Cornell Accelerated MBA program

Hi, How good is the Cornell’s Accelerated (1-Year) program? How does it compare to the 2-Year program? I could not find any employment statistics for the 1-year program students. Thanks


How good is the Cornell's Accelerated (1-Year) program? How does it compare to the 2-Year program? I could not find any employment statistics for the 1-year program students.


Well there is a basic difference in the 1 year program and 2 year one which I am sure you would understand. If you feel that a one year program is better for you at this point of time, Cornell's is amongst the best in the US.
Kellog, Cornell, Emory, and a few more which are really good.
However for this you need to have a master's degree also.

Comparing a 1 year program to a 2 year one is more along the lines of the apples and oranges comparison. it totally depends on your requirements and situation. Eg if you have a 6 year work ex andwanna return to the same industry in a different profile this would work for you. but if you have 2 years work ex and wanna switch from say IT to IB then this might not be really easy 😃

Thanks for your comments Ramanhari.

I have 7 years of work experience and a Masters degree in Computer Science.

When I said how does it compare to 2-Year program I meant 2-Year program at Cornell. I could not find separate employment statistics for 1-year and 2-year programs at Cornell so I am interested in knowing how the employers view the 2 programs. Is accelerated program rated at the same level as 2-year Cornell MBA?

Given your experience, 1 year program might make more sense for you. I have 5.5 yrs work ex in IT as well as a masters degree too. Initially I was also tempted to go for the AMBA program. But the thought of trying to look for a job in mid 2010 ( a job hunt which would actually start by sept - oct 09) would not be easy and hence have applied to the 2 year program.

As far as rating goes, its pretty much the same. If you can get a job initially after the MBA, the 1 yr and 2 yr are not that different, since the degree is the same. And I have known quite a number of people who have bagged really good placements after 1 year MBAs too. However, if you can afford to spend 2 years at this point of time, it just might be better in the short term, given the current scenario and the added advantage of an intership.

Still, if you want to return to the IT industry ( if that's where you are right now) then 1 yr program is also good.

Regarding the employment statistics for the aMBA program, I knew a person who was in Cornell batch of 08, and he said that the palcements for the AMBA are also pretty good, but the career switchers do face some initial problems.

There is a thread on BW forums where the Johnson school admissions staff is taking questions and there also a lot of people have asked the same question that you are asking. Have a look at that thread, or post a question of your own there 😃


Thanks again.

My biggest reason for doing a 1-year program is my age. I am already 31 years old and applying for FALL 2010 program so will be 33 years old by the time I start MBA. So it will be better if I graduate early.

Here is my profile:

Total years of full-time career experience: 7

Current industry/field of employment: Software Development

Current title, function and duties: Lead Developer. Leader of a team of 5 developers.

Advanced Degree: MS Computer Science, University of Denver, Denver, CO USA (3.87 GPA)

Undergrad Degree: BE/BS Computer Science , India (75%)

GMAT: 750 (Verbal 40, Quantitative 51, AWA 5.0)

Extra Curricular: Decent

Do you think I have a chance at Cornell for either 1-year or 2-year program?

What is your status & profile?



In your profile everything is above the average of what is posted on the website for AMBA students, so it really boils down to your essays and recos. If you can nail those it should be a breeze :)

Mine is -
5.5 years work ex, SW development.
MCA ~72 %
Stats Hons 51% (my Achilles heel)
lots of international exposure.

Now admitted to Simon for Fall 09, awaiting results for Cornell, NUS, UT Austin, HKUST and INSEAD jan 2010 batch.

Where all are you thinking of applying.