Coolest Avatar Contest 2009! The Finalists! Voting begins!

Hello all, Thanks to all the nominees for taking part in Coolest Avatar Contest! Here is the list of finalists chosen by the judges. - Coolest Avatar Contest 2009 - Finalists :: As said earlier, we are not going…

Congrats to all the finalists

Its a tough choice now :-P

BTW, aren't the votes public?

Thanks Rohit,

1 ques before we start off......

What are the ethical ways which we cant use and wat are the unethical ways which we can use.........

Can we campaign on different threads or we have to use only this thread?


Congrats to all the finalist

It was really tough for us to finalize the top 12

Now show everyone out here to as why one should vote for you πŸ˜‰ Show the real creativity in you :thumbsup: And with the option of puys changing the votes any time you never know for sure who will be the winner


2> You can see who has voted for whom by going to their profile pages. You can comment too


where is it in the profile??

Thanks a lot to estranged_gnrs and All the Respected Judges for finalizing me...

Many congrats to the finalists :clap: :thumbsup:

I enjoyed the first phase of this a lot but would expect more in this round :clap:

Cheers and all the best

Hi Rohit,

I am not able to see all the names who have voted in the profile??? Also the profile page of Drama Queen is showing Drama ...... its not opening......

Mera vote galti se chala gaya :|
not my fault totally :sneaky: bhhut i can change it na

@gnrs: cant we just remove our vote totally .. coz afaik and understand unless we vote someone else our vote cant be changed. there shd be an option which can totally remove our vote.. a bad way to do this can be creating a junk profile to free the vote

@all: so anybody need any help .. πŸ˜‰ single and available

Yippeeee!!!! ME selected in finalists .....wait for my next post ....will come up with party name, logo, and manifesto

Sabsey pehle...

Nagada Nagada... oye... :biggrin:

Dekha kitney fans hain merey... :grin:

Thank you judges...
have this.. nahin nahin poori Bite lo...

I would like to thank all my supporters... No no dont cry please...
Main sabki baat sununga :biggrin:

I'll be back with my manifesto...
Till then i would like to name my first partner in this campaign...

Thanks friens...Together we'll fight

People please join hands.. Lets be friends now... AAj ke din hi saari dosti yaad aa rahi hai

Vishal & FB if you are reading this :cycle: All those supporting go green campaign Vote for me
Vote for abhi1max1 ...

@rohit- that vote meter is working fine now...:grin:

First of all, Thanks a ton to all my dear judges πŸ˜› : U guys did it
I did it too waise πŸ˜‰
Thanks a ton to the creative genius of Bluffu and FC... U guys rock :drinking::drinking:
Promise u some 100 gallons of Chivas :drinking::drinking::drinking: 😁 (Pendy :lookround: ) πŸ˜›
And lastly, thanks a ton to the fellow nominees for making my job easier
Party time folks...
And of course lets keep
:banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead::banghead: :banghead::banghead: :banghead::banghead: :banghead::banghead: :banghead::banghead: :banghead::banghead: :banghead::banghead: :banghead:

congrats guys...
we have had lot of fun during nominations... looking forward for some more fun now....

@rohit nice idea to extend the list... had tough time selecting only 10 :|

@all... my service are available... make an offer i cant refuse

Congratulations to the 12 Finalists ....
ATB with the campaigning and stuff :thumbsup:
If anyone needs a Election Strategist πŸ˜‰ .. do let me know ...
Do check out last 2 years threads for the same


The Race just gets exciting from here, for the men have been separated from Boys.

To all my other competitors, May Heavens have mercy on you cos i won't.

Inviting applications for forming alliances.



I can see my vote for PP but I never voted Lots of other people are complaining too that their votes have been registered for people they haven't actually voted..

I think there is some major bug in the system that needs to be sorted out.. Is it really a bug or has gnrs already started receiving table ke niche waale offers :sneaky:


Officially open for alliances!

Contact today for attractive packages!

Offer open only till this weekend!

:banghead: Rock to the song Bang Your Head :banghead:


Vote for Originality!
Vote for Nishant_Rungta - HERE

Yours Loving Pagal-Guy,

PS: This post is not meant to be taken in good sense or sporting spirit .

Yes indeed, I wanted to vote for someone and found that I have already voted for someone else 😞

yyogiraj Says
Yes indeed, I wanted to vote for someone and found that I have already voted for someone else :(

Hey Yogi,

Thanks for joining in.......

Let the fun begin.......But pehle juice piyenge aaj :drinking: