CrAcK tHe VOcab

Extensive Compendium of CAT,GRE,GMAT vocab Words which are important considering MBA exams

Extensive Compendium of CAT,GRE,GMAT vocab Words which are important considering MBA exams

Muhammad Ali was just not a boxer with spirit he was a man with a vocabulary of 20,000 words.

Abash : cause to fell embarrassed , disconcerted or shame

syn: to confuse, confound, disconcert

eg : The moderator, a seasoned anchor for CNN, looked like an abashed schoolboy.

Abate : lessen the intensity, degree, force

syn: decrease, dwindle, subside

eg : The global row over spying shows no sign of abating.

Abdicate : to renounce ,relinquish, give up

syn: relinquish ,forsake ,abandon, renounce

eg : King Willem-Alexander was crowned Europe's youngest monarch after his mother abdicated

Aberrant : deviating from the proper or expected course

syn: abnormal , deviation, anomalous

eg : €œThese abuses do not represent isolated incidents or aberrant behavior by a few rogue officers, €? the report stated.

Abeyance : temporary suspension or activity

syn: cessation, discontinuation, inaction

eg : But victory did not remain long in abeyance; I forced his stick out of his hands, knocked him into a ditch, and went off.

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Abhor : regard with disgust and hatred

syn : despise, detest, hate, loathe

eg : He abhorred art that dwelt on aesthetics at the expense of social problems.

Abject : miserable, wretched (mostly for environmental conditions/surroundings)

syn : degraded, contemptible, dejected

eg : But the two things nearly all of them have in common are abject poverty and broken homes.

Abjure : to renounce, give up publicly, recant

syn : abandon, abnegate, relinquish, repudiate

eg : With North Korea, the threats also failed, but in this case, Washington has chosen to abjure military action and contain the regime.

Ablution : a washing or cleansing of a body, especially as part of a religious site

syn : baptismal, immersion, communion

eg : Let as little ablution water as possible be given to the patient.

Accustomed : familiar , or by constant practice, or habit

syn : acquainted, adapted, habituated

eg : He is accustomed to smoking it had become his daily ritual

Adage: an old saying

syn : aphorism, axiom, dictum, precept

eg : The old adage about history repeating itself is ringing in our ears.

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Addle : to muddle, confuse

syn : astound, confounded, dumbfounded, elude

eg : Instead, addled by his own perfectionism, he allowed four runs in a loss.

Admonish : to warn

syn : caveat, advise, berate, censure

eg : On her way out of the chamber, an older male senator stopped her. “We don't tell personal stories here,” he admonished.

Adroit : skillful and clever

syn : dexterous, adept, handy, ingenious

eg : He confounded his many critics, who regularly predicated his political demise, through adroit maneuvering.

Adulation : Excessive flattery or admiration

syn : applause, blandishment, fawning, sycophancy

eg : After a few years of success and adulation, some players dream about finishing their careers as Packers, Sharper said.

Adventitious : a washing or cleansing of a body, especially as part of a religious site

syn : fortuitous, inadvertent, incidental, unexpected

Aegis : a shield, protection

syn : influence, patronage, sponsorship, supervision

eg : Under his aegis, the Fed launched an unprecedented campaign to lift stocks by making their chief rival for investor money — bonds — less attractive.

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Aesthetic (adj): showing good taste, artistic

syn : creative, gorgeous, inventive

eg : When it comes to judging greatness, aesthetic considerations are secondary to numbers.

Affable (adj): pleasant and easy to approach or talk to, or friendly

syn : amiable, approachable, benevolent

eg : On the surface he is a calm and affable man, dressed in casual khakis.

Affected (adj): assumed or simulated to impress

syn : artificial, assumed, contrived

eg : Records of heavy rainfall and areas affected by floods in the late 1980s were checked.

Affliction (n): severe pain, suffering

syn : adversity, depression, calamity, wretchedness

eg : Many patients suffer from other afflictions, too, such as speech or hearing difficulties.

Agglomeration (n): a jumbled heap, mass

syn : aggregation, amassing, augmentation

eg : MEPs represent an agglomeration of greed, voting always for more spending.

Aggrandize (v): to make greater, more powerful

syn : acclaim, applaud, ennoble, glorify

eg : Reading aggrandizes the soul, and an enlightened friend affords consolation.

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Agnostic (n): a person who is not sure whether or not god exists

syn : doubter, skeptic, freethinker

eg : At the time, she told me she was agnostic, and not really into "the whole religion thing."

Alacrity (n): great willingness or enthusiasm

syn : alertness, avidity, eagerness, cheerfulness

eg : From the Reagan era on, policymakers seized upon those opportunities with alacrity.

Allay (v): calm, pacify

syn : assuage, mitigate, moderate

eg : That has done little to allay the flag-waving, whistle-blowing protesters.

Alleviate vn): to make less severe

syn : mitigate, mollify, pacify assuage

eg : In other words, a market collapse can deepen a humanitarian crisis; a revival can alleviate it.

Allude (v): to refer in a casual or indirect way

syn : imply, insinuate, refer

eg : As I alluded to earlier, if you have the typical IT environment, you're running numerous databases.

Altruism (n): work for others

syn : amity, compassion, friendship, generosity

eg : Where does your strong interest in compassion, altruism and empathy come from?

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Ambidextrous (adj): able to use both hands skillfully

eg :VIRUS in 3 Idiots was an ambidextrous person.

Ambivalence (n): uncertainty, vacillation

syn : ambiguity, anxiety, hesitancy, indecision

eg : The guy is saving them both a world of pain in owning up, sort of, to his ambivalence.

Ameliorate (v): to improve

syn : amend, lighten, relieve, upgrade

eg : Growth often creates significant injustices which are ameliorated when popular outrage demands change.

Amenable (adj): easy to control, willing to be influenced

syn : agreeable, docile, obedient, pliable

eg : Attorney need to work out an amenable repayment plan.

Amiable (adj): having a pleasant and friendly disposition ( refers to friendly people )

syn : affable, cordial, sociable

eg : A photo with friends conveys the fact that you are amiable and well-liked, but oddly enough that is not what makes you more appealing.

Amicable (adj): friendly in feeling, showing good will ( use it when describing friendly relations )

syn : affable, genial, cordial, empathic

eg : The Murdochs say in a joint statement that the settlement was amicable.

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Amnesty (n): a pardon

syn : absolution, forgiveness, immunity, reprieve

eg : Opposition to the amnesty bill triggered the protests.

Amorous (adj): showing sexual desire and love

syn : ardent, enamored, passionate, crazy

eg : Being an amorous make life easy to go by dichotomizing the worries

Anomalous (adj): deviating from the regular arrangement, abnormal

syn : aberrant, atypical, bizarre, divergent

eg : “The properties,” his team wrote in the paper, “are no longeranomalous, but rather, those of a newly found substance—polymeric water or polywater.”

Apathy (n): lack of interest

syn : detachment, dispassion, disinterest

eg : His "fixation" act, he said, was a metaphor for apathy in Russia.

Aplomb (n): assurance, poise

syn : confidence, certitude

eg : Candidates having aplomb attitude are sure to be recruited by high salary paid companies.

Apocalyptic (adj): pertaining to revelations

syn : appalling, baleful, dire, calamitous

eg : Her apocalyptic reaction bemused me.

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Apocryphal (adj): of questionable authorship or authenticity

syn : spurious, fictitious, inaccurate, mythical

eg : Apocryphal stories abound of abandoned homes with the light bulbs still burning years after their inhabitants had fled.

Apostate (n): a person who abandons political or religious beliefs

syn : defector, dissenter, heretic, nonconformist

eg : "We consider them above spilling the blood of Muslims or rushing to describe them as infidels and apostates."

Archetype (n): prototype, original or ideal type

syn : exemplar, model, paradigm, standard

eg : Swami Vivekanand was an archetype incarnate as a teacher inspiring the individuals and leading them to divine journey, yet unexplored by them

Arduous (adj): laborious, onerous, strenuous

syn : formidable, grueling, rigorous

eg : But in some ways prison was less arduous than life outside in those unsettled times.

Arraign (v): accuse of a wrong or an inadequacy, indict

syn : blame, incriminate, inculpate, summon

eg : The father and son were arraigned on grand larceny charges on Saturday.

Asinine (adj): stupid or silly, devoid of intelligence

syn : idiotic, blundering, bovine, doltish

eg : That the hours of nothing to say have to be filled by saying something asinine.

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“I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”
---Michael Jordan

Askance (adv): i) with a sideways glance

ii)with disapproval, suspicion or distrust

Syn: asquint, sidelong, squint, indirect

eg : Her askance glare made a sudden chill ran through my spine

Aspersion (n): the act of defaming, a disparaging remark

syn : slander, vituperation, claumny

eg : "There have been many aspersions cast in this ongoing process," Green said.

Assiduous (adj): hard-working and systemetic

syn : diligent, eager, studious, preserving

eg : One IT executive recommends making an assiduous effort to focus less on technology and more on the business.

Astute (adj): having a clever or shrewd mind

syn : adroit, calculating, canny, discerning

eg : His supporters say he is astute and charming, but also unflappable and direct.

Atrophy(n): wasting away, esp. of body tissue, any weakening or degeneration (especially through lack of use)

syn : decline, degeneration, diminution, deterioration

eg : Most severely atrophied are the prefrontal and temporal lobes, areas critical for executive function and memory.

Attenuate (v): become weaker, in strength, value, or magnitude

syn: weaken, debilitate

eg : Their attenuated bodies €”they could be 8 feet tall €”are devoid of musculature or fat.

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