For posting scores and discussing cracku's dashcat 2021






Missed an easy set in DILR ... Very good combination of easy and great questions

Good QA section


DC 1 

47 / 46 / 66 / 159

Definitely not an easy mock and anything above 120-125 seems respectable...although I enjoyed the verbal section because of the choice of words in options...multiple traps, which I fell in a good number of

DC 1


103 (95.48) Any VARC suggestions?, performed deadly 

DC 2 

66 48 68 182 (Rank 2)

PS: Took it from a friend's account hence name different in rank list


VARC-22 .. got 15 questions wrong...

LRDI-35.. again 3 questions wrong...



Not good 

DC 2 


Disappointed with all the sections.

Why low score is fetching very high percentile in 'Cracku Free Mock'. Is it because of difficulty level ( I found it easy ) or number of people attempted the mock is higher compared to DC?


VARC-57 (32A/22C) VA was v.easy imo, never had 9/10 right before lol

DILR- 33 (13A/11C)

QA   -44  (18A/15C)

OA-134  (63A/48C) 

Could've crossed 150 if not for poor accuracy smh

Can anyone please calculate the number of test takers? Not in the top 10, so I guess can't view my AIR 

Should I buy Dashcat(daily targets wala) or Aimcats? I have IMS simcat plus. CrackU provides vid solutions + sectionals and Aimcats video solutions variant is expensive. Are dashcats as tough as aimcats?

DC 3 

75 34 68 177

DC 3 


DC 3

Didn't attempt QA


OA: 93

43 36 73 152 

DILR me no comments , paper sahi tha matlab 50+ types was possible , i performed badly ...

Varc - felt tough (i am bad though ...)

QA (Easy , my accuracy was down the drain .., same issue stuck in 70s since long .)

... started hitting lows again :(


VARC : 54(32A/21C)

 DILR : 34(14A/12C) 

QA    :  52(22A/18C)

OA    :140 (68A/51C) 

Tho late to the party, posting here just for record. DC 2 VARC: 52 DILR: 32 (lol, Tho I'm not v good at it, but still.. kam h) QA: 66 (I tried my best, maybe one-two questions more were possible, but voh toh hamesha hi rahega) OA: 150 (Theek hai, badiya hai jo bhi hai) Need a suggestion: I'm a slow reader with no apparent strength or weakness in VARC. In each mock, I need to take a call: Either poora VA and n-1 RCs ya partial VA and all RCs. How to decide between these two? Padhke hi samajh aayega na? Aur padh liya, fir toh solve hi na kar lo?

Hey Guys! Do any of the serious aspirants want to be a part of a Study Circle? We could attempt Daily Targets + Sectionals, and benefit from the healthy competition...

First mock of the season, that too after midnight, and after more than 9 months (last mock in September 2020 for CAT'20) and a horrible performance!!


VARC : 16 (9/20) [missed 20 minutes because of bad internet]

DILR: 22(8/11) [Old pain point]

QA: 48 (17/20) [Even this didn't work]

OA: 86 (34/51) [Pathetic]

This is so bad, that you can only improve from here!!

DashCAT 1

VARC: 54

DILR: 27

QA: 35

OA: 116

Bombed DILR and QA.



VARC as usual, Missed easy set and flunked badly at one :(