level managers and entrepreneurs.

If its between Cranfield and Bradford, Cranfield without a doubt


Hi Kunal

Did you accept the offer from Cranfield?

Ravi Srivastava

Hi Ravi

Thanks for starting the topic. Though at this stage, I am still one of the aspirants for the MSc Finance and Management program at Cranfield, I would like to know more about the program. I have applied to th program last week and they have said that it would take two more weeks for them to asses the application. And I would be thankful if anyone can let me know if my profile can help me get through.

Degree:MSc in Economics and B.E Computer Science from BITS pilani.
TOEFL:108 out of 120
Work Experience: 1 year Internship at INSEAD Business School
and 9 months experience at Aranca (Business and Investment research firm)

Other: I have started a new website (industropedia) and have been working on it for the past 3 months.

Weakness: I have a relatively less GPA.

Many thanks,

Hey guys,

I got admitted toMSc Finance and Management for intake '09 as well

Does anyone know something about the job perspectives?? Do banks come to cranfield campus and interview msc students?

@ ntm,

You should be getting into Cranfield with no problem at all.
The only thing could be that its probably getting towards the end of the season and most places would have been taken. Cranfield does'nt usually give more than 75 offers, with the class size being not more than about 50. They usually get 500 applications a year so the acceptance ratio is a bit on the lower side. But I'm sure they 'll give a lot of respect for BITS and your work ex. Where did you do your Econ degree from?


Cranfield is amongst the best in business studies. The Finance program is very well structured and of what I've heard from past students, its grads are doing pretty well. Not yet a stellar to attract the Investment Banks, but a few business banks come for presentations.

I personally would have gone to Cranfield, but LSE offer made the choice easier for me.


Hey Harsha!

Thanks for the reply. Yes, the timing is a little late. I have already got few rejects from some programs, which i thought i wud easily get through. (Financial Economics at HEC and few in the US as well). The only offer i have in hand is from IIT Chicago (with aid). But i am very sure cranfield has a better reputation than IIT Chicago. Also the course content is amazing at Cranfield. Not sure about the job prospects though. Situation seems to be bad every where. So i feel its better to go with a program which we can enjoy the most and learn whats seems to be interesting for us.

I have done my Economics too from BITS pilani. It was a dual degree course. So, Eco and CSE was the combination.

Now, fingers crossed!



Please share your contact information - Mobile no and gtalk id
So that we can have a chat .



Hi All

My GTALK id is


hi guys..

my name is Samhit.. i have got into the MSc program in finance and management for the sep 2009 intake.. i have decided to take up the offer.. i am yet to receive the offer letter by post..
my gtalk id is svsamhit.. add me guys..


Hi Samhit

Your location is showing Bangalore
I am also in Bangalore
Please share your mobile number

Ravi Srivastava

I have also an offer from Cranfield MSc Fin/Mgmt, but also from Durham Business School. I am still trying to figure out where to go. Cranfield has an awesome curriculum, but is pretty expensive!! And Durham isn't too bad either!!

avik_sriv you said you applied for michelle hostel?!? you ment mitchell hall, no?

Ya buddy i meant Mitchell hall
I have sent the deposit also for the hostel

I have also applied for Mitchell Hall and for the New Building. But I'd prefer catering and therefore would be more happy with Mitchel Hall (even you get only 1 meal per day and I need 3 actually!!)

Hi Frds
Did anyone get any information about the Bursaries which Cranfield provides?